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Refreshed and Recharged Series: Staying Calm and Maintained On a Budget

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs

Having a dream takes focus and determination. With each day you take action, resistance is overcome, but at the same time, motivation must be maintained. In today's blog article, I'd like to talk about the simple actions that I am taking to treat myself as I am progressing through the second quarter of the year. My year is intentionally divided into quadrants and each quadrant has an objective to be fulfilled. With Q1 objectives behind me, I've settled into a new work flow. I currently work and study from home for Q2, and will be more active again in Q3 as the change comes in August.

The key for the current interim is to simply enjoy the quietude. Your body gets used to the adrenaline rush after a while, so the challenge for me this past two and half weeks since the semester ended, is to attain a state of calm. I no longer have to rush. I still accomplish objectives, but without the urgency that existed when I had to get up and go to work. I am currently more in a creative frame of mind, and am challenging my mind to simply relax. The mind is always one step ahead of the body, and the key to learn to enjoy the current moment while anticipating the next steps.

As a student on a budget, my pamper routine is something that I personally maintain at the moment. In the Kingston area, I used to be pampered at Duchess Nails bar and get my hair done at either Jus Natural or by my fashionista friend John, but now I currently do it all myself because I'm saving money for my upcoming move. The priorities shift, but the intention remains the same. Take the time to pamper yourself. In the image above is my latest purchase for my monthly pamper package. I am currently using Body Philosophy's Sugar Blush Trip as part of my Tuesday pamper routine. The retail value is $2.00 and it lasts me the entire month. I am living luxuriously for less...because I've calculated the opportunity cost of purchasing higher end brands for the next few months as life restores. I am taking my time. As most of my viewership knows, my birthday was on a Tuesday last year, and I started a tradition of special care on that day. Regardless of whether I'm in the house, or going out on a Tuesday, I take the time to ensure that I appreciate myself. I dress up on a Tuesday.

There's a saying that goes if you don't love yourself, then others won't. So I really take the time to ensure that my upkeep is at a reasonable standard. Last week as you guys know...I walked up the hill to my parent's home (just for demonstration purposes, I usually drive and realized that I wasn't in the best shape. I've been taking action since then...and now stretch every other day. I have the house to myself also am gardening and practicing for when I have my own place in a few months.

The concept of taking my time is a concept that I've appreciated with time. Keeping up with the a phenomena that I believe that the millennial generation will have to overcome. Persons have a tendency to watch what you are doing and judge, but over time you realize that your path and theirs is not the same. This goes for both individuals and couples. Knowing your truth (both individually and as a couple), and living from that truth is the key to true happiness. As you have your plan and act from it, it actually comes true. This is a key lesson that I have learned in life. Everything will happen, you just have to trust. Anxiety brings resistance...and the key to life is to flow through it.

Filter, and then act from your filters. Identify what is critical to you...and simply do it. Without the added pressure of trying to impress people, you liberate yourself. This is the current state that I'm in. I'm in a state of blissful flow. Everything important to me is in my that being the case...I patiently wait for it all to unfold.

In terms of my current meditation practice, I've really been enjoying Nu Meditation Music's tracks. The current challenge to myself is to clear my mind for an hour before the day begins. Interestingly, if I can't meditate because I've woken up later than planned...I still play the meditation track as I'm doing something that will take up the time span. While I'm writing a blog article, or while I'm sending an application for instance. For the this week, I'm loving the following:

With a clear mind, comes peace and calm and just a general knowing that all is really well. Take care of yourselves. Life is precious. Be gentle with yourself. In the new week I'll share with you my current stretching exercises, and gardening activities.

Trust life...and work towards what you want in all aspects of life! Namaste!


**Dr T**

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