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Remaining In The Groove : Finding A Beautifully Organized Rhythm To Life

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Welcome back to the blog,

It's a quiet week this week, but thankfully, things are still getting done! Yours truly took the time to listen to a few productivity lectures this week and I've started practicing the principles. It is honestly the little things in life that really matter. If there's one thing that the quarantine has taught me, it's to revel in peace. Of course I personally thrive on activity, but in a time where most things have come to a standstill, how does one then find the thrill in the quietude? I personally started creating things for myself to do, taking responsibility for my own life, and out of that overflow comes inspiration. The key to life is to ensure that from your own personal perspective, you are actually enjoying yourself!! No one else can enjoy your life for you! It's one of those interesting things you realize with time...and just learn to master and generate your own good energy with time!!

Life is a delicate balance, and I'll do my best to outline for you, how I've managed to master certain aspects of the flow! To quote Joel Osteen..."Just because I'm not jumping up and down (right now inserts the millennial) doesn't mean that I'm not happy." You learn to adapt to situations, and when the time is right you emerge. Just don't allow yourself to be in a state of quietude for too long. It can eventually numb the mind. I actually do factor in a little time for vicarious vlogs in the quarantine, and when the weekend comes, I take the time to watch all the travel and concert vlogs that I can, to keep my brain reminded of what's to come! The brain thrives on stay busy!! Without any further ado...let's jump into today's work flow!!

Admittedly, with the quarantine, I'm finding myself comfortably waking up between 6 am and 7 am. Something about the hour of 7 am...automatically pulls me out of bed. That is my current action time and it works well for me. With the overcast weather this morning, I decided to work out on the exercise bike and start the cleaning process. Cleaning for me is now an automatic activity because I've organized myself into a schedule.


With Q1 disrupted, admittedly, I lost track of my rhythm table. Somehow, your being tells you when its time to get back on track. We still have five and a half good months left in the year ( I rest in December). For me the restoration all started in April when a few projects started picking up behind the scenes. With the projects in swing, I found that I could no longer just wing it through the day anymore, and that I actually had to take the time to ensure that I was organized enough to get every thing done. For those who have both jobs and businesses, it's one of those things where you try not to let the two activities overlap. You either wake up early to do one thing, or stay up later to finish the latter. I personally prefer the former so I've started ensuring that with a few critical things pertaining to my business, I get it done...before I get to the serious engineering work. I find that if I do the fun things first...I can settle into the work day in a much happier flow.

For the past two weeks, I've been utilizing my weekly time table once again. It actually works for me. As an industrial engineer one of the things that we spent a lot of time doing in industry was looking at systems and making them seamless. One day, a few years into the job, I decided that I wanted to apply the principles that I learned at work: Lean, Six Sigma and the rest of the Operational Excellence tools and actually apply them to daily life. Your life is a system.

To give two examples:

1) Visual Systems: In best as possible, we try to make things visual so that people can see what's on target, what's not on target and take the actions to ensure that the system optimum is achieved. For my visual system is my time table. While currently in a slightly draft like phase...I'm finding that if I can see what's to be will get done. I like the idea of having items in a format that I can actually cross them off a list. There's a thrill that comes with accomplishing things, that just pulls me through a day and allows me to ensure that I'm getting things done. Applying the Tony Robbins principle that happiness = progress, once I see my to-do list getting smaller as the day is progressing, I feel much better and more accomplished across the day!

2) Autonomous Maintenance: On the plant, we practiced a principle called Autonomous Maintenance. Essentially, it was teaching operators how to ensure that across a shift, they were listening to equipment and making sure that everything was sounding and looking right. A pump for instance, sounds a particular way when it's operating correctly or packed properly. Any shift from this will be an indication that the pump should be changed or maintained. With the principles that I learned from Autonomous Maintenance, once I washed my car (every Sunday Ruby would be washed) I would check the tire pressure, check the oil levels and just ensure that all was in order for the drive to work on Monday.

Utilizing such systems ensured that I was organized, and just flowed seamlessly through the week. With the baseline things done, you don't really have to worry if any emergencies crop up.


Most people have an occupation. I currently work part time with my clients online, and part time in the industrial field and I found myself in a state where I was bombarded by emails from all spheres of life. In the previous blog post, I mentioned that I started managing my energy by minimizing how people access me. I'm not an anxious person, but if I check my phone and see a prod, I will check it. I am the type of left brained individual who can sit for hours and work away at a logic problem or write a paper, and the last thing I need when I'm concentrating is to get a message that isn't relevant to my task. So I eliminated the distraction by deleting some apps as I previously mentioned.

Email is the other thing that distracts during the work day. I utilize the free Boomerang app, and now currently am pausing my inbox till set times of the day. What this keep the inbox static until I'm in a position that I can unpause it, pay attention to the messages, pause it again and then get back to my work tasks. If you don't see alerts, you won't be distracted. Additionally, people are notified by the system that I'll get back to them, so there's no anxiety from the sender when I don't respond within their expected time frame. To be honest, most emails are really not that urgent, and once you know how to manage your time, you need only spend about one hour per day on that medium, and then get back to actually doing things that are productive in your life.

Managing your time and energy is the most critical thing that you'll ever do in your life. When I wake up in the mornings these days, I actually do take the time to listen to people. I listen to every one to be honest. Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma and as many motivational tapes as possible, and they all seem to draw us back to the importance of learning to focus each day. There are so many things that are out to distract us, and if we allow ourselves to be pulled from our missions then we'll definitely miss that which was destined for us.

The seamless life is in full swing!! I hope you have a good day! In the next blog article we'll delve into the fun things. For all the fun to happen, the baseline operational things must be accomplished. Life is routine...and once we realize the cyclic nature of it...we'll actually learn to enjoy the things that make life life...instead of dreading them. After all my cleaning treat was to spend ten minutes making a floral arrangement! Treat yourself for getting tasks done!

I love you for reading!!


-Dr T

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