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Renew And Refresh: Do Something Different Week!!

Welcome back to the blog!! a great day for us to have a great day. Yours truly decided that I wanted to resume my travel activities. I've decided to start small and start to explore my world. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to forget who I am. The quarantine will force us to some extent to restrict our activities. Our home is our hotel, our gym, our office, our everything pretty much. What I want is to be able to do on a micro-level, everything that I've been doing before the quarantine, so that when the time comes, I can actually scale up my activities and allow myself to restore my fully vibrant self. Being at home all the time can have that feeling of being a hamster in a cage, and all that you can pretty much do is jump on the wheel and run in circles. As someone who's always travelled, always partied and always just done fun things...I wanted to give us all some ideas with respect to things that we can do to make our life more exciting during this interesting time in our global history. We can have fun in 2020.


Once per week for the past three weeks since my birthday week, I've been making an effort to do something different, and go out of my way to do something that is off the beaten track. It has made such a glorious difference to my millennial existence. I've been to Port Royal, to Devon House and this past week, I've been back on my undergraduate campus. Admittedly, I'm there all the time for various reasons...but I decided to approach this visit as a tourist.

Some aspects of the campus however, are ones that I never really paid attention to till now, when my mind is currently free to roam and explore my surroundings.

On the campus, are a set of ruins, that are across the road from the Mona School of Business on the Ring Road. Interestingly the Business School is where I've taken a few courses when I was in undergrad, and though I saw the ruins, I didn't see them because my headspace was focusing on getting the best grades that I could possibly get at the time. With that mission accomplished, I walk the space with a renewed freedom that pretty much allows me to see not only the modern buildings but the history of the location. As you walk the campus, you can actually see various aqueducts on the site, and a set of sugar works plantation ruins that are indicative of times gone by. When you walk up close to the ruins, you actually see that the site is a protected National Monument. I took the time to actually look at the ruins...and of course...take a few snaps for us all to enjoy.

There's something therapeutic about water. Aside from the fact that when we were developing in the womb we were all surrounded by water, I actually grew up near the sea and swam for many years. The childhood experiences actually stick with you as you grow and mature. Whenever I want peace, I will seek out water and take myself back to a time when I had little to worry about. On the campus are various ponds, and I've actually taken the time to spend about an hour or two on the sites and allow myself to reach a state of calm before I actually tackle any major projects. It really helps to find a space where you're filled with peace. My current mission is to keep a peaceful countenance wherever I am. My weekly trips are definitely helping me to be a happier person.


The beauty of life lies in your hybrid existence. We are all multi-dimensional beings. Yours truly was fortunate enough to have been allowed to taste all aspects of life. I think my parents were somewhat fair in my growth and development. When I was growing up...Saturday Barbie Tea Parties were a requirement among the girls in our apartment building. At school, I actually had Barbie Doll Exchanges with my besties in that environment. I can't count how many Barbie themed parties I had between the ages of seven and ten. It was an obsession at that time. I've always had hobbies that I've indulged in across the years.

Growing with that interest was my inner scientist and engineer. We always had a lot of books in the house. Before we got the Encyclopedias on CD's, my siblings and I shared the encyclopedias in book format. We had two series: Child Craft and Young Scientist. In my young mind...those two sets of books were the bomb dot com. Essentially, when I wasn't at school, I'd be reading those books. My baseline in science, aside from what we learned from school, came from my own self education. With either Child Craft or Young Scientist, I'd be able to teach myself everything from capillary action, and even run my own experiments. When there was a power cut, I'd actually take the time to lay on the roof of the car, with my book and a flash light and allow myself to stare at the cosmos and figure out where the Big Dipper was.

Youth is all about exploration and explore I did then...and explore I do now. I don't want to ever not have a feeling that there's something new to look forward in life. One of the beautiful things that took place in 2020 was the first manned commercial flight from US soil in May 2020. On a daily basis, I actually watch the launch highlights. There's a progression in all things, and with the Crew 1 mission coming up, I wanted to make sure that I was decked out in my NASA gear. In October, I'll see if I can get myself a SpaceX model rocket as well. It's a partnership and both of the entities show the value of synergy and team work.

The Demo 2 mission and Falcon Heavy launches were one of those things that are vivid in my memory. On any day, by simply turning on my laptop, I can be beamed to Florida and get to witness all of the wonderful things that are taking place there. I watched every phase of the Demo 2 mission...the scrubbed launch, the actual launch, the space walks, the broadcasts and even the return and return conferences. As an academic exercise, I started investigating what backgrounds the astronauts have. My career is still developing, and I thought it would be a good idea to see how I can keep exploring the limits of science and technology and aerospace just feels like somewhere that I'd enjoy dabbling my engineering skills in.

All great things start from seeds, so I've decided to build my NASA and SpaceX Collections over the next few years to pretty much eternity. Hobbies are things that you really never stop doing, and it will be a good activity for me to indulge in as I grow and develop. As a start, I purchased a Navy blue NASA hoodie, and I've decided to deck the hoodie out with mission patches. The first patches came in the mail, and I've outlined them above. They are iron on patches, and with time my aim is to collect the Demo-2 and Crew 1 patches. I actually found a kit on Amazon with about 15 patches, so I'll definitely have those on my Christmas list and allow myself to keep building the collection. Once I've finished collecting enough patches to cover the front of the hoodie, I will then frame it and place it in somewhere like my basement or in my office.

These are the types of things that bring me joy. I love science and technology and fortunately, there are various avenues that scientists and engineers can keep themselves engaged in the field. There's so much to do, and I'm excited about the changes now and in the years to come. Mars 2024 is on my radar and I want to be present for the launch of the SLS with the astronauts in it. I've actually started praying and working so that one day I can work at either NASA or SpaceX. Let's do this...mental equity!!!


At this stage of my millennial existence, I'm finally starting to understand what it means when there's an opportunity cost to things. If there were no quarantine, there'd be a multitude of things that we'd all be doing. We would all be travelling, we'd all be at concerts and games etc. The opportunity cost of all those activities is that we miss our on hobbies that we once enjoyed doing. Upon the advice that I gleaned from Jay Shetty on a recent Impact Theory episode, what I've started doing is paying attention to all the things that I can indulge in in my present environment that will enable me to just have a great day every day. I have a tendency to live in the future and I'm learning to live in the present. Gardening is one of those things that has evolved in my existence during this quarantine that has taught me to be present. We have been blessed with all sorts of fruits and vegetables that arose from the fact that we had time to actually plant these items in our backyard, and watch them grow. I've reaped everything from tomatoes to bananas to guavas in the past two weeks.

With a current guava and banana abundance, I've taken the time to actually make guava jelly (about to make the second batch) and also to make banana smoothies. With the banana overflow, I've decided to freeze some of the bananas, and use them to make my smoothies in the morning. To make the Strawberry Banana smoothie in the image above, I used about:

3-4 bananas

300 mL of Butter Almond Food Drink

2 tbps of Strawberry Syrup

This should be enough to fill a small cup in your Nutribullet or a similar smoothie blender. Blend for 45-60 seconds. I make my smoothies in the mornings now, and have enough to last me for about two weeks at the rate that things are going. If you have cocoa, you can make a chocolate banana smoothie.


What new and fun things are you allowing yourself to do this September? Everything is different in 2020, and the key to happiness is to live the current life from a fresh new perspective.

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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