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Returning to the NEST!!!

Image Credits: The House Down The Road

Hi Guys,

Happy Thursday to You!!! Yours truly has finally returned to my own little space!!! This is my eight month hideaway...before I return to actual reality. I'd mentioned before...that on Wednesdays...since I have an all day run in the lab...I have to get up really early (5 30 am...just being dramatic) in order to get to work at 9 am. I have opted to live out of town as you guys know...and commute the forty minutes to Kingston three days per week via the Highway in order to get to work. I also finish at 6 reach home at 9 pm. I have seven weeks left of this

Yesterday...was the one month anniversary of my independence...and as ironic as life can be...I celebrated my one month of full no where else...but at my parent's house. Lololol. As a general disclaimer...the house in the image above is not my parent's home...but it has a similar feel it. This the house...that's three minutes away from the house with the fountain just down the road from me...if you've been following the Sunday dream house and dream life flow. For safety reasons...and my parents paranoia...I literally wasn't allowed to film near our own house. Even inside...when I was filming in the study...I had to check the ensure that the GPS was off. For those who don't know where we live...I had to convince my parents that even if people really knew where we lived...they wouldn't want to take the trek to come and stalk The house is literally in the middle of nowhere (ten minute drive up the hill) and you can talk to God and his angels in the silence.

Being on flat a blessing I now embrace. I'll soon explain...why after the visit to the house...that I decided my independence was the best decision that I've made in 2019 thus far.

The reasons to go home were compelling enough. My aunt and her husband were visiting. I haven't seen them in about eight years. They are visiting for another relative's destination wedding, and decided to spend a few days at the house. As I room (trying not to call it that since I moved was where they stayed and my cousin and I had to camp out in the study for the night that I was there. I literally had to make a bed (you know how it gets when the house is full) and could I sleep the Tuesday night?

I woke up at 3 am to mark labs for Wednesday... after chatting to the entire household and catching up on the Tuesday evening. So know that by the time I reached work at 9 am...with the lack of sleep (and a cup of coffee) I was so exhausted I was feeling high by the time the labs started. If you know anything about students...if a lab is four hours...they'll take five if you don't push them to finish. So...push them I that I could leave an hour early...and get a nap at noon:) Yes group one...this is why you finished early. Miss was tired:)

With the nap completed at noon...I had a little more energy for the afternoon session...still came into the session feeling a little high...and the supervisor boldly announced that she had a migraine. Me with my exhausted and high self...then had to SUPERVISE!! Oh joy:) Don't ask me where the energy came from...but I had to convince the fifty four students that the lab was easy (which it really was)...and that we'd be finished by 5 All I can I survived!!!

I had to pay my respects to my aunt and uncle. I am now awake from what felt like an eleven hour slumber. My uncle is a Chemist like myself. Thanks to him...I learned how scientists can be entrepreneurial. He and my aunt live near North Carolina...and I spent a summer with them when I was nineteen years old. My uncle at the time...had left his industry job and bought a warehouse...which he converted into a factory. He now earns money as a contract manufacturer. He had his lab...the production floor and warehouse in the same space. I'm a Chemical Engineer now as you guys know...and this one summer experience was literally the seed that started my career. We really hustled that summer. We developed hair care products in his lab, tested them on ourselves...and then we'd sell in conventions as they appeared that summer. Bronner Brothers was the biggest one we did...and even though we had our own believe that I collected as many goody bags as I could from companies like Motions:) Since my students read my blog as well...I'll write about my internships tomorrow. Lol. Totally forgot that I needed a brain and growth segment this week. Forgive me guys!!!

That summer B2K was hot (I was one of those devastated when the group my reward (since my internship wasn't paid) was attending the Scream 2 Tour. Fun times!!! The lesson I learned that hindsight was that small experiences can lead to seeds of success that you never know until later down the road. When I was chatting with my Uncle...I literally reminded and thanked him...that I became and engineer because of him.

Enough of the sappiness. When morning came...I was the first one to be ready:) Once you guys know...I had to wait about one hour till the others were that we could drive back down the hill. On flat land...I felt like a free bird once again. I am enjoying the necessary thrills that come with owning myself. I'm always welcome at home...but as Jay-Z said in the theme song of the day...I got the Keys..."Till You Own Your Own...You Can't be Free!!"

Running Errands!!! Have a good day!!! Back to normal tomorrow!!


**Dr T**

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