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Revamping The Corporate Wardrobe: The Bordeaux Mid-Length Dress

Happy Day!!

I hope the week finds you well!! Today's blog post is about revamping the Corporate Wardrobe. I'm feeling a little ready for change, so today's song of the day on the blog is Celine Dion's Les Blues De Businessman. I used to wash dishes to this song among others on a Sunday back in the day!! My parents loved this concept of the grand Sunday dinner and it literally took me an hour and a half after dinner to wash all those I'd sing along to Celine/Brandy. For the Friday blog...we'll have a sing a long list ready. I'm a real child of the theatre. In any case...I digressed...

Yours truly, after spending years in industry and living that jeans, hard hat and PPE life, made a leap of faith to become a management consultant. After a one year plus hiatus, I'm getting ready to return to work, and have started upgrading my wardrobe. While I do have some of the core items that you'll need for corporate wear, I thought it would be a good idea for me to add some pizzazz to my wardrobe. From last Friday, you may recall that I picked up the dress above, when I went on my day trip into May Pen. It was literally calling me to buy it. Right price point, right price, right feel, right fit!!

The dress is a Bordeaux mid-length dress, and I visualized three ways of wearing the dress which I thought you'd enjoy if you're in the corporate scene much like myself, or simply want a simple piece to wear to more formal events if your life is more casual.

Style 1: Date Night Chic

Pictured above is how I'd wear the dress on an evening date night with bae. Dresses like this are easily convertible from work to happy hour to date night. Since the neck is elastic, you can adjust the sleeves to fit just at the shoulder line and make the dress an off the shoulder piece. Very simple and very elegant.

Style 2: Corporate Presentation

We all have those moments where it's business darling! During the corporate calendar, there are occasions where critical meetings and presentations are to be conducted. Formal wear is often a requirement and something that I've always enjoyed putting together. Dressing well automatically makes you feel like you're worthy of that which you desire! Pairing the dress with a nice black jacket is the ideal way to instantly make your look like a million bucks.

When it comes to corporate wear, a black blazer is a standard that I own to instantly upgrade any look, and make it look more put together. I wear this with anything from formal skirts to dark denim if I'm going for a business casual look. My ideal in terms of formal wear is Balmain. It's an aspiration of mine to own a Balmain Jacket one day.

Style 3: Corporate Day Wear

For a day look for Corporate Wear, wearing the dress with the straps pulled up above the shoulders provides an effortless nice day look. This look is ideal for those days when you want to be business like, still look fabulous, but not be overly formal. The dress is just effortless.

Accessories for the looks:

1) Gold and Silver Necklace

2)Rose Gold Pumps

3) Rose Gold Hand bag

4) Earrings to your liking (forgot to wear

The floral Bordeaux dress is my current inspiration. I will keep this up for the weeks to come! It's the most liberating feeling to get back to normal life!! Feeling good is looking good. Even if I'm home and simply working from my desk, I make an effort. For the world...I want to project power and confidence. I need to look like I'm a worthy partner in someone's consulting firm!!


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