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Rum Bottle Art: Kitchen Cupboard Decor

Decorated Rum Bottles

Welcome back to the blog,

It's a holiday weekend and yours truly gave myself a moment to just relax and get creative. With the new stage of life, certain activities were put on hold, and it was refreshing to be able to just relax even if it was just for one day. Every few weeks or so, I visit my parents and pretty much do what's necessary at the time. I'm not a guest in the house, so once I'm there, there's always a few things that have to be done around the house. One of my favorite things to do is create floral arrangements and here's a quick and easy one that you can create.


Ten Minute Floral Arrangement

Yours truly has always been fascinated by the human brain. One of the things that I have learned about our psychology is that the brain doesn't like to work too hard. By giving yourself simple tasks to do, you're actually more inclined to want to do them. When I'm at home, and we have guests, I tend to create quick and easy floral arrangements. I take about five minutes and walk around the yard and identify plants that are flowering. This season the shrimp plant and the coffee rose are flowering, so I've gone ahead and paired them together. To add some dimension, I've added two different types of ferns.

You honestly just have to work with what you have around you. If you apply this principle, year round you can create really nice decorative looks that will keep you loving the home that you live in. Many of us don't really like art, but we all took it at some point in life. When colour theory was presented, it wasn't the most exciting topic, but when you apply it to something important to you like planning your home decor, all of a sudden you realize how helpful it is to understand how things coordinate. What colours go together and what colours don't. Decorating doesn't have to take all day.


I utilize rum bottles for decor in various spaces of my home. With my apartment and its aesthetic actually coming together, I've decided that I want to display some of my rum bottles on the top of my kitchen cupboards. While I love the new design of the Appleton rum bottles, there's a point where I felt like the top of my kitchen cupboards were starting to look like a bar. I wanted to create the essence of bottles, mixed with decorative elements.

Wanting to create a more bohemian and natural aesthetic, I found a few items in my craft stash that I could utilize to spruice up the bottles and make them look more decorative and natural.

Starting off with pre-soaked bottles, I removed the labels and created a blank canvas for my art work. People in my household drink ground coffee, and yours truly keeps the bags for art projects. These bags will form the background for my pressed flowers.

I wanted pressed flowers that will keep their colour and essence, so I went ahead and found three different types of plants to press. The process is straightforward, and I collected the plants the night before, and laid them between two sheets of newspaper and applied some heavy books to them so that they'd keep their shape.

By cutting the coffee bags to size, I was able to create the neutral base and lay the flowers on top of the base to create the contrast. Everything is adhered with a strong glue and will dry over the next few weeks and form a really nice accent piece on the top of my kitchen cupboards.

The final effects are as outlined below:

Decorated Rum Bottle

When we can, it's important to allow ourselves to just be creative. Creativity is what keeps us inspired in life and allows us to balance ourselves. It's amazing what one hour can do to your home decor. With every season, you can create beautiful things that adorn your home, and suits your style.

Feel free to try this and share with a friend!! Have a great week ahead.


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