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Rustic Jamaica: Ffloyd's Pelican Bar

Image Credits: Jamaica Getaway Travels

"Sometimes I feel like I want to get..."Protecting My Positivity" on a T-Shirt" - Lydia Elise Millen

Hello There!!

Welcome to the Friday blog post! Don't let me have to put the disclaimer up that this is a "fun" space. Here's our song for the day: Chris Brown's Indigo!! You can play as you read!! My life I take blog...not so much!!! Not everything you do has to feel like a corporate event!!

Friday is the day that all of the world's worries are released until Monday. If we plan our lives properly, interestingly every day can feel like a vacation! Just seek the means to create that life!! Yours Truly has always enjoyed relaxation, being the Leo that I am. In the true nature of the sign...I'm chill when I'm not "hustling". Friday is the day that I simply let it all go...and unwind. As usual...we need our imaginary let's start sipping on some pina colada! If you can't use your might as well not be part of the ForeverLuxury movement!!

In terms of my post parental nest island adventures in Jamaica, one of my favorite activities was a trip a group of us had taken about four years ago. It was the Easter holidays, and we decided that we wanted to head out to the Western Coast of the Island for a day trip. We went to St Elizabeth, the location that also houses the Appleton Rum Tour which I've spoken about previously in another blog article.

St Elizabeth for me, is the parish where I've spent the most holidays interestingly enough. There's a nook in that side of the world called Treasure Beach, and you can rent villas there and just enjoy some time away with your family. Really rustic vibes...lots of artists like that scene...with probably one major hotel over that side. If you want peace...St Elizabeth...if you're a millennial wanting hype... visit Mobay, Negril, Ochi ends!! With AirBNB more prevalent now, you can find the accommodation of your choice in any location! Tradition in my family, was to stop at Little Ochi for fish and alternate sea food, and simply just unwind.

The group decided that we wanted to explore and took a day trip to the parish. We left Kingston circa 8 am, and decided that we would have lunch first. Taking the highway, we were in St Elizabeth by 11 am, and settled into having our lunch for the day. The beauty of Little Ochi is the fact that it is really rustic and what I classify as Eco-Tourism. While the facilities are relatively modern in design, the restaurant itself feels like you're sitting in a rustic boat, on the sands of western Jamaica. The scene itself is relatively untouched, so you feel like you're really on vacation and able to unwind as you sip your Red Stripe light or your Cranwater, drink your "fish tea" as we call it, and wait for your food to arrive. We spent about two hours just having a grand time, and talking about how we wanted our lives to unfold.

After lunch, the real adventures began. The image as rustic as Island Adventures can get. We were on a mission to find...Ffloyd's Pelican Bar, which is an all natural bar made of what looks like driftwood (see image above), that is located on a sand bar, just off the St Elizabeth coast. For a small fee, you can be carried across the sea to this spot, and the group and I did exactly that. The scenes for this activity are either Treasure Beach ( places like Jake's can direct you to the port where you can get the boat).

Being at the Pelican Bar is one of those experiences that you treasure forever. It is literally that feeling of being in the middle of nowhere...but everywhere at the same time. With an unhindered view of the sunset, if you're there with your significant other you can create a wonderful romantic memory for the two of you, that you'll remember when you're home and have to deal with the every day routines in whatever form they may come.

The getaway and travel is what I personally live for, so every year I go through the process of designing a few getaways!! August is a quiet month for I'm taking the time to actually unwind and see how life can unfold!!

Enjoy the weekend! Have fun in everything that you do!!! While every day won't feel like the club (if you run a home know exactly what I can design your life...add a little music that will have you low key twerking as you write that report...edit that video, and just create that positive vibe for yourself. At the end of the's your life and your family's you want to ensure that you are as happy as you want to be!

Carpe Diem!! I'll be back on Monday!!!

We'll talk again soon!!


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