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Saturday Relaxation: The Revival

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Happy Saturday!!!

Yours truly has finally revived:) I hope this Saturday has you in the finest of spirits. I feel rested...and it's the most beautiful day so I'm happy. I woke up feeling like a princess. It's that feeling you have when you've worked hard...and then have the deepest of sleeps...and awake feeling like a brand new person. I feel new this morning. Refreshed.

One thing I'm grateful the fact that I'm not unique in this life. I told you guys...that once upon a time yours truly had watched a Lisa Nichols video and she had talked about getting creative in life as your journey itself is unfolding. Her principle I thank you with all my heart Lisa Nichols. As the school journey unfolds, I'm applying her principle. Last tired as I was...there was fun in the kitchen! Yes...I went to "TFC". It was so much fun!!! I don't have a mobile camera except on my phone I blog more in order to expand on my life's journey till I get a new camera in a few months. I've declared just act out of that intention and show you guys more of what I'm up to in live and living color.

I moved out of the house on January 20th, so technically, I've been independent now for two months. As a student in transition, with rent to pay (I've chosen to be independent), transportation costs to factor in, as well as school applications, and vacations to factor in...I budget all aspects of my life. I've kept the home life for the next probably two months...I won't have any fast food till I go on my vacation. The sacrifice is worth it. In the interim...I make my own fast food. I do everything I normally do...but on a budget. Last promised...I literally had what the image above had displayed. I made my own sausages and fries. My aunt...used to do this when I was in England. I lived with her for six months, when I was in Belfast.

At the time, her twins were two years young, and she was the primary breadwinner of the household. So the house was on austerity measures till life restored. But she seemed to magically find a way to transition seamlessly through the phase which lasted for about six months. She used to create her own fast food. Every Friday...we'd have her "fast food" from either Marks and Spencer or from Tesco. That Marks and Spencer roast chicken was everything!!! We lived in Newtonabbey, and both places were within a five minute walk from the house. Whenever she came home from work...she'd simply stop at either place...and pick up something for us for dinner.

One of her staples was oven fries and sausages. She used to be tired on a she didn't cook (she's a pro at things like butternut squash soup)...and let the twins just do what they wanted. I never understood till now what was happening to her...and why she let them do that. I currently find myself also trying to release the students early once Friday afternoon appears. Lol. I don't have children yet...but having 18 students thriving on your energy is pretty close even though it's for about twenty hours of the week that I do this for. You're literally the head...and they follow everything you do. Impacting lives is an interesting activity.

So any way...last night...the house was empty when I reached home. The angels sang. My landlady now goes to rehearsal on a Friday it was just me. She's a very miserable person. Assessing her situation, I realize it's because certain elements are missing in her life. Her husband passed away in 2012...and her children are all grown up and married. She's pretty much here by herself...aside from when she goes to choir rehearsal.

I don't intend to be the one that fills the gaps in her life. I left that I could be undisturbed for the next few months. I am not entertaining a soul when I have my own life journey to fulfill. Lol. It's almost as if she somehow grudges younger people. I no longer judge... and I just let her be...and allow myself to be happy in my own life circumstances. I am fine. I am young. I am healthy. I am grateful to have everything that I need. In terms of my blog...I don't divulge everything...but I am complete. You don't have to share every aspect of yourself with the world. Some things...are kept to the privacy of your heart.

For today...I'm just allowing myself to rest. Saturday...I usually call myself the recharging battery, and allow myself to just be. The world pretty much just goes by...and I revive. With the state that I'm in of my colleagues even fell asleep at work, because he's doing the extra shifts.

How do you guys unwind on a weekly basis. We're not fatigue will set in with repeated expenditure of energy. Be gentle to yourself as the Desiderata says.


**Dr T**

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