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Saturday Relaxation: Throwback Loves!!!

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Happy Saturday!!

Life is interesting with its twists and turns. On Tuesday evening we finished early...and as I was crossing the road from the chapel...and heading towards the Creative Arts Centre...I heard someone calling out my name. When I turned was my former colleague Richard P. He's a fashion enthusiast...and we once planned a fashion show together. Long story...but as every girl in the arts learn to have to your artist friends ( girls and gay boys) and then in normal life you have your regular boyfriend who pretty much hates everything you love (except for the point where you and he all know what I'm talking about they need boundaries. Men are from Mars.)...and lives for things like football and hiking with the guys.

Somewhere along my journey...growing up with two brothers...a little testosterone rubbed off on me. So...when I do my age 21 time stamp loves...don't judge too Behind the believe I had everything that a 21 year young female's just that my primary persona loved some of the items that I'm featuring today. So any how...after seeing Richard...I started feeling fashion vibes...and all over the campus now...I'm noting what's trending...and I'll occasionally talk about that side of my being. I'm styling three vacations this I have to turn on that gene. Sometimes...people act as if they're one dimensional...but trust me...I've done many things. I'm an arts girl...even though I'm a Chemical Engineer. There are vary aspects to my being. There are various aspects to all of our beings. You are unique...just like everyone else.

When I was 21, the shoe I wore with the highest frequency )because I was an undergrad in the sciences and had labs majority of the time) was the above image - The Nike Air Force Ones. Play the song and read the blog article!! "There's something about 'em...that's why I got 'em".These shoes were the hottest things after the sun. Still are!! Aside from the Nelly song,which made them more popular... yours truly at 21 was more of a tom boy than a diva...and I really loved the look and feel of a fresh pair of white on whites. These are what I lived in...along with a fresh pair of the ankle length Hanes white socks to match. These are the in the classics set that I think will always be on trend. I was triggered by seeing someone on campus with these on on Tuesday. It was almost like seeing the light again.

This week in labs, we studied thermochemistry reactions. We had the the students run a hydrolysis reaction...and note the TRENDS. Initially they didn't understand what we were doing...but yours truly is the queen of hype...and I make an effort to make every thing FUN for them. As an 18 year old...I was drawn to people's energy...and I'm putting myself in the shoes of the students. Once they understood the purpose...all of a sudden kinetics became fun for them. Likewise it wasn't until I was interested in basketball that I became interested in statistics. You all know what I'm talking about. When you love a sport...all of a sudden you know all the stats, you know the players parameter average, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Yours a Kobe fan. At 21, I'd watch every Lakers game, no season would miss me...and I'll literally email the team (the email address was on the website) when they tell them where to clean up for the next game. Lolololol. I literally did the "Dear did okay today...but we need to work on the rebounds. You guys lost ten points because you missed them."

At 21, I could yes...the CD I would play as I drove to the movies, washed the dishes on a Sunday, and practically all day while I was at home...was Usher!!

This CD was everything when it came out. I was actually listening to the songs on YouTube just a way to take myself back to Saturday night movies at Carib with the usual group. It's interesting to have witnessed the evolution of various technologies..particularly the CD/mp3 transition in the five technological minutes that it took for the change to be made. In any case...the production on this album was everything. Even though I was 21 when this came out...I swore I was 30...and that I had a baller like Usher in my life. He's the king of smooth.

Image Credits: The Belly Ring Shop

Back in the dance inner woman emerged. On campus...there was a store that did one random Thursday...I walked in and had this procedure done. It was quick and painless. Yours truly...somehow lost my belly ring in Cleveland after about a good ten year run with the one from undergrad. I'll do a jewellry haul later in year...for vacation. With my bikini...I tend to accessorise with either a belly chain or a belly ring.

On this good good Saturday...I've forgotten that co-workers exist, that supervisors offload their responsibilities on the demonstrator pool, and have suspended the Miss hat...and am back to Tandy the woman. In life...there are persons who become so trapped by their jobs that they forget to enjoy themselves. I'm not about that life. She will party till she can't walk. I like the spirit of Wendy Williams. It's always refreshing when she comes back from her weekends and tells you all the things that she has done!! It's always good to break molds and not be like everyone else in the status quo!!!

Enjoy the day!!!


**Dr T**

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