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Saturday Relaxation: Villa Yemayah Review

Image Credits: Villa Yemayah Airbnb

Happy Saturday!!!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Saturday. Yours truly made a decision re my June vacation. Today's winner for my June Villa Yemayah! Even if we all voted...I feel that we'd all come to the same conclusion...based on the decision making criteria. The theme for serenity, relaxation and sophistication on a budget. There was just something about Villa Yemayah... that fit all three decision matrix criteria. It truly is a gem! So yes...I am going here in June. If you guys recall, on my current journey, I've decided to do everything that I normally do, but on a budget. The aim is to sustain the quality as much as possible...while preserving the budget for school expenses. The first place I'd looked at...Mango Ridge...was nice...but I didn't really feel that I wanted that fully rustic vibe. Mango Ridge felt like where a writer would go to finish their tome. The second place we looked at was Palm Cottage...very close to the sea...and very young professional weekend away from work vibes. When I took one look at Villa Yemayah screamed sophisticated affordable vacation. The three places are all at differing locations in the parish of Portland, Jamaica...and all cost the same price - US$45.00 per night. As you find the treasure!!! This is the lesson, I've learned on my journey.

As I took the time each week to assess the individual amenities...I realized that Villa Yemayah is actually similar to one of my high end loves...which is Strawberry Hill. I'd first talked about Strawberry Hill when I felt the vacation bug. I haven't stayed at the hotel personally, but I've been there for dinners. It is exquisite. Strawberry Hill is in a similar price range to the Hyatt Ziva, which I have visited as you guys know. Averaging US $258-$580 per night, Strawberry Hill is the ideal location for the sophisticated traveller, who wants a rejuvenating experience in the hills of Newcastle, Jamaica. The Villa Yemayah visual is above, while the Strawberry Hill visual is shown below. Strawberry Hill is in St Andrew, Jamaica and is easily accessible via travelling through Papine and up into the hills. You'll arrive in less than one hour if you're in Kingston.

Villa Yemayah is on the other side of the mountain range, and takes about two and a half hours via Stony Hill Road, into St Mary and then to Portland. The vantage points are quite similar, so either will do to be honest. Villa Yemayah is the classic case...of instances where price might not matter too much in terms of quality delivery. If you look through the slide show on the Villa Yemayah Airbnb site, you'll see that they make the perfect substitutes for each other.

Image Credits: Strawberry Hill Jamaica

Yours truly was favored by grace yesterday, and my schedule is actually the same as it has been since the beginning of the semester. After all that deliberation earlier in the week, someone else took my extra shift. I use the extra time to do things like update my blog, apply for more school programs, and run a small consulting business online. On Monday, we'll talk about operating a small online business and the freedom that it brings. It's a blessing that I've come to appreciate and nurture.

Saturday...I take the time to tomorrow...I'll update my YouTube channel!!

Have a relaxing Saturday!!!


**Dr T**

P.S. Pardon the delay in the Saturday uploads. I've started going to the supermarket on Saturdays now. I have three new loves...which we'll talk about tomorrow! I've started taking better care of my I've made changes to my diet...which we'll discuss.

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