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Saturday Vibes: Carnival Is Approaching!!!

Image Credits: Antigua Carnival


Vibes Up!!! Drinks Up!!! Carnival is approaching!!! Before we even start's the song of the day. It's best played with the article. Splinters by Shal Marshall!!! Just loop it and read. "Caan play mass if you 'fraid powder". When you can play "Worst Behavior" by Skinny Fabulous. "I come here to start the Bacchanal!". Rae!!!

I hope you are having a great Saturday!!! my luck would have it...the campus was celebrating Caribbean Day. I actually was dancing when I was walking into the lab. I was in a good mood!!! When I was in undergrad...I used to participate in Caribbean Day as a representative of Montserrat. I'm a Jamaican import...but half of me is also vicariously from Montserrat...and since only one other person at the time was available to represent them...I'd volunteer to represent for the country for the one day. It didn't hurt...and what I got from it...was lots of free food and a chance to sample other Caribbean cultures for that day. The event also signified another event...about a month away was Carnival!!!

Growing up as a parents would carry my brothers and I to the road marches when we were children. They're hype...which is why I couldn't manage them at Christmas when I wanted to study. Lol. They are another story and a half. We'd park by Devon House and wait for the parade by the main road. As an adult...our group would line up on Hope Road...and wait for the parade as they traversed their route for the day....and then jump in. We usually would know someone in the parade...and march with that person (s) for about two miles to Trafalgar Road once we saw them. With the road march a good month away...those who usually participate need:

1) A T-shirt (the aim is to look cut up the shirt, or tie at the back to show your stomach and belly ring if you have one) Glitter also helps:)

2) Shorts - Similar treatment...just be creative

3) Sneakers and any loud neon socks you have

4) Water bottle

5) Cap

6) Sunblock

Cost: Absolutely FREE unless you felt like marching with the parade...and have to pay the associated band fees!!!

Walking around the campus...there are currently ads for costumes...and of course make up for carnival. One of my friends marched about three years ago...and I remember her entire process of having to reach the make up artist circa 6 00 am/ 7 am so that she'd be ready for the road march by early afternoon. Very involved activity...but if you end up with pictures like the's definitely worth the investment at least one year of your life. With the hundred year mission...we really need some GOOD stories to tell our children.

Bacchanal Season is everything!!! Cooler fetes!!! The Road March!!! Just a time to relax, let loose from all the work/life stress (My current Whatsapp statuses are literally every soca lyric I can currently think of that involves a party theme).

"We having a good time...No Time for Bad Mind!!"

Have a great Saturday!!! Sending good vibes your way!!! Enjoy your life!!!


**Dr T**

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