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Self Care On A Dime: Taking Care of Number One

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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Peace and Blessings to You,

We all are faced with various stressers in our lives - be they work related, or just induced by the pressures of day to day living. As a young professional in transition, I have successfully managed to find ways to take care of myself...without breaking the bank. My dreams, just like yours, require a lot of dedication and focus, and I do my best to ensure that on a daily basis, I am making the effort to take care of myself. I am in school, so a lot of the luxuries that I had when I was working in industry full time...have had to be set aside for the interim. I've found the appropriate substitutes and decided to share them with you all in this blog article.

These following are the items that are my current favorites for November 2018. I purchase a monthly pamper package, as part of my general self care. Feel free to explore your own favorite stores and find what works for you. As a general rule...for my student budget...all items retail for $3.00 or less. I'll upgrade in a few months...when my main academic program is finished.

Suave Essentials Body Wash

General Body Care

My morning routine is very simple but effective. The mornings are when I have my me time, and take the time to pamper myself...even if I'm on the go. My go to for daily showers is the Suave Essentials Cocoa Butter and Shea Body Wash. This is the perfect softly scented, and deeply moisturizing body wash that I'm loving at the moment.

Herbal Escapes

Hair Care

As a young professional in transition, I have made the effort to take care of my own hair. I protective style via various methods such as braiding, wigs, or simply wear my medium length 4C hair out, in the moments that I'm home and in a relaxed atmosphere.

I'm loving the Herbal Essences Free Freesia Shampoo and Conditioner combination duo,

Beauty Elements Foaming Face Wash

Facial Care (General)

In my transition phase as a student, I've had to temporarily pause my routine specialist based treatments such as micro-dermabrasion sessions at my local dermatologist. This transition has allowed me to revert to drug store brands as substitutes. My favorite face wash for the month of November is the Beauty Formulas Vitamin E Foaming Facial Wash. If you like the feel of Olay products...but on a budget...then definitely use this face wash. As I lather in the mornings...I experience a lightly scented (almost sweet citrusy scent). The wash doesn't dry your skin...and leaves it clean and moisturised.

Bath And Body Works Lavender And SandalWood

Body Creams

In August, I was gifted the Bath and Body Works Lavender and Sandalwood Body Cream. I treated this like gold...and it lasted me the past four months. This is because...I used it once per week on my pamper day - Tuesday. On a regular basis, I use the traditional lotions like Jergens, but once per week...when I want to feel really special, I would use this body cream. I finally finished it...and have been using a generic substitute called the Kiss of Love by Body Secrets. These thicker creams help to boost the moisture content of my skin...and give me that added TLC when I need it. I currently live in the Caribbean, so even though we're not experiencing winter right now...the sun dries our skins, and I do take an effort to keep myself hydrated and moisturized.

Hair Dress

If you have light 4 C Hair like myself, hair food is essential to maintaining both the health and length of your hair. I have been finding the Pro-Line Line a God-send. In the months before I have reviewed the Argan Oil Hairdress. Since I finished that product, I've transitioned to the Olive Oil formula...and am even more thrilled. The product is light weight...perfectly scented (almost like a rich apple based perfume). Definitely a low budget- high quality find. I feel happy about this purchase.

Body Hair Care

Last but certainly not least, is my general body care. I am a former dancer, and take time to ensure that the majority of my body is hair free for hygiene purposes. On my weekly pamper day which is Tuesday, I take the time to carefully shave the relevant areas indicated on the label of the Beauty Formulas Shaving Gel. This product is an affordable alternative to regular waxes. The gel is very soothing, and doesn't irritate your skin at all. Use with either your electric razor or regular basic razor.

These are the general items in my pamper basket. At the very basic level, while I'm on the road to my physical well-being is still being taken care of. My challenge to myself is to keep each item at retail $3.00 and below...yet still have that that sophisticated feel as I'm pampering myself. So good. In December...I'll attempt the Christmas versions of some of the items...and share them with you. Christmas always puts me in a Vanilla-Cinnamon type of let's see how I can do this on a dime!

I love you for reading!



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