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Self-Care: Pamper Routines and Creativity

Welcome back to the blog!!

While the world is in a current state of relative "relaxation", I finally took the time to resume my weekly pamper days. In essence...I've decided to divide and conquer the week, and do mini pamper sessions across the week, instead of doing everything at once. I'm still here...micro-achieving away. I find that if my mind sees a mountain...I won't climb it...but if I see a step...I'll be motivated enough to take that step since it feels more achievable.

2019 was a milestone birthday year for yours truly, and I actually made promise to myself that every Tuesday...I'd do a pamper day. Of time progressed...that grand plan went out the window. In order to commit to myself that I will take care of myself...I decided to disperse the pampering...across the week itself to ensure that all the bases are covered.

By now...I'm sure you all know...that I have my hair routine on lock!! It took will but eventually the process became automatic. My body knows now...that when Sunday comes...there's no work (I'll finish all that on Saturday latest) and when I wake up...I automatically put on my work out clothes...and we go walking in the fresh air. Once I've finished that...I head into the breakfast (chit chat with the fam of course) and then head upstairs to wash my hair. While my hair is drying...I have time to do my nails.

The one part of me that I've honestly neglected for the past two years are my nails. School has a way of making you forget certain things...and while I'm currently on the consulting's almost like my mind is reminding me of all the things I did before I started my MBA. In the Kingston area...I would regularly go to Duchess Nails bar...and get my gels done. I am an engineer and I found that gel polish lasted for a good three weeks in between me climbing tanks, checking heaters and attending meetings. In my evolution as a woman...I had many books and interestingly for those who remember...I had a book called "Every Girl's New Handbook". I don't even know if they still publish that book, but it had me on every beauty lesson known to woman kind. I'm sure I'm not the only girl who:

a) Would put mangoes and eggs in her hair for a protein treatment

b) Would create facemasks out of eggs and oatmeal

c) Would do weekly manicures

d) Do the 100 brush strokes so that my hair would "glisten". Later on...I discovered...that this tip is dependent on your hair type:) As a 4C...I now barely brush my hair...but my 14 year old self didn't know better.

All of this activity...was inspired by that one book. Now that I have a little more self is reminding myself that I do have 45 minutes a touch up my nails. I'll go through my routine with you now.


1) Nail Polish of your choice. I picked up this Mermaid Green nail polish for just about USD$1.00 at Woolworth's

2) Nail Polish Remover: I use the raw acetone since it works like a charm.

3) Cotton Pad to Clean up

4) Body Butter

5) Top Coat

For the past two weeks, I've been challenging myself to add special touches to my routine. Essentially, I started noticing that my feet were reacting to my heels, and I decided to take action.

As an initial step, I went through the process...of simply rubbing my feet with body butter at night...and sleeping in small socks to lock in the moisture.

When I noticed that this step was working, I decided to take it step further and maintain my pedicures. For two weeks now, I've been keeping up with the routine and I feel pretty good about the outcome. My aim is to be more consistent with this activity.

At this point in time, after my workouts and shower, I will literally sit there on the balcony, me and the trees and the birds...and take the half an hour to simply take off the polish from the week before, and then apply the new three coats (two nailpolish, one topcoat)...and then listen to a podcast while the nailpolish is drying.

My intention is to get a new colour every month, and I will keep you updated with what I'm feeling for that particular month. As I rebuild from all aspects of life, it's an interesting process. Once you feel good inside, it starts trickling to the external parts of your existence. As Wale said...I'm literally here..."On Chill". You might as well enjoy your life.


I'd forgotten to mention on the the rum bottle DIY turned out. For those who were following the flow...we do have a bar in the household, as well as a wine rack in the kitchen. As collector of glass and metal items...we had reached a point where one of our Bajan rums were finished. I loved the bottle so much that I kept it. I had an intention to either glitter or bejewel the bottle. When I went to Woolworth's to get my items for the project however...I didn't like what they had on offer. I believe that in April...for my next project (I'm here waiting for that gold covered coffee jar to be empty) I will be able to get items from Liguanea Drug and Garden. They have a wider variety of beading and glitter and I feel that I will be able to work my magic once I get a few items from there. )

I am the type of person who doesn't give up. If I say I'm going to do something...I always find a way to get it done. With no glitter that I next best option was to scan the craft aisle and to see what I could find. I found some yarn for about USD 50 cents, and went ahead and picked up two of them, as well as some bells and craft glue.

My aesthetic is more bohemian, and I found that the new idea worked well with the theme I have going. That being the case...I went ahead and created the above. With a good relaxing song on, I went ahead and got to wrapping my bottle with the yarn. I utilized the glue to secure the yarn on the bottle periphery, and went ahead and free wrapped the rest of it until it was completely covered.

In the yard...I found some shells, and with a gold marker that I'd picked up about two weeks ago for $1.00 for two, I went ahead and enhanced the shell's helix. I then glued the shells and the bells unto the bottle and the result was what is in the image above. Interestingly...if you notice...the picture has glue in it. The glue I used...took a good 24 hours to dry. In the future...I'm going to see if I can get a stronger glue, faster drying glue or even a glue gun.

At this point in time...the bottle itself has actually cured and it is looking absolutely lovely. My YouTube video of this process can be found here: Rum Bottle DIY

Every week, I'm going to take the time to actually create and do my mani-pedi routines. I find that once these activities are done...I feel calmer and put together. I feel happier and pretty much just go through the day feeling easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl. I sang along to every one of their commercials when I was These are the things that give me life!!

I'm still here on my beach flex mission. Two weeks time...I will make the trek!! I love you for watching!! Take good care of your beautiful self!! On Monday...I will make a video of these activities.


**Dr T**

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