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Self-Care: The Everyday Vacation

Welcome back to the blog!!

I am here to remind you that we are all here to change and to grow. Happiness is not having the best of everything, it is ensuring that you make the best of what you have been blessed with. Happiness is an attitude that you can develop independently of your current condition, and with time, I'm conscious of my mood across the day and take the action to ensure that I'm in a state where I'm restoring my happiness. There's a gentle wake that comes in taking action in life, and over the past few days I've been taking the time to ensure that I'm progressing with life.

One of the things that I've been taking the time to do each week, is simply embrace the surrounding environment. Now that I'm back in Kingston, and not in a state where I'm overwhelmed by work yet, I've really be taking the time to enjoy some of the natural environment around me. Yesterday...I woke up in a state where I just felt like flowing through the day. Without putting any excess pressure on myself, I decided to go through the process of walking down the hill into the metropolitan area.

As I allowed myself to not rush...I started noticing every little thing. As I was walking, I started identifying which neighbor had a waterfall in their front yard. I was a bit surprised because I had walked by the home several times before...but because I was a little more conscious, as I was walking by, I was able to notice and hear the sound of the rushing water. I stopped for about a minute and actually absorbed it all. As I was walking down the hill, I also stopped and noticed that there was a section of the hill where water was just running naturally, so I started wondering if there was an aquifer in the area. I wrote all this to say...that being busy places you in a position where you can't stop and smell the roses. Where possible, take the time to stop and become more mindful.

Once I reached my destination, I took the chance to visit two of Kingston's green areas:

1) Devon House: I had mentioned Devon House in my previous blogs. I take my time and just sit in their courtyard when I can.

2) Emancipation Park: I had mentioned Emancipation Park in a previous vlog on my Instagram account. This is the park that I go to when I want to do things like exercise. The beauty about spaces like Emancipation Park is that is a multi-purpose center. There are often weddings on site...and while I was there...I took the chance to have a mini-photo shoot in their wedding arch. You just have to allow the good loving energy to rub off on you!!

I had a few business meetings in the afternoon, so I took the time before the intensity to actually relax in the green space before I faced the world. Emancipation now has public wifi, and I took the time to upload my content, while I was relaxing under the trees. What I can't manage that you literally have to walk the park before you find strong signal...but when you do find your roots and relax. It is really nice to be able to flow like this...while you're waiting on life to unfold. Anxiety yields resistance, so I've been taking the time to ensure that not tense, before I venture off into any project.


Yours truly is still on my budget beauty flow. Interestingly, I'm enjoying the process of seeing how creative I can be.'s the process of building something that becomes the fun! In a process...allowing yourself to release resistance and simply flow you start discovering things that you wouldn't normally do.

Over the past week, I'd shown you all that I'm currently in the process of resuming my weekly beauty masks. In the image above, is my Beauty Formulas mask. I really love the brand, and they do have some higher end products that have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid for a cost that is a fraction of brands like in the coming weeks I'll try and see if I can get some night creams for addition to my current routine. In terms of the current's still simple, but I'm finding that the actions I'm taking are actually very effective.

One: Drinking more water and exercising is flushing my system. I have a routine (currently on day five of my lime water). To get myself to drink, I simply fill the cup, and keep it by my desk and watch some educational videos. While I watch, I somehow find myself sipping and eventually, within an hour...I am able to finish about 500-700 mL of water.

Two: A solid cleanser. Over the past few months, I've discovered the Himalaya solid cleansing bars. These are just about $1.00 each. I am currently using the Cream and Honey. I'm used to liquids like Neutrogena, but with the current system that I have with either my wash cloth or my cleansing brush, I'm noticing a difference in my skin. The aim is to simply allow yourself to be invigorating your skin with an agent that allows you to exfoliate your skin. I'm finding that with Himalaya products...that even if I use nothing else on my skin...they are quite effective. For those persons who want effect without much additional effort...these bars are quite effective.

Three: Cleansing cloths. Wipes are one of life's greatest necessities. At a $1.00 or less, there are so many options that I'm currently loving. I keep wipes every where. I keep them in my office, I keep them in my gym bag, I keep them in bathroom, I keep them in my car. I keep them in my hand bag. I usually find that in moments where you're out and is not always easy for you to find a site to wash your hands. Cleanliness being the key to health, I'm finding that wipes just add a touch of comfort to my mind. At Woolworth's the other day, I discovered that they had $1.00 cleansing wipes. I now use these as my finishing touches when I cleanse my skin at night.

Since I'm currently now more client facing, I do wear make up when I'm going to meet my clients. At the end of the day, to prevent any breakouts, I have been using the cleansing bar (with cleansing cloth or cleansing brush), followed by the cloth to remove any final traces. I definitely see the glow in my skin after two weeks of this. At a dollar for one month of really can't beat it!!

Four: In terms of my lotion, the Brown Vanilla by Body Secrets is still going strong. I imagine that one of the bottles will last me one month. The scent is quite long lasting, so I'm quite excited to explore the line some more. In my travel bag, I actually still have the Body Philosophy sets that I created previously. They were intended for when I move into my own apartment. Respecting that vision, I have not touched to any great extent, the items that I purchased for my vision.

So yes, we're still going forward. Progress is definitely being made...and I feel really confident in my increasingly glowing skin. Feel free to try any of the ideas shared above. In time I'll expand to fancier products that I'm used to, but I'm discovering that in the substitute market...there are some gems that also do the trick! You can live luxe for less!!

Have a good Beauty Wednesday!!


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