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Self Love: A Fresh New Hair-Do On A Dime

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Ombre Passion Twists

Welcome back to the blog!!

As Fifth Harmony once sang and I quote : "We can work from home!". I'm sure that this point in time, half of the globe should have mastered the art of working from home. I've been working from home for the past year interestingly. April 2019 to April 2020. Right at the point where I was about to leap into reality and work on a big consulting project...the quarantine came into full effect. After about two months of waiting, I decided to resume my focus on working in the real world. At this stage of my existence I've started getting ready to return to work. I feel like if I keep my mind on the future and practice for what I want, it'll keep me as a happier soul. You become what you think about.


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Braided Pompadour

For the month of May, I updated my Passion Twists to create an ombre look. I am protective styling. My hair is medium to long, and it does become overwhelming to manage every day. Braiding gives me a break from having to manipulate my hair every day. For those who are new to my channel, during the month of April my hair extensions were actually a wine red colour. The previous install was my first extension install done by me, and it actually took me seven hours total to install. Since I was a newbie, it took me a while to get the hang of the process. Additionally, with respect to the installation, the hair that I utilized previously didn't come pre-separated, so there was a lot of toggling with the hair.

This month, I changed the hair texture slightly, as well as changed the brand and everything worked out for the best. The hair also came pre-segmented so I didn't have to worry about sectioning the hair pre-install. These little things make a difference:) To summarize the installation process:

a) I woke up around 6 30 am and washed and conditioned my hair. I am currently in the process of editing the installation video, so you'll see that in about a week. Because I had extensions in my hair in April, I took the time to really wash my hair with warm water about three times just to ensure that the hair and scalp was thoroughly cleaned. Once I added the conditioner, I left it in as my leave in. This technique doesn't work for all textures, but since I'm a 4C, it works for curl enhancement and moisture retention.

b) With the conditioner in my hair, I took the time to gently detangle my hair. This process usually takes me about half an hour because my hair is long and fine. My hair drinks moisture in, but also tends to knot quite easily if I don't manage it properly. Once my hair is clear (working with a wide toothed comb), I take my time to actually twist it. I finished detangling and twisting by 9 am.

c) Utilizing a new hair texture this month (Harlem 125 Yaman 3x) I managed to install my extensions on my medium twists. I pretty much just plait in my extensions. Because my twists were twice the size of the previous install, and the hair came pre-twisted, I saved a lot of time, and managed to have my hair extensions installed in just under two hours. You'll see much more clearly once my video is ready. Keep your eyes out for that in the new week.

As much as I love my hair twisted and out, when I'm working, I like to have my hair up and tucked away. I was inspired by Janelle Monae and her pompadour and red lips, so I went ahead and took the time to create this look as you'll see above. This is the look for this week. I pretty much braided my hair from the back to the front and then took the time to actually pin everything in place and then embellished the look with some gold accents.

Total Installation time: 3.5 hours

I started at 7 am and by 10 40 am, I was good to go with respect to my entire installation. I was out on my balcony by 11 am chilling. As a busy professional or even if you're a mom, this is the perfect look due to the fast installation time. I feel bossed up, and my hair is protected.

While we are predominantly working from home, it is very important to actually prime ourselves for the work experience. There's just something about Monday that has me ready and primed!! For me, it is very important to motivate myself via daily and weekly goals and self care!! I have a beauty routine, and have daily tasks that involve either my skincare or hair care. Running your enterprise is the highlight of life! What I currently do is segment my activities, so by 10 am I'm actually dressed and ready for work. Being the master of your life, you have to manage yourself and your activities in order to ensure that you accomplish what is necessary for your business to grow.

Have a great day!!


**Dr T**

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