Self-Love and Self-Care: Pampering Your Feet

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Today...we're on a get away like Calgon...but in the comfort of my own home!! mind is ready to find a beach...and it's only the third week in February. Right now, I'm allowing myself to simply mellow out...stay focused on the missions at hand, and then allow myself to sail through the rest of the year. Every day, I'm challenging myself to be more and more energetic. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like this in February, but usually the first quarter of the year is the hardest for me, but then by April I find myself on a nice stable flow and I'm feeling pretty good about the rest of the year. The first part though...I really have to push through and just get things done!! I think there's an internal resistance that we all experience each new year, but then once we understand our lives and the flow...we either create a new pattern, or adjust to the current state.

For me, 2020 is bringing new surprises in the final week of February (won't he do it...hallelu!!) and this surprise...I started the process of creating...taking action, and then letting go...because additional distractions from work came in. As my luck would have it...the YES for my new project...came a full month after I asked, waited for a response...and then practically forgot all about the fact that I'd started the mission. I can officially start my new fashion series...but veering in an interesting new direction. Life works in mysterious ways. They say while you wait...your aim is to simply keep yourself as busy as possible, and pretty much just stay prepared.

As you guys know...I am now working part time outside the home...and when I'm out...I'm pretty much suited up for one day a week. After the first feet started asking me...what those heeled objects were that I was placing on them. After living in boots and sandals for a year...I'm finding myself having to readjust to wearing heels for work. What I've started doing, is actually wearing slippers until I reach work, changing into my heels once I reach the office, and then putting my slippers back on for my homeward commute, once I've finished dealing with my clients. I have small patches that were irritated by my heels, and I decided that it was resume my foot soaks...just so my feet aren't looking crusty once it's beach time. Being on a budget as my upward spiral unfolds, I'm still being extra careful with money.

I scanned the shelves and found lovely foot products for $7.00-$10.00, but then my inner chemist reminded me, that a great way to achieve a similar effect for $1.00, and a very well spent and carefully thought out dollar indeed...would be to purchase some Epsom Salts. While many persons associate Epsom Salts with treating stomach and digestive ailments, they are actually very good at softening the external skin. Salt in general, is a healer. If you or your children have bruises or even a sore throat, a good salt rinse will heal the skin. All pharmacies stock Epsom Salts, it's part of their staples for general health care.

For the soaking process you will need:

1) 2 cups per gallon of water. If you only need to soak one foot, you can use a bucket, and allow yourself to use one cup of the salts in warm water to half the volume of the bucket.

2) Essential Oils: These are optional, but if you have some eucalyptus oil, rose oil, lavender oil or any oil that it aromatic and soothing, you can add it to the water. There are scented Epsom Salts sold in pharmacies, if you also opt to have the pre-made version.

In a lovely foot bath, you can take the time to ensure that you add some warm water, and take the time to mix in the Epsom Salts. Interestingly...the salts will soften the water. You can feel the water texture become a little softer, almost like there's a slight increase in the slipperiness of the water, and it will gently coat your feet as you soak. From my image above, you can start the process of actually lighting a candle before you do this, or lighting a natural diffuser with an appropriate essential oil. For the demo, I utilized a nice orange-ginger essential oil. If you have an electronic diffuser, now would be a good time for you turn it on, and allow the room to be infused with the scents.

Soak for as long as you feel. I personally soak for a minimum of half an hour, play some music, read a book, or if I'm on the balcony, just allow my mind to clear by meditating. I'm finding that as I meditate, I am able to center my mind on what's important and enable myself to focus on the mission at hand.

With a clear mind, a clear body, free energy, you will be able to focus and live more intentionally on the goals you set for the year. I feel like I'm making progress for sure. Abundance is coming to me, my network is expanding, I feel healthier and life itself is on a nice flow that I'm happy about! As some great sage once told literally have to put yourself on! The greatest saviour in our ourselves, the power of positive thinking, and the power of right action.

Enjoy your weekend!!


**Dr T**

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