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Seminar: What Your Work Brings to The World

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I assure you a judgement free, creative space where I share my thoughts about all things lifestyle. If you've been with me a while, you'll remember that in early 2019, I had shared with you the concept of knowing how it is that you can apply the brain dominance theory to your life (don't worry...we won't get too deep into it), and determine whether you're predominantly left-brained (logical) or right brained (intuitive/creative). Regardless of your brain's dominant lives it's life via the images that it is presented with. If your brain ingests beautiful things, it will draw to its user a beautiful life.

I believe in a beautiful life. I didn't say a perfect one...because perfection does not exist. If you remember that movie with Lindsay Lohan as a math wiz...they won the competition because she said..."The Limit...Doesn't Exist!". That being the case, there's always something that we're moving to. Whether that be the perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect spouse, there is always a feeling that within us, we are not content if we are not growing. If we've been evolving for centuries, it won't stop happening just because we are in 2019. Relieving yourself of the burden of perfection, is what will lead to your ability to simply flow and enjoy life as you are growing and expanding!!

One idea that has always resonated with me, is the idea that you can create your own life. When you are younger, your world is shaped for you, and once you become a (wo)man, you then have the ability to design your world as you see fit for your time. Bearing in mind that you will not live the same experiences as your parent's generation, the power is in you to determine how you will live in your world. That's easier said than done you ask. Fortunately, there are formulas that allow you to create life as you desire. Let's jump right into it!!

As many of you know, I'm a hybrid of both science and art. From the creative realm however, I have found a means to achieve my dreams, regardless of external circumstances. This past weekend, I was invited out to a workshop in Kingston, called What Your Work Brings to The World. It was a free event, and we did receive a workbook which I thought I could incorporate into today's blog article.

Phase 1: Purpose

What are your expectations from this Seminar/Workshop?

What did you come for today?

If your expectations are met, what will you do next?

If you receive what you came for today, what will you do next?

This segment of the workshop served to prime your mind for an anticipated CHANGE. Living purposely allows you to consciously determine that you are involved in an activity for a reason, and that you decided to be PRESENT there, in order to make a change in your life in the coming days, weeks and months that followed that activity. With the intention set, and all attention on the task, we delved into what was next.

Phase Two: Unlearning Limiting Beliefs

Many persons who are living today are wrought with limiting beliefs that were either instilled in them by their family or the society. These thoughts include:

1) I can't afford that

2) I am limited to live in this country

3) I am not attractive because I'm...

4) I am not smart enough because...

5) I can't be with that person because...

And the list goes on. With further dissection, one actually discovers that the counter is true. Since the mind has absorbed the previous messages for so long and they have become a norm, these thoughts must be disrupted and the desired thoughts placed into the mind.

This segment of the work shop focused on writing your thoughts and feelings on how you started the workshop. Were you anxious or eager? Were you indifferent or excited? If you'd like...take the time to spend a few minutes reflecting on how you feel, even as you read this blog article. You'll find a way to determine your current frame of mind, and determine if you need more order and action in a part of your life.

Phase 3: Introspection


The discussion expanded into what we felt was our ideal job based on the talents we were given. The three main themes of this ideal job included: TIMELESS, EFFORTLESS, Full of JOY. With that said, we were directed to a worksheet with the questions:

1) What were you given? (In terms of skills and talents. Are you logical, are you an artist, a mix of both?)

2) Have you uncovered your special skills/activities/talents/gifts that make you unique?

3) If yes, what is it?/What are they? Can you name your talent(s)? Are you acting on it/them? How are you doing this?

4) If not, why not, and what tools do you need to help you in the process?

5) How will you use it to serve the world? What specific area, field, career, profession will you serve in?

6) At the end of your life (term here on earth) what will you have accomplished?

7) If you answered yes to uncovering your gifts/talents/skills/abilities/uniqueness, can you begin to formulate a Personal Mission Statement for your life from the answers to these questions?

With all this said, as a group, we were then invited to share with each other how we felt about each segment and to allow ourselves to simply determine if we were on the right track.


Knowing that all of us have different careers: some of my viewership includes working professionals, stay at home moms, stay at home entrepreneurs and a myriad of careers that would be too exhaustive to mention. With that said, we all have different visions for what classifies our lives. If you can, take an hour or two to reflect on how your life is unfolding and identify how it is you intend to change.

Have a Vision Party

The other day, I started talking about creating my vision board for 2020. While I love to do things like scrap book, scrap books record activities that have already passed. A vision board...declares for your mind what is to come.

I found this inspiration board on Google, and I am using this as an inspiration for what is to come. Of course, you can become creative and design it how you wish. In my office, this lay out will work perfectly for me. As you can see from the above, to create your vision board you will need:

1) A sturdy frame: If you don't want to spend money on a frame, search your house for card board boxes, and then align them to create the size of your board.

2) Images: Images are available everywhere. I found some magazines in the house, and intend to use them for my project. I am working with a friend on this, so we intend to fuse the magazines we have and create different silos for our boards. These silos will cover all aspects of life and include: relationships goals, home goals, travel goals. professional goals and health goals. Additionally, there will be some really nice quotes that we will be able to extract from the magazines on the relevant themes of our boards. If you do have the scrapbook stickers, they can be useful here to add dimension to your board.

3) Glue : Any craft glue will do. You don't want it too thick, and if you want, you can actually dilute your glue and paint it onto your images before you paste them to the board.

4) Scissors

5) An active imagination: Make this a fun experience. Think outside the box. As you can see from the above, even though the base is square...the individual was not afraid to think outside of the box!

With your vision board set before you, you will be well equipped to tackle the New Year!! With November coming to a close, now will be a good time to create your vision board. You will then be free to enjoy your Christmas, and while you're doing that...every morning you will be mindful that you're working towards a larger goal as the New Year begins.

You will love your life...because you're creating it!!

I love you for reading!!!


**Dr T**

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