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September 2020: Self Care = Self Love

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to the blog. This is an inclusive site, and while I write from the perspective of a're free to extract the core themes of the message and apply to your own definition of yourself. Everyone is welcome!! The central themes are applicable to everyone. This week, I took the time to actually stock up on a few things for my own general self care. I feel that if I feel good about myself, my appearance and general health...then the rest of my life will pretty much flow smoothly. As you all know...I did stock up on about two months worth of beauty products and I'm challenging myself to actually utilize them. It's easy to feel like you always need to buy more things...and my current challenge for September-October is to utilize what I have. I have promised myself to not be a hoarder.


While I'm not exactly a minimalist, life in industry taught me not to hoard. There is a principle of 5S and that principle teaches you to be organized in your approach to tasks. If you're going to do a task, all your tools must be ready and identified, and once you're finished they'd have their designated place where you'd return them. A few months ago, I started cleaning things, out of a need to just stay busy during the quarantine, but eventually I found myself in a space where I actually found myself in a state of peace once I discovered that the place was actually clear. I could think clearly, without being bombarded by a lot of things. There is such a thing as visual noise.

For this reason, with the new mental shift, I went on a quest to actually declutter, and to keep my personal spaces in a state where I could manage everything. While I love collections, these days I try to not over do it. There's a point at which you don't need 100 palettes, probably just 5-10 will do for what you actually utilize in your existence. I started ordering beauty boxes about three months ago, and then received a gift certificate for more beauty products about a month ago. During this state of overload, I realized that the sanest thing I could do...was to just utilize what I have...instead of letting the pile accumulate. Once the stock ran low...I'd replenish again. This is my current cycle.

The principle works for me, and I find myself much happier, and able to manage the products that I actually do get in my subscription boxes.


For those of you who follow my YouTube channel, you'll know that I actually do have a segment that is known as my "Monthly Pamper Package". This package is my monthly gift to myself to ensure that I'm taken care of at the baseline, and am staying healthy. The essentials that I purchase each month for myself include:

1) Relevant Oral Care - Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Floss

2) Body Washes or Bathsoaps

3) Shampoo

4) Conditioner

5) Lotions

6) Deodorant

7) Relevant Feminine products - Liners and Tampons

8) Handsoap

9) Cotton pads

10) Cotton Buds

11) New Underwear where necessary

12) Body Splash

13) Facial Products

14) Lip Gloss

This list is by no means exhaustive, I just honestly find that once I have that relevant baseline, I am good to go and feeling body confident in myself. Cleanliness is more than just your physical body. Once you understand your energy system, you'll realize that when you do things like shower, you are actually cleansing your energetic field. With all the relevant aspects of body care taken care of I can turn each morning shower into a spa session, I can actually feel good about myself when I'm out talking to clients, and I can just feel the health and beauty radiating from my being. My own self value and worth goes up, because I'm taking the time to ensure that I'm in my best physical state.

This month, I discovered some organic bath soaps that I've been using to cleanse my body. I already feel a difference in how I feel, now that I'm using these soaps that contain essences of tea tree oil and turmeric. Even the scent in the shower is different. It feels natural, and it feels very clean as I enter the bathroom and am enveloped by the spa like essences. My skin is also very receptive to the soap, as I'm utilizing more natural elements like glycerin on my skin. Not every body wash is good for your skin. Once you start utilizing more natural products, you actually start to see what works for your skin, in comparison to what you were utilizing before.


With the fact that beauty salons are opening's a good sign. I'm actually quite comfortable now with the fact that I've taught myself how to braid my own hair. I feel less dependent, and actually comfortable with the fact that I can put myself together with ease. Regardless of where I am, I will always be put together. As a woman...if you live long'll understand for more than one reason...why it's important for you to be able to put yourself together. You'll be amazed at the magic that $10.00 can work if that's all you have to take care of yourself. You can look like a Glamazon by simply doing things like:

1) Buy some extensions. For those who know...a little Kanekolon goes a long way!! I've seen some major slays...that only cost $2.00. Don't judge the's how creative you can be with a look. You can create cute high buns, mohawks etc.

2) Buy lipstick. Drugstore brands like the job for just a few bucks. You won't feel like it cost a dollar, you'll actually feel like a million dollars with this brand. A little red lipstick can upgrade your look.

3) Buy eye shadow: Even one shade such as gold can go a long way. Gold eye shadow never goes out of style.

Each person's hair journey is different. According to your ethnicity, your hair needs will change, and it's just important for you to understand what works for you. For example, if your hair is 4C, avoid the 10 brush strokes, and do things like invest in a hair massager, do your hot oil treatments and take the time to protective style and protect your own hair.

When I'm ready to give my hair a break, I actually braid it for six weeks. I do wash it in intervals, and take the time to actually nourish my scalp. Because I understand my own hair, and apply the principles that work with my actually grows. I can actually see the difference in my length, and the fullness of my hair.

In next week's blog, I'll show you the changes that I made to my hair. I'm on a 6 week growth will spray daily with conditioner and just let my hair restore and recover. I haven't had my hair braided in about two months, so it will be nice to have a 6 week break to be able to just let my hair rest.


If you notice from the image above...three of the bottles have no labels on them. That's because I made a conscious decision to actually not have too many labels in my restroom. From the body washes and lotions I utilized in the past, I actually managed to save two bottles and a body butter tub. I loved the gold tops, so I took the time to remove the label, clean the bottles, and transfer my shampoo, conditioner and lotions to the bottles. I buy the same products that I always buy, and simply transfer them to clear bottles so that I'm not bombarded by labels and am able to actually just have a clutter free and organized space. I know what's in each bottle, so there's no confusing anything, and everything actually does look uniform and match the aesthetic of the space.

Gold is a color that I absolutely love, and I take the time to ensure that everything matches so that I can actually feel more order in my being, once I step into the bathroom and see everything.

I've organized my space to actually look like a spa, so I take the time to ensure that when I'm in my bathroom, that I actually am feeling relaxed and confident.

With these changes, I feel more organized and full of energy as I face the day! If you found these tips helpful, feel free to try them.


**Dr T**

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