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Simple Pleasures! Thursday Day Off!!

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Happy Thursday,

Yes...we had to cue back the beach scene. I still don't know where the above is...but since it's Tandy's DAY was perfect as a background for the post! The cheerleaders can cheer, the birds can sing...and the flowers can bloom. As you all know...the meeting is currently in session:) Lolololol. Since I have a small's more lucrative for me to stay home and hustle...than to go stress out myself for one hour of office politics. I have three weeks I just do what I have to do and then focus on my main hustles. I woke up around 7 am...and yours truly went to the supermarket this morning...because I thought it would be a good idea to start resting more on the that I feel so lethargic towards the end of the semester. I'm loving life.

This week...we've been having workshops with the students. I'm teaching...and it's the most amazing thing to tap into the minds of young people. I work with examples that they can easily relate to. As a learner myself...I find that I'm using the strategies that work for order to raise the energy levels of the students. Many teachers are the very academic kind, and as an industrialist...I tend to make things come alive. The most interesting professor I had at Leeds...didn't even have a He just had a bachelor's in Chem Eng...but had spent years and years in industry. Half of his lectures were stories about..."When we did this and that.." and "Make sure you design the reactor properly so that there's no explosion. Back in 1975...this happened..." Lololol. so I find myself turning into him. The light on the students priceless when I tell my stories. You have to create the time of your life. Btw...a couple of my students were falling asleep in the I've been making them stretch intermittently in my lectures. It's that time of the semester.

I strolled into the City Centre this morning. I find that the walk is exercising instead of taking a taxi into the city as I normally do...I just walk the 25 minutes in...and "house" hunt. It's about a mile. My walk to Leeds Uni was roughly forty minutes...and that was a two mile journey. As I was walking this morning...I started processing the simple pleasures in life. I thought I'd share them with you today since I'm documenting my progress:

a) Independence: I was telling you all before that living in the hills...I felt like I had to ask for everything. Where I am now in May Pen...I simply open the gate...and I'm pretty much where I need to be. If I need food, there's a small grocery store about two minutes from the house. There are actually three grocery stores within five minutes of the house. When I crave fries...I go to the nearest one. It's about $1.00 per on Friday I'm heading home from the week's labs...I stop by. Today though...I stocked up at the supermarket...and have them defrosting in the fridge for tomorrow. Being more efficient. I'm doing a sausage and chips combo for Friday aunt's recipe. You will need:

1) Either oven fries or regular fries. Season to your liking. If you want things simple...stick to a salt and pepper mix. If you want more elaborate can jazz it up by adding onions, paprika, oregano or any spice you want. Additionally...melted cheese is good.

2) Sausages - For tomorrow...I'm going to make frankfurters to go with my fries. Remember this is Tandy's "KFC" we have to make it taste great! I'm seasoning the franks with onions and tomato...and any other seasonings I can think of.

3) Drink of choice: Since it's dinner time...I won't drink soda (I need the no make myself a glass of Strawberry Tang. This is one of my latest obsessions of life. If I had a 50 cent find of the week...this would have won from probably a month ago.

b) Respecting the budget. The cashiers in the supermarket know me by now. I literally tell them my budget as are cashing. Everything is if there are extra items...I simply put them back. Since I have to budget for rent, food and transport to work...(and my vacation behind the scenes) I've been very conscious of my expenditure. I don't feel restricted...I actually feel more...DISCIPLINED:) As I realize the purpose of what I'm doing...every choice becomes much easier to make in a day.

c) Enjoying the moments. Knowing that certain things are temporary...I'm no longer bothered by things. I just let people be...and allow myself to be. I find myself keeping a low profile....and because I don't intend to create too much hype around myself for a few months...I find myself in a state of peace. I feel like I'm more in a state of flow. There's no competition with any one...I'm just allowing the moments to pass...and not making a fuss of anything that presents itself...appearing to be a problem.

What are the simple pleasures on your journey? One lesson I've learned is to not try to control all situations. If I'll be somewhere temporarily...I don't force myself to be a Queen Bee. I aim to make an impact...where it matters expend my energy there. I call it selective energy dispensing.

Enjoy the day!!! Hope you're chilling and having a good time.


**Dr T**

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