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Souvenirs: Your Personal Representatives

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Life happens...and every now and then...someone has to travel. That person could be you, or that person could be someone in your immediate family...who also happens to be visiting other family and friends that you may or may not know. One of the traditions that have persisted in our family for my entire existence, is the practice of sending gifts to persons in the visited a token that you care for them.

At impromptu travel occasions, you may have other obligations that you want to focus on, and as a result you will want to send your souvenirs on a budget. After scouring two stores in Kingston, I've actually managed to find some categories of gifts that tend to satisfy both the recipient, and the pocket of the sender. As we continue our body care series...I have often found that specialty soaps are one of the best ways to send your love to persons. As they utilize the gifts, they will actually think of you, and feel pampered at the same time.

One of my favorite local Jamaican brands for gifting and personal Starfish Oils. When I was in England, I was introduced to Lush as a store. As a former Master's student, I cannot count how many bath bombs I utilized while I was writing my thesis. As I spent the few weeks writing, at the end of every other day...I'd run a hot a Lush Bath bomb in the tub and soak away all my worries at the time. When I returned to Jamaica, I started missing that Lush experience...and as if all the Universe heard my desire....I discovered that Starfish Oils had opened an outlet here at Devon House. At a price point that my student budget could afford, I was able to recreate my Lush in Kingston. For this current season, I was able to create my souvenirs utilizing items from Starfish Oils, and items from the craft store. I chose products from their Aromatherapy Line for the women I'm gifting, as well as their Mystic Vibez line for the men I'm gifting.

To put together these gifts you will need:

1) Bath soaps of your choice. Ideally, you'll want the soap to be in a box. The beauty of a box is that it enables you to minimize on the packaging, because its already housed in a beautiful case.

2) Something to place the souvenirs in. I always feel that either wrapping your presents, placing them in sachets or placing them in a gift bag is the ideal way to present your gift. It adds a little thought to the presentation, and elevates the presentation even if the gift was only a few dollars.

After two stops, and only one hour of my schedule, I was able to pick up all the essential items. Souvenirs are tokens, so you don't have to get a lot of them in order to make your impact. Just one solid item will be enough. It's not Christmas or a birthday, so you can keep it classy and simple. In this instance, I chose soaps. Alternately, you can make souvenirs with key rings, mini lotions and hand soaps, candles or any other item that you can purchase in bulk. The key is to buy something that can stretch across a large volume of persons, so that you can get the cost benefit of a smaller per unit cost. If you buy different things for'll end up spending a considerable amount. Save your coins and buy in bulk. For this current collection, I purchased two types of soaps. One for men, and one for women. Each soap is different, yet the category and price points are identical for all.


For presentation, I chose gift bags. These were available to me, so I had no choice but to utilize them. Matching the colour scheme of course, I chose a rich colour like burgundy and gold and placed each soap in its own bag, and will have them presented to the respective individual. I feel that each person will appreciate the thought, and as the giver, I will be confident that they are happy with their tokens. If you feel like adding matching chocolates such as kisses, you can do that as well. It's a cute touch, and will still keep your budget in tact.

Life is what happens as you're going about your day, so when you discover that you have to give impromptu gifts like souvenirs, you can do this in a fast and elegant manner. Keep a list of gift items that you can always refer to, so that the process is not one that will overwhelm you. There will always be family members to gift...and preparedness will be the key for you to win at gifting. Gifting is something that we all have to enjoy the process, and find what works for your budget.

If you can...set aside some funds for gifts across the year, so that you keep your main budget in tact as the year progresses.

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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