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Spring Summer Accessorizing: Living Our Best Hair Lives

“Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed.” - Unknown

Welcome back to the blog!!

It's a good life! With a new week upon us, I'm actually excited to see what will unfold. I woke up in a good mood, and continued filming my Spring/Summer Look Book for 2020. This is the one thing that brings me joy!! I spent the weekend relaxing as best as possible. I was actually slightly derailed in the previous week, and by Thursday...allowed myself to reset my energy for the new week. There's a point at which you realize what's important in your own life. What's important in your own to own your own day and your own happiness. Every woman comes to her own realization of this truth!! You can't please everyone...and the faster you realize this...the happier you'll be in this life!! I'm fully writing this blog article listening to some good Britney Spears. I always put myself in a happy place, so that I can escape!!

The art of living involves knowing who and what are important to you, and simply focusing on them. As long as you sleep with a clear conscience, that's all that really matters!! For those who know me well...I'm back to not updating my Whatsapp status or pictures for a couple of weeks:) We all have those people who "check in" on what we're I decided that those people needed to believe that I was on "vacation" even though I'm fully in quarantine like everyone else. You need to finesse the art of ignoring people at times so that you can derail the energy drainers from your life.

Over the weekend, I spent the days watching as many YouTube videos on apartments and moving as I could. I'm excited for everyone moving during this it was! My midday breaks...are to catch up on vlogs!! My 2020 plans to move have slightly been delayed, but thankfully there's a point in the year when we'll have some sort of restoration. Many people had plans to do things like get married in 2020...and the "rona" has impacted all our plans. I'm still holding my grand vision so that when the time comes...I'll fully be ready to leap. I'm taking the delay as some sort of moment that I can utilize to actually plan out and visualize exactly what my space will look like when I do leap.

As the Spring/Summer 2020 looks are unfolding, I decided that it'd be a good idea to embellish my passion twists with a little bling this week. Let's see what fun looks we can work with for the season. My current motto: "If I did nothing else in the least I was healthy and cute!" I've been focusing on accessorizing for the past two weeks.

Half-Up - Half-Down:

As a start, the initial image of this blog article is the baseline for this week. I went ahead and added some embellishments to my passion twists. I wanted to add a pop of bling to the look, and simply allow myself to add some pizzazz to the look. I will stock up on some hair accessories and do a haul later in May. This week's to stock up on make up!! I've had these gold accents for a while, and just decided to use them for this look. At the baseline, I evenly distributed them along the crown and added a few to the mid sections of my hair for added dimension.

This addition gave me some versatility, and with the variable styles, I've been experimenting with you're still able to see the gold accents as I change up the looks. At the roots, the hair colour is a little darker, with my red accents at the tips. The gold adds some pops of highlight to the style and I absolutely love how it all turned out.

Passion twists, though light, are a very voluminous style. We all have those occasions where we want to have our hair out of our faces. These can include those moments such as when you're working out, or when you're out and about and running errands. A solution style I've discovered is the half - up, half-down look. I absolutely love wearing my hair in a bun with this look, and just wanted one more way to do so. Leaving the back of my hair down created an effortless look that I felt was fitting for a spring/summer day.

Fortunately, while I was shooting this look, I discovered that our hibiscus plant was actually flowering. Accentuate your looks with flowers and you'll be able to just have fun with your style.


As a fashionista...yours truly is the queen of high-low looks. In the Kingston area, we do have a mixture of high end department stores, and we do have vendors in various locales. What the vendors buy clothing from the wholesales and then sell them uptown for a profit. As I was walking around Kingston...I discovered a Fedora vendor...who was selling the hats for $5.00. There are particular price points that I can't refuse. $1.00, $5.00 and $10.00 can lure me...if the item is cute enough.

White is a colour that goes with anything. When I saw this...I had to have it! And it actually sat in my closet for a good year. At some point yesterday, as I was envisioning the shoot, the hat came to mind, and it just seemed like the ideal accessory for the spring/summer. Between this and my rose gold aviators, I feel like I won't have to worry too much when I'm ready to reach the supermarket. If the only place that the "rona" will allow us to go is the supermarket...I'll ensure that I'm cute doing it.

All in all, I've been enjoying the versatility with these looks and just have fun every day. With the world so serious now...there's no reason why you can't enjoy your style every day. If looking good is feeling good...then I'm more than happy to indulge! Put yourself'll feel good every day. You control your outlook on life!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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