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Spring/Summer LookBook

Welcome back to the blog!!

As the adage says...a picture is worth a thousand words!! When it comes to fashion, one of the things that I love to do...is draw inspiration from trends. In other instances however, I tend to just work with what my spirit is feeling at this point in time and find myself the perfect hybrid of a trend aware fashionista and an artist. I feel pretty good about the current spring season. These are all brand new items that I purchased in the DownTown Kingston area because they tend to be significantly more affordable than the uptown stores. With careful budgeting, I actually take my time, search and find these amazing pieces. I'll take my time and work through this quarter's collection, and then top up again in Q2 of 202o. I'll take you through each item I picked up, and what I love about each piece. I feel like I got lucky!! As you can see above...I have the triplets. Let's talk about them individually.


You may remember this beauty from last year. She's exactly four months old:) As a thrifty find for just about ten dollars in May Pen, she paved the way for her sisters to become an addition to my wardrobe. The inspiration for this piece was my desire to return to work. I set an intention for myself to start putting together a collection that would be fitting for a millennial consultant. Once I set my mind to finding pieces for work, they actually started coming to me. On the way to the supermarket, I saw this piece and knew at that point...that this was the one to start the ball rolling!! The fit of this...is like a glove. The quality...thick...and the entire piece on me is simply effortless. I love her...now let's meet her sisters.


The second of the triplets...this mustard piece...is the perfect addition to my Spring 2020 wardrobe. After purchasing the first piece a few months ago, I went on a hunt to find the floral inspiration in several other colours. As I was travelling up and down Kingston, I saw the hues...green, blue, pink, and I started identifying in my mind what I felt I'd wanted. My mind is drawn to mustard as a colour, I find that it matches my skin tone well. This piece is definitely one that I'll be wearing for months to come. What I love about this piece is its effortless fit. Everything fits where it should, and it's just an effortless, easy breezy piece.

I envision myself wearing a piece like this for brunch, or even to give a client presentation on a Friday when I feel like we can dress down and have a little more casual fun. I feel fun in this, and definitely sophisticated. I've paired the piece with my Pierre Dumas pumps, and also my new shades purchased on the same day as this dress.


If you were following my Instagram stories...last Thursday...I was judging this dress. I thought she was too big. At the try-on actually...she fit just fine. I apologized to the dress...and allowed myself to just flow with it!! Another effortless piece, what I love about this dress is the flare detail on the skirt. Coral is a colour that I love, and this piece gave me a mix of pink and coral, without me feeling like I was overdoing the femininity. It was just right!! On the right work days, this dress will add that spark of pizzazz that I need to ensure that I'm charged and present when I reach my clients. Once you feel good about yourself...that's really all that counts.


As a millennial, the clurrrrb...is a very important place in my existence. I love animal prints, and while I was out an about I saw these leopard print leggings. They are the ideal piece. Made of cotton, this piece is one that I definitely see myself rocking with a myriad of pieces. For this look however, I decided to be a little creative. I wanted edgy...and somehow found that the lace detailing of the bra-let that I bought in January, fit quite will with the animal print of the tights. I'll zoom in on these below, just so you can see. As someone who has a creative eye, sometimes I see things like bralets, and even my swimsuit tops...as tops...in the right occasions. While in the original setting...a bra is a bra...in the club setting...it works as a shirt for me!! If you party long enough...and need to find outfits...you get creative enough...my people...will understand me!!

This piece also works well with my new shades...and to add a little glitz and glamour...I went ahead and wore my rose gold pumps that I've had forever and a day!! For reference here is the bra-let detail! It's absolutely beautiful...hence I couldn't just use it as a bra. If you're in tune from January...I did do my spring underwear refresh:) I do this every three months for variety and fun!!

I love you for reading. I've gone ahead...and updated YouTube as well. If you'd like to see the outfits in living colour. There is an additional piece...that I seemed to have forgotten to shoot in picture format...but is live on the video.


**Dr T**

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