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Staycation Part One: Over Hills and Valleys

Happy Day,

Reality has set in for the next few weeks! Is it just me...or do we need rest after a vacation? I came back to May Pen on the Monday evening...and the thirty six hours prior to that...were filled with activity from all ends...and I literally spent the past day in a semi-state of recovery. Cups of coffee were definitely warranted, but at the same was worth the time spent away. On my instagram: @foreverluxury 19, you are free to check out my mini-vlogs for the days out. I am actually finding that until I get my camera that will enable me to properly vlog, Instagram is allowing me to do a similar thing, even though it's for about a minute each video upload. I'm still exploring its over time will expand to my stories. For now...I just do what I can. Enjoy the journey however.

I thought it would be a good idea, now that you all know the adventures that it took for me to actually reach the various sites...for me highlight in detail exactly what I did at the attractions that I attended. Essentially, the journey is part of my Goodbye Jamaica Series. I am aiming to leave in a few months to start new adventures, and I thought it would be a good idea for me to take some time to document some of the activities that I used to do both as a child with my family, and later on as an independent adult.

When I came to Kingston, I went to New Kingston to pick up my rental. I had booked a car from Island Car Rentals as mentioned, but with the whole credit card drama, ended up renting a car from a smaller agency called Cavanor Auto Rentals. They were actually extremely accommodating to me for the weekend, and responded literally at the last minute. Before all of this happened, I took the liberty was walking through Emancipation Park. Located just outside the Pegasus Hotel, Emancipation Park is a site that I used to frequent. When I was living on Shortwood Road, I'd drive Ruby to the park at 5 am...and I'd work out. I would then head to Megamart (which I did reach by the way...I had to get a Father's Day present before I was disowned) and then shop for the week and head home.

For memory lane's sake...I went to Emancipation Park in the morning as soon as I arrived in Kingston, and the staff member who took my picture...actually was kind enough to give me a mini-tour. Once I had the car...I was good to the words of the great Elephant Man! With my shades on...the music on BLAST....and the A/C on because it's a frying pan in Kingston...I proceeded up into the hills.

I drove through the hills of Gordon Town and proceeded up the hill to Newcastle, took a picture at the solider's home (which is partially open to the public) and then proceeded up the hill to Holywell. Holywell, is a location that my family and I would visit literally every two or three months. It takes about an hour drive up the hill before you arrive to this beautiful national monument.

My primary intention (based on the fact that I was literally just dressed to take pictures at Strawberry Hill and this was a detour) was to have lunch at Holywell. The park is equipped with cabins, a tuck shop, gazebos for you to rest in, and also has natural attractions such as two hiking trails for you climb. The main hiking trail actually has a waterfall at the end of the "rainbow" so after walking the good eventually find it. I didn't have much time on the I took the time to my dress and all...on the smaller trail which only takes about half an hour. The walk itself was serene, and I really enjoy the time it took for me to simply my mind to clear and be calm.

On the drive back down the hill, yours truly decided to stop at Strawberry Hill. One of my ambitions in life...(channeling the Pretty Hurts video by Beyonce) is to be a) happy b) to become an Instagram wife (I still intend to I had these grand ambitions to go pose by the famous pool at Strawberry Hill. I love Strawberry Hill to the point where I'm staying at Villa Yemayah in Portland...which is a replica of Strawberry Hill at a fraction of the price. The Strawberry Hill Pool, which I've showed you guys in the past is outlined below:

Image Credits: Strawberry Hill Jamaica

Yours truly had grand plans to go replicate this scene for both Instagram and the blog...and lo and behold...when I reached the property (totally forgetting that it was Father's Day) I was told that they had closed the property to public. Using the powers of persuasion that every woman has...I asked the security guard if I could at least...take a picture in the parking lot...for my blog...and that I'd literally taken the day out of my busy schedule for me to do this. They consented...and the following is the outcome!

And there I the people's parking lot:) I still managed to find a good angle...and you get a feel of the what the property feels like before you even enter it. Strawberry Hill for me...represents serenity, sophistication and just a celebration of the good life.

I did all of this soothing stuff...before I went home to get ready for Caribbean Fashion Week. Interestingly. Everything that I did that day was centered on hills, so even the show...was in the hills of St Andrew...and I'll do my best to show you guys snippets of the designers who presented. This year...there seems to be an African-Caribbean fusion at fashion week, so there were at least a third to a half of the presenters who were from Nigeria.

All in was definitely a good time...and I am excited to actually do things like this full time again. Heading up in the hills was something I did on a regular it was actually fun to remind myself...of who I really am. Who you see before you in today's blog who I am at my core. I'm that girl...who showed up a week late for school...because I was on...vacation:)

Btw: Total cost for all of the above...just gas money. Holywell entrance fee is just $1.00 and I carried I'm challenging us live the..."No Excuses Life".

Have a great day! Next blog article is Caribbean Fashion Week in a little more depth. As a former intern of Pulse Global...the least I can give the show a fair review. Lots of things changed from when I was working with them. In my time as an intern...Caribbean Fashion Week was a big splash at the Indoor Sports Arena which they would convert into a showroom...and this was a more intimate setting at Villa Ronai.


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