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Staycation Part Three: Port Royal Jamaica

Happy Day!!,

Day Two of my staycation was one of those days that I didn't want to end. I'd finally gotten into the groove of being away from life and working in general, and managed to reach a point where I could finally relax. Interestingly by 6 am the next day, after having been out for a good 16 hours driving up and down the hills of Kingston the day prior, my being started craving the sea.

So having the car for an extra day, I decided that I'd take the extra hours and simply head out to Port Royal. Approximately one hour from home, I woke up and had breakfast. On this day...I admit my juicing practice was suspended, and I ended up having bun and cheese of all things for breakfast. It was just one of those things...where you're at the parental nest which is always overflowing with food, but then you see that one thing that you haven't had in you just decide to have that for breakfast. So yes...with no shame in my game...I woke up cut the Purity Bun and thickest slice of cheese possible, and managed to mix myself some strawberry and lime syrup - I soon buss you on this secret (this is my personal bag juice recipe)...this is the drink of life, and sat outside in the sun and had my breakfast!!!

In any case...with my stomach now full, I decided to head out on the road. Once again...back down the hill, and then towards the harbour. The path that I take through Half Way Tree and to Down Town is one straight road that allows me to divert traffic. I've done the route a million times yet for some strange reason...that day I ended up in a part of Down Town that I never even knew So after the twenty minute detour...I ended up on the main and then cruised my way to the harbour. Once you reach the power station, you're actually good to go in terms of feeling like you've left the hustle and bustle of the busy city. All you see is the sea water, and interestingly the sea has always been a calming force in my life.

They say that sea water cleanses you, so if you're ever stressed or weary, head down to the beach and have a nice swim. Additionally, just being near the water and listening to the waves on the sure, due to it's almost perfectly timed flow, is relaxing to the mind once you're tuned to it. So yes...after all the stresses you really start to feel like you're releasing...which is exactly what happened to me.

I drove to the beach, and allowed myself to simply stay by the water for approximately an hour. Port Royal itself, is a tourist destination in it's own right. As a renowned historical site, parts of the history were incorporated into the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and as you view the pictures that I took, you can actually see some of the architecture from those times. I was at the beach for about one hour, and then headed over to Morgan's Harbor.

Where I went was the Grand Port Royal Marina and Spa. This site used to be called Morgan's Harbour Hotel when I was growing up, but the name has since changed. The scene above is where I spent about one and half hours after I ordered my drink from the bar. I'm a firm believer in making the most of every trip. Ever since I went on my trip to Brazil, I've decided that every trip of mine will have a signature drink. From that one colleagues advised me that I couldn't go home without getting I don't exactly endorse this...but I did for a slight buzz...and had a caipirinha cocktail. I was fine until the airport...but was knocked out on the Literally for the full almost ten hours that we were in the air.

There she all her felt like I was just drinking Ting...but after the half an hour...I was ready to slightly start singing and declaring that it was a beautiful life!!! So this trip was a mini-version of that experience. Yours truly is on the upward I said "This is my vacation...I'm going for a signature drink". I simply sat on the lounge chairs in the mid-morning sun (I'm being careful with the sun...last time I literally turned into a potato chip with all my hype) so I just mellowed out and watched the planes fly into the airport.

Additionally, for memory know how you do when you used to always go somewhere as a child, I explored the dock and stared into the water.

I discovered this nook on the hotel, close to where the docks are. It was tucked away for about five minutes I stood here dreaming up When you're in places like actually get inspired, your creativity goes up...and all in your mind is..."Hmmm...I like this rustic feel...I could definitely go for something like this when I'm decorating my future backyard!" It's really natural blending in with the surroundings, so I do feel like in one of my future decorating endeavors, I'll include the plantation style elements that are signature to places that I love like Devon House, Stony Hill and even Morgan's Harbour.

After three beautiful hours of serenity, I managed to return home to May Pen...where we are gearing up for the next vacation. Experiences like this...make every day feel like a breeze!!!

Live life to the fullest!!!


**Dr T**

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