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Staycation Part Two: My Caribbean Fashion Week 2019 Experience

Happy Day!!!

The evening of day one of my staycation was actually spent at Caribbean Fashion Week. I literally had one of those days where I spent about three hours at the three locations, so I did manage to have a full day of activities. After the day trip in the hills of St Andrew (Gordon Town/Newcastle/Holywell), I drove back down the hill and got changed to drive up the range to Stony Hill for Caribbean Fashion Week Jamaica. Just to give you guys an idea...and brief history, I worked as an intern for Caribbean Fashion Week approximately seven years ago. At that point...the event used to be held at the National Indoor Sports Arena. The event at that point in time felt like a football game...but dedicated to fashion. Cue the scene I worked for three years in:

Image Credits: Google Images

In the scene above, the National Indoor Sports Arena was converted into two segments. The half that you're seeing now is to the right hand side, and this was where the main fashion shows were held. To the left were designer displays, and you could actually purchase clothes and jewellry and get free samples from sponsors for things like new teas and alcohol as it was launching. It was in two words: Bougie...and HYPE!!! Straight ahead in the image...was the VIP area and runway seating, and elevated all around ( behind the camera men and to right were the general seating. The section that you see lit to the left was the bar area. I used to be one of those who would monitor the VIP area. Check arm bands, organize the chairs so that none were distorted in the camera lens...that kind of life. And of course...I'd get to see the show while I did this.

There have since been some changes, and the event is actually held at Villa Ronai in Stony Hill. The setting is way more cozy, and it feels like you're in your decorated and lit bougie backyard watching a Fashion Show with your family. The vibe is still was definitely more comfortable and personal than when the events were held at the arena.

This is an image of Villa Ronai in the day, and in the first blog image, you can see that the event required some pizzazz for a fashion show. The trees were actually amazingly lit in pink, blue and a myriad of bright colors which made the event feel really jazzed up for the night time. Based on my vantage point, I didn't really take many pictures, but I did take some mini-vlogs of the designers were showcased at the event.

First of all...I need to applaud Pulse because when I was an intern...all one hour after the start time...the show hadn't started. This time around...with an 8 45 pm start time scheduled....the show actually a whopping...8 49 pm!!! I was shook!!! My mind was like..."Is this real? Are they actually starting...ON TIME!!" To my thrill of course...but it's always a little different when you were once behind the scenes. As I'd highlighted in a previous blog, the designer line up was exactly that. Who I loved though since I'm trying to bring both male (I will try) and female perspectives into fashion:

1) Uzuri: The one thing that we need to remember is that Fashion...doesn't always have to be practical. Uzuri this year...but the ballgowns. They have them every colour: Neon Pink (yes...come through with that poofy cape...I nearly fainted when the model came out. Real show stopper), Neon Green, Neon Blue, Neon get the point. The entire line was freaking neon...and it cool because it really captured the essence of being bold and being glam!!!

2) Mai Atafo: This was the gentlemen's line. If you really like the dapper sophisticated'll enjoy the creations of this African designer. I really enjoyed the line. The designs were crisp and clean and I enjoyed watching them. As in...if I were a man...I'd wear these out to Corporate Events and really high profile outings. They were just amazing.

3) The Cloth: This line is one of those...One with the Earth lines...but one with the Earth in such a way...that you would feel glamorous wearing these items to either work (think a environmentally conscious Miranda Priestly) or high profile brunches with your housewife/full time blogger friends where you go to vegan restaurants instead of to places like TAO for Chinese food. The line is always sophisticated...but conscious.

I filmed a few will place them in a YouTube video. I was trying not to flood my Instagram with the snippets...but trust me...they were taken. The following image was from the closing of the show:

The themes were varied, from classic to fun, and overall I really admire the professionalism of the Pulse Crew in organizing the event.

I didn't get good images because I was on the upper deck...but over time as they post, I'll be able to share with you guys.

All in all...I'm really happy that I managed to go. It was one of those adventures that I've never forget!!

Live your dreams...and break the monotony!!!

Tomorrow...we close off the staycation. I actually reach the beach!!!

A you seh...WEEKEND!!!


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