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Staycation Two: It Is Time for Caribbean Fashion Week 2019!!

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" I did not come to play...I came to slay!" - For the first...if you don't know who said this...I cannot help you!

People...I must have been hit in the head with the school application process. What happened to my music in the blog articles...forgive me!! I woke up this morning...and I assure you I remembered who I am. Yes folks...Caribbean Fashion Week is this week and of course...we needed the track that would bring out the queen in all of us!! To celebrate here we we go. Let's all...SLAY!!! Run the track!!! I'm dedicating this fashion week and all bloggers and YouTubers who blow up!! It's almost like people can't allow you two seconds to shine in your spotlight. Oh yes...they best to believe it! Work hard and win!

As a proud intern of this prestigious event...Caribbean Fashion Week is this week...June 13-16, 2019. For those who KNOW...there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes of a fashion event. For this year...I'm approaching the event from a different perspective...from the audience and "press". I'll do my best to ensure that I get the essence across to you all. In my usual style for the first three quarters of the year...I'm taking mini-staycations. For June...I'm taking the Sunday away! I've been dreaming about this for the past month...if you've been following the flow! As Beyonce said..."I dream It! I work hard! I grind till I own it!" The time always comes! Thank you life!!! I'm going on Sunday...which is the biggest night. Here's the schedule to save me some

For this wonderful day...I'm taking the time into sections. A certain model of mine...suggested that I upgrade my content. So...I've decided to do that in order to facilitate my growing customer base. I sold my car in June 2018....and so I'm renting a car from Island Car Rentals...and going up to Strawberry Hill in order to get some nice scenic shots for my Instagram! We are doing it for the gram people! And also taking some time for some much needed bougieness! I don't know about you....but I wasn't born to struggle...only to ball!!

Image Credits: Google Images

I'm planning to spend the afternoon at Strawberry Hill. I will let you know when I get to get there there...on the Tuesday...when I return. Strawberry Hill is about a 45 minute drive from Papine. I might be exaggerating so I'll let you know when I get there. I'll be documenting the journey. Yes people...after all the quietude...there's a moment of excitement! I'm taking pictures here for Instagram...and having a drink...they are a bit I'll save my money for CFW later that day. Between the two locations...I'm heading home to change for Caribbean Fashion Week...and have lunch/dinner.

The show starts at 8 45 pm...but I'll be there early in order to get some pictures for the blog and Instagram. Fashion Week this year will be at Villa Ronai which is also in the hills, so I thought it would be nice to learn about their spa facilities and share with you wonderful folks.

So that's what I'm up to this week. Just living life...peace then...hype! I'll be out this Sunday!

Have a great week!!

** Dr T**

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