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Beautifully Organized: Making The Most of Change

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Food On A Dime
Cheese Bread and Tortilla Chip Fiesta

Welcome back to the blog!!

A great sage once stated that the only thing that is constant in this change. In my morning meditations I've been focusing on the theme: "Change is Possible". After a few months of relaxation, things are starting to pick up again. Are you ready? Hopefully you had lots of rest in the quarantine, because the world is getting ready to restore its operations. Here are a few things that you can look forward to, as life normalizes.

1) Travelling: Many international borders were closed for several weeks during the quarantine. About a week ago...I started hearing planes flying over the house once again. I've been travelling for my whole I really enjoying seeing new places and enjoying new cultures. After peace and quiet for what felt like months...the sounds of planes were those that I was quite excited to hear. Part of the purpose of living is to see and explore. The world itself is full of places to see and explore. Grand adventures are worth taking. Essentially, normal life is what the great sages will tell you is needed for your baseline existence. Your job is not your's what happens outside of of that sphere that you'll be able to benefit from. Even if you just go to the other side of your state to a national monument, or climbed a'll start to appreciate your environment for being more than just home.

2) Social gatherings: Social distancing placed us in a situation where we're afraid to hug or touch people. For good reason of course....yet fortunately...the truth of the matter is that the majority of people in the world...don't have COVID-19. With resocializing in place, don't be afraid to visit a friend or even have a barbeque. As people...we are social in nature and as much as we're not friends with everyone...we're friends with enough people that we miss the moments when we can't be around people in a manner that we are used to. Movies, birthday parties, weddings...are things that we all miss. The moment at which we can one that I personally look forward to. If you can organize a gathering when its safe. You can allow yourself to organize for events like Christmas...if you don't feel like you're ready to open your home during the summer season. If you're used to having grand occasions, you can do something like have a micro gathering with your five to ten closest friends. Instead of grand splashes...I feel like the quarantine taught us how to determine what's important.


Food On A Dime
Cheese and Tortilla Dip Fiesta

3) By have had plenty of time to declutter, look at your life and identify the areas that you can improve. When it comes to your health...that is your true wealth in life. Eating better not only boosts your immunity, but it also enables you to have more vitality as you power through your day. Snacking, is something that I found myself doing for the past few months. With work outs scheduled across the week, you can allow yourself to have one day...where you have something that you absolutely love. For Tandy's Kitchen this week let's make a healthy Cheese Danish and Tortilla Snack platter. This is about 80% healthy, so you can snack guilt free. For this platter you will need:

1) Something sweet and savory. For this, I went in with some peanuts and some raisins. This is a nice and healthy alternative. If you're allergic to peanuts, you can have an alternative like caramel popcorn with the raisins. It'll give an intended desired effect. You just want something that crunches to be honest! Get creative.

2) Tortilla Chips: I've always found these to be healthy...but one of my local brands decided to have a new line where the tortilla chips are now made with Chia and Flaxseed. I jumped on them...and to be honest, they look pretty, despite the fact that they are actually healthy for you. If you place them in a decorative bowl like I've done'll notice that they give a nice touch and aesthetic as you're entertaining. With the quarantine, I've been making these weekly, to ensure that I'm keeping life special. With friends and family, you're in a good position to treat those you love with something absolutely beautiful.

3) Yogurt: Yogurt makes a really nice dip. This snack is sweet and savory in nature, and I found that dipping the salty tortilla chips into the yogurt (greek works as well) actually created a really nice flavor. Yogurt is a healthier alternative to items like cheese if you're calorie watching. You get the experience of dipping, without the extra calorie intake.

4) Cheese Danish: If you feel like baking, these are great and last a long time. I picked up mine from the bakery for about $1,00.


You can place the items on one large platter, or you can take the time to actually place the snacks in some small bowls like I've done above. Arrange carefully, and add your favorite drink. For this display, for the summer vibe, I included a strawberry drink. You can make this in a large dispenser and have some small glasses available for persons to be able to utilize.

All in all, you'll be able to facilitate your re-socialization. With the quarantine lifting, it's a good idea to ensure that you're enjoying your life. Do what makes you happy!! Live well! Eat well!!

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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