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Stress-Free Living: Productivity Tips for Busy Professionals

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Life is good...and all is well. As the continuum of change known as life progresses, I'm actually able to adapt to my new normal and embrace the new season of my existence. As order is restored to my life, there are a few practices that I've adhered to over the past year that have sustained my stability and progression. We are truly the sum total of our habits. As the new week begins, it's always a good idea to reflect on the week that went before, and identify how you'll allow the week ahead to be a better one.

Habit #1: Start the Day With a Clean Kitchen

My cleaning schedule has changed, and I'm currently at the point where I'm cleaning on Wednesday evening, and on Saturdays. My Wednesday cleaning schedule is a mid-week refresh of the house, while my Saturday cleaning routine is more of a deep clean. One of the most satisfying things that I've found is clearing up my kitchen every evening. The process actually takes me about twenty minutes and I do the action items below:

a) Wash all the dishes. I usually clean up after every meal, and dinner is the final meal of the day. I take extra care during the evenings to ensure that the counters are refreshed.

b) Wipe the counters. While I wipe the counters across the day, during the evening I take the time to spray the counters with counter spray and have the place sparkling. There's something satisfying about the final steps of spraying the counter, wiping it down, and having the kitchen be clean and fresh for the next day. While I'm getting ready for work, everything that I need will be in its place and I won't have to be wondering where everything is. Order is key to a happy life, and the kitchen is the space that is the heart of every home.

Habit #2: Plan Your Clothing

During the morning, there are many decisions to be made as you are getting ready for the day. This is the case even if you are currently working from home. The one thing that we all must do in the morning is put ourselves together. How you present yourself is an indication of how you feel about yourself. For my days that I'm home I usually wear maxi dresses or leggings and a top. Although I once lived the t-shirt and shorts life, I find that as I mature, I think it's more appropriate for me to be chic even if I'm at home. I am currently working on organizing my closet, and as I do this...I take the time to look at the items that I have. I clearly highlight what I'll wear on each day, and ensure that they are washed and ready for the specific day that I will wear it. My laundry days are Monday and Thursday and I ensure that I'm sticking to my schedule.

Habit#3: Pack Your Lunch

One of the most unsettling parts of the work day, is the point at which you realize that you are hungry, and yet don't have food on hand at your desk. You'll have to leave your office, drive to the nearest restaurant, wait in line, and then order. If time permits, you will then eat at the restaurant, and then return to your desk to continue with the rest of your day.

During the pandemic, or during instances where you are on a budget, eating out will not always be an economic option. Preparedness for lunch time, is one of the ways that I've found to have a comfortable day at the office.

To the left is a picture of the items that I have as the day progresses. During my morning routine I have breakfast, or I pack my breakfast, get to work at 7 30 am and then make my coffee or hot chocolate, and have breakfast at my desk. While I'm sipping my chocolate, I'll listen to something motivational, and prime myself for the day ahead.

I do my best to stay hydrated, and usually have at my desk a box of juice. Cherry juice is my favorite juice, and I ensure that I buy enough for the work week. I also will have on hand some peanuts and my favorite crackers. With breakfast and my midday snack covered, I can actually have a relaxing lunch.

During Covid, our office closes at 4 pm, so I'm able to reach home by 5 pm and have dinner. By keeping food on hand, I'm able to stay safe, even if I'm going to work. Additionally, from a budget perspective, the cost of one take out meal, is equivalent to the cost of all three of my meals for the week. In time, you learn where to put your money so that it will serve you well.

Habit #4: Meal Prep

The meal prep is now serving me greatly. As someone who loves the stress free existence, one of the things that I've actually learned to appreciate is the meal prep. Knowing what meal will be next, takes the stress out of cooking. Last week I'd indicated that I'm on my Sunday dinner challenge, and in order to ensure that Sunday dinner is ready, I'll meal prep the week before and on Tuesday, I go to the supermarket. Tuesday is the best day that I've personally found to go to the supermarket. It's a relatively empty day, and most people would have shopped the weekend before, and the supermarket will have restocked the shelves on Monday. You'll then get access to fresh food, and on the weekends you will actually have time to do fun things, or enjoy your home.

Habit #5: Journal

Journalling is one of the best ways that I've found to live a happy and peaceful life. I actually journal in the morning, and allow my life to be created by me. I currently do have a five year plan, and as I journal each morning, I find my mind actually pointing me in the direction of where I feel I want to go. The current reality is the result of something that I was dreaming about a year ago, and as a result it actually is helpful to keep defining how my life will unfold.

The current pandemic has taught us to slow down and be more mindful. I enjoy the process of flowing through life, instead of having to rush through life.

Enjoy the week ahead. I love you for reading! Feel free to share with anyone who'll appreciate this! We are all healing in our own way.


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