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Stress-Free Living: Quarantine Gardening

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to the blog,

Life is good , and all is well with me! Hopefully things are going well in your personal Universe. I'm at the point where inspiration flows and I am grateful. I woke up this week with the intention to be in the garden, and as I was out by the fruit trees, I realized that our bird of paradise plant was actually flowering. I actually love these plants, and they create really high end looks. If you've ever spent time in a tropical hotel, these flowers are actually always there, infused with greenery like palm leaves and ferns, so I decided to create my own arrangements.

Knowing that we are all busy with life, I like to do what are known as ten minute arrangements. We discussed last time, that from an efficiency perspective, the less time it takes to do something, is the more inclined we're going to want to do it. This is the reason that I do my twenty minute workouts, and I do my ten minute arrangements. By utilizing what you have in your own garden, you can add personal touches that will enable you to enjoy the time you have at home.

For this ten minute floral arrangement you will need:

1) Garden Shears

2) A vase of choice. If you choose a clear vase, you can incorporate any flowers and greenery that you have on hand.

3) A flowering plant of your choice. I assure you...that any one will do. I don't really buy plants except poinsettias at Christmas time, and the rest of the time, I just utilize what's in my garden. For this arrangement I just happened to have some bird of paradise on hand. When this flower is not in bloom, I can just cut sprigs of bouganvillea, coffee rose or hibiscus. If there are no flowering plants available, you can just cut leaves of plants like ferns that are all green, or plants that have leaves with differing colours.

4) Greenery to add dimension to the vase. You want to add height to the vase, so I tend to utilize leaves like palm leaves to do this.

5) Water

I've been making floral arrangements forever and a day. Chips don't fall from their blocks, so before you think that I just woke up one day and decided to do this...I inherited the gardening gene. One of our grandmothers was the type to walk around with gardening shears in her handbag and a little plastic bag to house her loot. You'll know where I'm going with this.,,smile. Wherever we went, we'd actually eventually return home with some plants for the garden. One of my chores as a child, was watering plants...and that eventually evolved into gardening today. Whenever holidays arise, I create my floral arrangements for the powder room and the dining table, but of late since 2020...where practically every day feels like a holiday day at home...I've decided to get into my arrangements on a fortnightly basis. You just do what you can. A beautiful space calms the mind, and there are lots of things that you can do to ensure that you are maintaining your home.


While being outside can be calming to the mind, I really like to venture out into the wider community. I started doing this when the quarantine was implemented, as a way to ensure that I was seeing new things on a weekly basis. As humans, we are social beings, and I wanted to be able to allow myself to stay active. I haven't gone on a proper walk for about two months, and was doing yoga instead.

This week I've decided to resume my walks in nature, and have purchased a new pair of sneakers as part of the inspiration to go walking once more. Admittedly, I've been on the hunt for a pair of sneakers for two months and would literally go to places like Payless Shoe Source in Jamaica, to find a pair of sneakers that I thought would be suitable for my exercise routine.

I don't know if it's just me, but the Payless stores here, don't live up to their name and I decided to not buy the shoes. The price to quality ratio just didn't match, and if you have shopped around long enough like I'll know exactly what I'm talking about! I went on a hunt, in differing stores across the weeks with the intention of finding my sneakers and was able to find them at KIX. This is a new store that has opened on the Tropical Plaza. I like their shoes, and they are at an affordable price that will enable me to actually do things like purchase a pair of sneakers per month. I'm currently here having visions of getting a neon yellow pair of sneakers to add to my work out collection in April. When I saw these...they gave me life!!

Self care is important, and the body is the only place that we really live. Movement keeps us motivated in life, and having the right work out gear is important to ensuring that we are at the top of our peak performance. Knowing that you are the one who feels all our wellness and aches and pains, it's important to keep our bodies at peak.

All in was a great week! Progress is definitely being made!! I still have a few projects in the works for 2021 so I am just staying focused! As per usual, for the upcoming week:

1) Set your intention for week. I typically do this on the Sunday of the week that I'm going to be working in. At the start of March, you'd have already highlighted what your plans would be for the month. Now all you have to dissect the tasks into bite sized chunks that you accomplish across the weeks.

2) Do what you said you will do. Easier said than done...but I assure you...that through discipline you will get things done...and you will feel accomplished and inspired to get more things done!

I love you for reading!! Have a good week ahead!!


**Dr T**

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