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Happy Monday,

As I settle back into my blog's's theme is a mundane, but critical topic - organization. As the work/study week unfolds, I wanted to expand on a system that's currently working for myself and my students. As someone who's experienced the lack of organization...I am currently thriving on it. Once you find yourself in a nice routine that helps to ensure that your target objectives are being'll be calmer, at peace...and more focused. This is the state that I'm currently in. In my last video, I discussed the concept of the Rhythm Table, which essentially accounts for all activities across a week.

I am currently using this system in order to ensure that my study objectives and application objectives are being met in the appropriate time frame. Interestingly...the weekend was a little awkward because my land lady has guests from New Jersey. They leave this morning. I couldn't quite free flow as I wanted to...and I'm currently not in the mood to entertain as the intensity ramps up with school and studies. With work four days per week...once the weekend approaches...I become very protective of the free time that I have. I'm sure...we all can relate especially if there's something important that we're working on. Time accountability is a skill that is developed over time. I'm respectful...but guard my responsibilities for the days ahead.

For your benefit, The Rhythm Table is linked. On the second sheet, I have an application template that I've also utilized in order for life to flow seamlessly. With mid-semesters typically at week six, now is the time that students need to ensure that they are settled and organized in the weeks to come. From my perspective, I have the dual responsibility of ensuring that I'm simultaneously teaching, studying, and working on my own personal projects.

I'm also currently purging myself from the inside out. With respect to my current books, I've started listening to audiobooks once again. This year...on a daily basis, I'm listening to the audiobook The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. You can find the audio easily on YouTube. In the past few weeks, we've been discussing the concept of visualizing your desires first, and then taking action. Since I've made the decision to start a business, and become financially free across the next few months...the book is helping to solidify in my mind what my vision that I can take the steps to accomplish the mission without any thoughts of fear, doubt, worry and external opinions to hinder me.

We really can have what we want...and this is something that I've been meditating on for the three weeks that I've been independent.

I hope you found these useful! Here's to a productive week!!! Be creative...and find what inspires you!!


**Dr T**

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