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Happy Sunday!!!

Today is our dream day...but when I was coming home on Friday...I was reminded that Carnival activities are still in progress. We'll do the dream segment tomorrow:) I'll finally tell that Audi TT story. Here's today's theme song: Patrice Roberts "Old and Grey". Not an ounce of shame! Twerk in your chair if you must:) On my dream plan is to reach Rio de Janeiro Carnival before my children are born. Either that or carry them with me while they're babies...but the point is to reach at some point in my lifetime. Trying to live that no excuses life. I've been to Sao Paulo (will talk about that one was for work) and in that process made friends with some colleagues in Brazil. I was invited back for Rio I think I should at least try to fulfill that promise. Certain experiences are worth taking the time to do.

If you remember that song about sunscreen...the first line states "Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth!!!" As certain things unfold behind the scenes...I've decided that that's the path that I intended to take. I am working to LIVE!!! Life is good and all is well.

Just having a chill day today!!! I tend to come alive on a Sunday!!! Carnival Vibes have me. Just here listening to music and enjoying my day.


**Dr T**

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