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Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day

Image Credits: Mind Over Batter

Happy Tuesday!!

As the work week resumes...I'm really starting to have those pangs of wanting to stay home...and sleep. What I really to earn money while I sleep. I cannot wait...I am working on that:) For some strange reason...I didn't sleep well yesterday...and can't figure out why. Probably anxiety...but I honestly don't know the root cause. I just have to progress regardless. It's quite the journey once the work week begins. This morning...I literally had to affirm myself out of bed. I've started Tony Robbins breathing routine...and saying things to myself like "Today is a great day for me to have a great day!" or " I love my life...I am happy." I do this for half an hour and then begin the process of organizing my day and getting ready for what's to come...according to yesterday's Rhythm Table.

I'm still listening to the audiobook The Science of Getting Rich...and what resonates with me is the part where the narrator says that you must be grateful even if you're in the job you don't want...because it's taking you to the destination that you desire. Being mindful like this...makes the process of taking action easier...and I'm generally more mellow once I am with my students. It's hard to stay motivated long term...but you just do what you have to do. a food day!!! As a foodie...over the past week I've been craving strawberries of all things...and started sourcing as many strawberry flavored things as I could find. I literally have been drinking strawberry Tang and eating strawberry based cereal since last Thursday when I had my supermarket run.

As Valentine's Day approaches...I thought it would be a good idea for me to highlight a strawberry inspired dessert as a potential idea. Inspired by Mind Over Batter's parfait above the following are what you'll need for a simple and quick dessert, if you do decide to cook for your boo this Valentine's Day. You will need:

Two small glasses (the size that hold brandy or smaller)

One pack of strawberries

Whipped Cream (chilled)

Mint/White chocolate (now's the perfect time for Divine Chocolate!)

Cashews or your favorite nuts (optional)

The image above is my inspiration, but I've made a few modifications via the addition of mint/white chocolate and the cashews/nuts.

1) Using a grater, create either mint/white chocolate shavings. Set these aside for your topping.

2) If you're opting for the cashews or your favorite types of nuts (pistachios are also good), use a small chopping knife and cut about a handful for your topping.

3) Cut your strawberries into slices as highlighted in the image above.

4) In your small glasses, start layering your strawberries, and whipped cream. Be as creative as you'd like.

5) Sprinkle your chocolates and nuts on the top.

6) Chill in the fridge until you're ready to consume.

I hope you will enjoy! Happy Creating!!!


**Dr T**

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