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Take a Little Time for Fun Part Two: Feminine Justice - A Basil Dawkin's PRO-duction

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"All That Glitters In Beverly not Gold!" - Tandose M.

Happy Day!!!

Welcome back to the blog!!! Before we begin...let's say the quote that yours truly came up with for this Friday's blog article: "All that Glitters In Beverly Hills...Is not Gold!". If you google'd discover...that once upon a time...I used to write poetry. I had to laugh...when I remembered this!! Pardon the absence of the Friday blog!! I am publishing this on a Saturday morning...after a night out!! Being at home for the week...has its inherent "champagne problems" and blessings! I was running a few things behind the scenes as a few workmen were at the house. I had to hold down the fort while all of this was going on!!!

So with the survived...the Friday night was where all the fun happened!! As I'd mentioned once before...yours truly is a theatre baby...and I love drama on TV...but not in real life. In real life...I like a more stable...predictable flow. This makes for a happier, family life. With that said...let's jump into the fun stuff!! As a disclaimer...this article isn't directed to any one...I just happened to watch a play about this...and found it an interesting topic to share with us all!! Both men and women...end up in situations where they shouldn't be...and how we manage the situations is what matters in life. Suspend reality...and let's jump into the play!!!

I was happy to have been invited to a play called Feminine Justice by my mum. Since my audience is international...I'm trying to make the quality of the work relatable!! In the USA...there's Tyler Perry. In Jamaica...our the great Basil Dawkins!!! Anything he writes...I watch...and am always in awe!!! The very real...and I love it!!! You feel an entire range of emotions!!

To set the mood...let's go to the image above...from Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman. You may remember the opening scene... where Helen was at an award dinner with her husband Charles McArthur. Charles was a prominent lawyer, and Helen was his sophisticated housewife. If this plays out well in real's not a bad existence...but let's repeat: "All that glitters in Beverly not Gold!". ( need to have your own coint!!) We remember how they smiled together in the public eye...but the second they reached back to the mansion (I want one like the one they lived in)...we all know what went down. The horror and the shock indeed!!! Charles told her to get out of his that he could go handle his business Clutch every pearl on your necklace...part one!!

With the mood set...let's fast forward to the Little Theatre. Our main character is a doctor herself, and also happens to be the wife of a doctor. They live in an upscale section of Kingston, up in the hills somewhere in a beautiful mansion. When you see madame appear on the scene, she is well dressed and well groomed in what could easily be a nice pair of Louboutin heels, a nice pencil skirt, a chic and flowing loose fitting top, and her hair nicely done in a bun. Her bag of choice could easily be a Birkin and her car could well be a Mercedes GLC coupe. They got money!! She walks onto the scene into her home, beckons to Matilda to make her some coffee before dinner, and finds her husband, a well known psychologist on the island and finds him on the phone. As if by cue, and not even a hello:

Madame: "Is that her?"

Hubby: I thought I told you...not to eavesdrop on my phone call. I own this house...I can do what I want.

And the scene continues!!! It gets a little dramatic...and as mentioned...this is all in good fun...and not meant to poke fun at any one or anything...just enjoy it!!! The husband was literally like the rebirth of the Jamaican Charles McArthur. The scene ends...with the two of them having an argument...and as the play discover that the husband actually repeatedly beats her. Clutch every pearl on your necklace part two!! She covers it up with shades and make up, and goes to work like nothing happened that next day!! One day he begins his "process", when her gardener comes in and stops the activity after hearing her in pain. In the play the gardener becomes her "guardian angel" and helps her to forgive and heal herself!

The husband leaves the house claiming to go on an appointment...and ends up in a "Near Fatal" accident on the way!! It is during his healing process...that he encounters God...and ends up repenting for his actions after facing himself and empathizing with his wife, and other people in his life. I don't want to spoil the scenes by expanding too much...but that's the essential gist of the show!!

Art imitates life...and every now and's always important to reflect on what's really good in your own life. Yours truly will watch movies like this...and then return to reality and just give thanks for a quiet life!! The reality is that things like this happen every day...we just don't know! Just because you see someone smiling up in your screen...doesn't mean that they have a perfect life behind the scenes!!!

For this reason, I've cut back on watching celebrities excessively (though I'm currently inspired by J Lo. I want my body to be as fit as hers...when I'm 50 and beyond! She's an inspiration!) but I am not inundated. Don't put anyone on a pedestal, because it devalues you!! In terms of my experiences, I'm aware that self love is very important, so every day, I practice self care and affirm my worth and value!! In the world...not every one was raised in a squeaky clean setting. Be careful in reality...and apply self love to the decisions that you make!!!




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