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Take Time For a Little FUN!!!

"Let's drink to a little...FREEDOM!!" - Tandy

Welcome back to the blog!!!

Yours truly is taking the time to resume my posting on all my social media matter how ratchet it may seem at the time. Sharing is caring...and I actually love the experience of making life more fun for myself...and hopefully healing someone's day with my words and videos. I feel like for the month of September I paused life for a bit, and it was warranted. I'm actually at "heal" before I start the next phase of my journey.

Regardless of age, we need a moment to re-align with ourselves before we start the next phase of our journey. This is warranted before we start a new relationship, new job, new transition. Empty the things that hurt you, so that you can be the perfect candidate for the love of your life, or for your new colleagues. We can't carry the same version of ourselves into a new situation. I won't exactly be dramatic and say that I was "traumatized" by the experience I had in May Pen, but some aspects of it were overwhelming to my mind, body and spirit. In life, there's a power struggle, and you want to ensure that you are in a position where you are the one in control of your environment.

While at home, I'm simply allowing myself to release that experience. I understand mind (thanks to all those books...and Infinite Waters among other things), so I am in that phase of release before the change. A part of me is still living the old routine, even though I left my flat about three days ago. Essentially, growing up as a liberal, I ended up in an environment where I was always being watched, so eventually I started feeling like I had to be walking on eggshells because someone would complain if a drop of water was left on the My being was I'm reminding her she's now free to expand. There's none of that restriction at I'm realigning with the fact...that I'm FREE:) If you ever heard that analogy of the shark in the fish tank, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about.

One of the things I'm taking the time to do is to resume my work outs. I feel exhausted since I spent the past few days working on cleaning the flat, moving out, and then moving into my new space. The act of moving into my space was an involved activity, because I always have a routine where I clean a space before I utilize it, just so I can put my own personal touches on it and feel settled in. On Monday, as promised, I went through the process of:

a) Cleaning my room: I did a detailed Spend The Day with me on the ForeverLuxury Instagram page: @foreverluxury19, so feel free to check that out if you want the step my step outline of how that experience went. I reached in, circa 9 30 pm on the Sunday night, so I had to take the time to organize all my belongings once I'd reached into the house. I am here for the week, and leaving my main suitcase, which I'm keeping packed for a reason, and just carrying the essentials with me to my apartment when I get there. I'm there for a month, so I am carrying the essentials with me.

b) Cleaned the balcony: I do spend time on the balcony. I love being outdoors, so on those days when I'm not in a position to be out on the lawn, I take the time to actually spend about an hour on the balcony. I like being undisturbed, and for the life of me, my neighbor is actually having his trees trimmed of all in the days there are workmen cutting I am aiming to be out 5 am with my blanket just to revel in the peace.

c) Mowed the lawn: It's raining a lot since it's September, and the grass did yes, I did tackle the front lawn. From that experience, at the end of the day...since Monday...I've been tired and it's now Wednesday.

With that said...I've started eating better and exercising in order to restore my energy. As a recharging battery, I'm finding it important to protect my energy and just allow myself to restore. I'm not planning to live on coffee forever, so I'm weaning myself off the drink (after and simply allowing myself to return into my green smoothie routine.

While I'm working on me....lots of exciting things were happening behind the scenes. Taking time for a little FUN...I did take the time to catch up on entertainment news. I'm sure I'm not the only millennial who felt "healed" when B2K reunited earlier this year. Lol. I literally just found out...a few months after the Millennium Tour started up. When I tell you I was raised a music junkie, I kid you not. I learned to be an entrepreneur, because I wanted to buy CD's of all things...and couldn't wait till my birthday to get them. I was literally that child with the mantra: "Will wash cars...for CD's"

Yours truly had an accounting book with all the car washings...and at the end of the month...I would collect my that I could buy music!! Fortunately, I was supplied with magazines like Teen Beat, Tiger Beat, YM every month (thank you parents) so had the walls stocked with posters of everyone under the sun...BSB, NSync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, B2K among others.

B2K was the only set in the bunch, that I was actually able to see in concert. I saw them on the Scream II tour at their Raleigh, NC segment of the tour!! God was good...because I got the last VIP front row ticket!!! Highlight of my 19 year old existence!! I had practically everything of theirs...every album, their books, movies you can imagine the distraught-ness (yes...that's a word on the blog) when they came on 106 and Park and announced they were disbanding. I don't remember if I wept or not...but I did shed the lone tear when they announced their reunion this year...lolololol. It felt surreal:)

It's good to see them together. Who was your favorite? I knew all their birthdays, and Yours truly was Omarion's number one fan in my mind!!! He could do no wrong. As they've grown, it's nice to see that they're settled, some are fathers and family men, so it's just a natural progression for us all. Regardless of what we the end of the is what counts!!!

I'm restoring gentle folks...keep me in your thoughts. I still feel like I'm carrying a load that I need to I figure that by tomorrow I'll be fine!! I'm actually...going to take a nap after I write this...because I can do this now:)


**Dr T**

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