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Taking It Easy: Palm Cottage Review

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Hi Guys,

Happy Saturday. Today is a day I've started taking it easy. We'll soon get back to the cover I had a slight diversion this morning. I don't normally go to the supermarket on a Saturday...but based on how my week was just happened to be the day. I usually prefer to spend the three days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday to catch up on a few of my personal projects and school applications. With the active days during the week, once Saturday arrives...I'm on go slow. This morning...I went on a supermarket run so I thought I'd start off with that first...since the $100 find was discovered I went a little over...but it's worth it. Every week...I'll highlight the discovery!

In this week's shopping basket...the $100 a product called Nutrify by the Lasco Foods brand based in Jamaica. Over the past few months, I've been on a weight gain journey. When I was at home...weight restoration was simply an increase in calorific intake (all the chicken, pork, yam , banana and dumpling I could eat thanks to Shirnette) but now I'm more independent and my lifestyle is a little more active...I've started adding supplements to my daily routine. Lasco has a variety of soy and milk based food supplements, and this week, I happened to be at the campus outlet of Hi-Lo supermarkets. I was on the hunt for cereal for the week...when I noticed that there was a new product on the shelves called Nutrify. Essentially, it's similar to a protein powder or products like Ensure, and can act either as a meal replacement or addition to a meal. Nutrify is a powder, so to simply add water as the image is illustrating. I generally tend to favor Vanilla or Malt flavored powders. They are more consistent across brands...while chocolate flavors vary. With powders...even though they have their formulas...I tend to use more than outlined in the recipe...because I like the additional sweetness. One pack of the Nutrify supplement is one serving of the drink. The packet is about half the serving of the regular Lasco milk powder. I use Nutrify about twice a week now, as a meal substitute. Retailing at just about JA$123.00 or US $0.90 cents for's a great bargain for a healthy nutritious drink, especially if you're in the market for improving your health, without too much hassle. It's also perfect for lunch time...when you don't have much time to eat...if you're on the go. You just drink one shake and you'll be nourished and energized for the rest of the afternoon, until dinner time.

In terms of today's vacation follow up...I decided to research the Palm Cottage option in the list that I had generated this year. I'm really liking feeling the vibe of this one. Mango Ridge was featured last Monday...and it has a more rustic feel if you recall. Typically places in the hills tend to want to blend into the surroundings, and are more natural in construction. The eco-tourism movement is alive and well. Mango Ridge has that with the Earth feel. This is where you'd go to have your meditation retreat. Feel free to go back into the articles to find that review. Palm Cottage has a more youthful and modern vibe...and is closer to the sea. The vibe here is more...weekend away from work without breaking the bank. Both cottages have the same price per night...averaging just about US $45.00 per night. I haven't factored other fees in yet...just looking at the surface per night cost. The ratings for the two places is similar. The Airbnb link can be found here.

Palm Cottage appears to be modern yet relaxing. Reading the reviews on Airbnb confirms this I'm sure being there will be a comfortable experience. The living area alone feels like you'd just want to cuddle on the sofa and watch tv in there. Being'll be driving distance away from the beaches of Port Antonio, as well as to the Marina, and Navy Island. I'll do an investigation of Navy Island when I can...and update you guys.

Port Antonio's Marina is one of my favorite relaxing places in the town. In terms of the general area of's a mixture of local residential areas, celebrity homes (Naomi Campbell has a home there that she featured on MTV Cribs), hotels, cottages and factories. At the port, persons normally dock their yachts. Additionally, with small food shops and really nice restaurants there, it's the ideal place to relax on a Sunday (or any) afternoon with your family. In the port itself is a small island, which you can access by boat called Navy Island. We used to go there when we were younger. I think at some stage the island became private....but I'll confirm when I'm reviewing it. There's a hotel and restaurant on the island...and when we went...we'd spend the day or even a night there. It has a magical feel to it...that feeling of seclusion and serenity. You don't really think about what's happening in the rest of the world for the time you're there. It was a place...I never wanted to leave.

So yes...still here mulling...but thinking aloud. We're just about half way through the semester challenging myself to deliver. I hope you guys are having a great Saturday!!!


**Dr T**

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