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That AirBNB Life: My New Apartment

Happy Day,

I hope that the week finds you well! Yours truly is an engineer, and in control theory one of the key tenets that you learn, is that an airplane is off track 99% of the time. The reason it gets to its final destination is because it has a preset setpoint, and it keeps adjusting itself along the journey until it reaches the destination it was assigned to. I believe that all our lives have such a set point, and mine is by no means different. I view my visions daily and simply act out of the version of myself that I want to be.

In life, it is very important to have your own vision and goals. I'm going to tell you all a story of a colleague of mine. When I was a demonstrator (this job is a transitional job, so people come and go all the time) there are some persons who become comfortable with where they are, and others who decide to take the leap to make their lives better. You want to be in the latter position. While you're working on this contractual job, there's plenty of time in the three days of the week that you have off to do things like apply for jobs or pursue your applications for post graduate work. I worked on the latter activity, since I want to leave Jamaica permanently.

Yours truly chose to work for two full semesters while I sent applications, and also travelled. There was a colleague of mine however, who chose to leap in the first semester. How he did it what I wanted to stress you all when it comes to ensuring that you have your own goals and your dreams. Don't put people on a pedestal, and don't allow people to control you either. There are people in this world who have their own agendas for you. I experienced this when I was living in May Pen, and decided that I would leave in order to be in better control of my destiny. We all know the feelings that come when we're not in control of our lives, and its very important to ensure that regardless of how we feel, we act out of who we know we truly are. If you don't define yourself, the world will define you.

One of our colleagues...was the type who came to work and dominated everything that he did. He organized the student roster, organized the demonstrator Whatsapp group. spoke out for demonstrator rights in the weekly meetings ( I usually lead, but I had other things dealing with), and appeared to be the right hand man of the lead of the Chemistry labs. We all got the impression that he was aligning himself in order to become the next supervisor or even join the postgrad group as a researcher.

Lo and behold, in the middle of the semester at the end of one of the labs, he came up to me and said: "Well, was nice working with you!! Today is my last day on the job!!" He got a job in industry and decided that he was going to make his exit from the department. His vision...even though he had this appearance of wanting to stay in the department was otherwise. I believe we all have desires that are bigger than our current conditions, and the key to life is ensuring that we are true to ourselves. When I saw this, yours truly set in my brain...that when it comes to life...people will come and go. It will be important not to get too attached, because you really don't know the vision that people have for their lives and if you don't have your own visions, time will pass and you won't have accomplished anything.

As a goal-oriented person, yours truly sets targets and moves to those targets on a daily basis. I did set the intention to leave May Pen and find my own place...and I have started taking the leaps to do exactly that. It is not happening in a perfect straight line...but with each iteration it gets better. As of two weeks ago, I have had my own place. As mentioned, at a certain stage of life, the only person you want to live with as a your husband and your children. I moved twice in the past three weeks by the way, hence my disappearance from social media for a while. The first move was home, so that I didn't have to spend extra time in May Pen, and the second time was to Spanish Town, where I've been restablishing my bearings. I was living in a community called Ensom Acres, and while it was affordable, there was no hot water, and also discovered that the washing machine didn't work. I hand washed clothes for a week, and knowing that it wasn't my standard, I ended that lease and moved to my current location. Here, all things in the unit are working.

As you can see from the above, the move to the new location was definitely warranted and I'm in a better position to feel comfortable. live to a standard that I'm used, and have all the amenities that I want. Interestingly, this place feels exactly like the place that I had when I was in industry. Very modern in some instances, and chabby chic in other instances.

The interesting thing is that I'd only seen the images of the place before I got here, but it felt...RIGHT. When I stepped through the doors yesterday, what I found was that the layout was exactly like my former place in New Harbour Village. Here are the startling similarities between my previous vision, and the current place.

1) The living room sofa is a sofa bed. You can see the full details on my Instagram. When I moved to my own parents had given me a sofa bed that used to be on our front verandah. I felt this instant...feeling of deja vu when I stepped in.

2) The dining table was one of those glass topped dining tables. It is square as you'll see in the image above. Yours truly...had a round, glass topped table with four chair. The only difference is my dining set was gold.

3) The fridge in the apartment is exactly like the fridge in my Cleveland apartment. That part of it also got to me...and I said to myself. " I feel like life is telling me...things are about to change!!"

Being here...feels so good!!! The only difference here is the bedroom, but it was actually very fitting with the style, and something that I would have purchased if I'd gotten around to actually finishing off my house. Because I was moving to Cleveland, I practically left all my accumulated furniture in my parents house (they auctioned it off for me...thankfully) and I ended up in a new place.

As I'm in this new place, what I'm ensuring is that I'm resetting myself. You are intelligent and know yourself better than you think. I'm here telling myself that this is change is a sign. I really love the new environment. I feel happier, more fulfilled and generally more FREE, independent and like a whole woman again. I don't have to answer to anyone...and simply just do what I please in an atmosphere that is carefree, safe and beautiful. For persons interested in accessing temporary housing, AirBNB is a great alternative. What I find, is that if you need somewhere for about a month, the cost comparison to a hotels/motel/hostel cost is really affordable. For persons attending conferences as can use this option, and use the opportunity cost to go on tours.

For my time window, I am spending only $150.00, but it is worth every penny. I do have long term apartment visions, but the point of leaving May Pen was to become more independent, so I opted to stay in an AirBNB instead of staying at a hotel. There's only so long you can stay at home without people becoming uncomfortable. What I really want will manifest in a few months, and I didn't want to put myself in a position where I was tied down with long term contracts.

In terms of the decor, I'm loving every aspect of it. Feel free to check out my Instagram page for a mini-tour.

I love you for reading!! LIVE YOUR DREAMS!!


**Dr T**

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