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That Luxe Life: Simple Pleasures and Finally Relaxing

"Each one of us needs to find that special person or thing that provides the necessary moments for calm, for stress reduction, for motivation and for inspiration. Your time to find that special vehicle is now; you never know when you'll need a little bit of comfort and relaxation." - Catherine Pulsifer, Yanni at the Acropolis

With just about ten weeks to go till life ramps us...yours truly has really started finding ways to luxuriate. When I start the day in the mornings...I've started listening to really relaxing and inspirational music. It helps to calm me down in the mornings. There is still a lot going on behind the scenes. Waiting...if you're not careful...can induce anxiety.The key I have to understand what's happening in your own mind...and ensure that you have the remedy to counter it. My music. After about half an hour of focusing on relaxing music...the world melts away...and my inner artist emerges.

I have no preference...I simply just enter my key words into you YouTube and I'm surprised daily by the output. This morning as I write this blog article, I am listening to one of RelaxDaily's tracks. It's during moments like this that you really go through the process of taking the time to stop and smell the roses. It's always important to find something to smile about.

Yesterday, in a bout of inspiration, I decided to make the above. I decided to bake some chicken after about two months of my usual one pot creations. Something within me...just decided it was time for a change. With the kitchen to myself, I'm finding my creativity starting to return to me. As I've started to put thought into my blog articles, and the pictures that I take for my readership for the sake of presentation, I have evolved into the realm of Instagram. My Instagram handle is @foreverluxury19, so feel free to join the family. You'll get a feel for my day to day flow. I'm really enjoying the process of giving to you all. It actually forces me to be a better version of myself. It is a truth that we help each other to become better.

In terms of yesterday's meal...the recipe is one that I created myself with what was in the kitchen. If you feel so inspired...feel free to create your own version. You will need:

1) Chicken - I happened to have legs and thighs...but any mixed parts will do.

2) Seasoning Mix- I used Italian season, Paprika, and Black Pepper (Feel free to use whatever combination you have...I was just free flowing)

3) Rice - I seasoned the rice with Lawry's seasoning salt and a little oil

I placed all the ingredients in a flat baking dish, and placed them all in the toaster-oven for one hour. The result was the above. I opened a tin of mixed vegetables and added to the mix. Additionally, I washed it down...with none other than...Pineapple Tang. That was my lunch for the day. Very elegant, no fuss and very nutritious. Taking the time to prepare my something that I'm enjoying as the year unfolds...we'll finally upgrade to that steak...circa Christmas. Hold me to it!


I'm mentioned in my house tour that because our gardener only works once per week now...I decided that I'd start picking up the slack over the weekends. I've been watering the existing plants...and the if on cue...started blooming two weeks after my handiwork. It was almost as if it was thanking me for the extra TLC. There hasn't been any rain for the past two weeks...and while I looks like we're in for some heavy rains to compensate for this deficit.

The bouganvillea is one of those hybrids...which blooms pink and orange flowers simultaneously, so it's really quite a sight to behold once the entire plant is irradiated by its blooms. One can't help but feel like it's summer. All being well...I should be able to run my errands tomorrow and really enjoy the day out. Fortunately...there's no pressure till I'm just here enjoying the relaxing days.

Exercise wise...I'm on my every other day flow. I am incorporating a little yoga into my routine as a I feel more liberated in my body. They say that your entire being is connected, so the trapped energy is released once you exercise...and all your left with is your pure you. I definitely feel this way after the hour.

I hope your days are going well. I can't explain it...but if you take the time to's a really good life!!


**Dr T**

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