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The Affordable Vacation: How to Take Advantage of The Timeshare Experience

“I hope your vacation gives you the pleasure you need so that you don’t have to think of any problems back at home.  Enjoy your vacation.”

When it comes to vacation planning, there are a series of options that one can take if you want the budget lifestyle. These include a staycation and even opting for a vacation via mediums such as AirBNB. If you have a larger budget, yet still want to carefully plan for and pay for your trip, a timeshare is the way to go.

Having personally experienced the Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa experience several times, I will honestly say that it satisfies the luxe life, but for less, in the sense that you divide and conquer your vacation expenses across a time frame. Large lump sum payments can take a toll, but evenly spread across a time frame often makes the experience less strenuous. When the time comes, you'll have completely paid off your vacation, and all you have to do is simply reach your destination and enjoy it.

Many timeshares are luxury sites that come equipped with the option for you to have access to their various amenities including:

1) Spas - If you're in need of a relaxing getaway with your spouse, you can take full advantage of the spas on location. Having already held the discussion about stress and what it does to the body, via massages and facials, you can gain access to a physical release.

2) Resort Pools and Bar - If you're in the mood to relax, then take advantage of the resort's pool and bar. Often stocked with all your drinks of choice like a mimosa, mojito and daquiri, you can allow yourself to simply unwind and release the world by the pool side. You can carry a book, and spend a few hours relaxing.

3) Evening Entertainment - From my experience, onsite entertainment is often very high class. With activities from magic shows, Casino Nights, to simulations of the Cirque de Soleil experience, you'll feel like you're in Las Vegas even though you're probably only about fifteen minutes away from your room. Large resorts are actually designed to have their entertainment activities be part of their all-inclusive packages. Being there alone in some respects, can be enough if you don't want to be too inundated with activity on your vacation.

4) Attraction Specials - After a few days, the resort experience can become mundane, so many timeshares have pre-packaged attractions with nearby entertainment centers. If you're in Orlando for instance, many resorts offer packages with places like Disney, Universal Studios , Busch Gardens and Sea World. At rates that are often lower than if you purchase them directly from the vendor, you can always take advantage of these experiences for your family.

Additionally, with timeshares, you can allow yourself to be "at home away from home". My Westgate Lakes experience was a mixture of both high end and low end activities. While for the most part, we spent our days in the theme parks and actually did hotel activities in the evening when we returned from our days of adventure, the morning was a quiet time. Up to about 9 am, we had our breakfast inside the hotel. Just about ten minutes from the hotel was a Walmart, so we stocked up on breakfast foods, and allowed ourselves to make our own breakfast in the suite's kitchen. Knowing that you're not restricted to only what's on offer at the hotel, you can practically customize your experience to suit your level of life, and your vacation needs.

For those of you wanting to plan a grand vacation, and are wondering how...consider a timeshare. You'll be able to do this without having to do things like take out a loan. By simply re-arranging your budget, probably cutting back on how much you eat out, in a year you'll be able to plan a dream vacation without having to do too much extra!

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