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The Beauty Cycle: Beautifully Organized Monthly Body Care Refresh

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Cashmere Fever Body Set

Product Source: Woolworth's, Jamaica (Price: JMD: $347.00 each)

"What the world needs a little self love and self care!!" - Tandose M.

Welcome back to the blog!!

As the queen of routines, yours truly has calculated to a T...the critical essentials that keep me feeling good across the month. Critical to my self care are the smell good essentials. I, Tandose M...have a high-low mix of pretty much everything in my closet and today, I wanted to highlight some of the body products that I'm using for the month of April.

On my Instagram account...I share the day to day experiences...and I'm taking the time to document the items on the blog...and where possible...I'll be able to link products that you may want to utilize in your own routine. Let's start this month...with the core body essentials...and then we'll elevate to the higher end pieces.

Body Care:

Cleanliness is next to godliness they say...and I do take this seriously. There's just something about that all over cleanliness...that gives you confidence as a woman. At this point in time...I've been taking the time to shower with an anti-bacterial bath soap. The household does have a bar soap I take my time and alternate between bar soaps and body washes. If I've just back from a work out...I'll use the bar soaps to give me that deep clean, then shower again with a body wash to add moisture to my routine. If I'm just home all day and working from home...I'll just utilize the body wash to give me that luxe feel. I find that as I utilize this body washes and lotions...last me a good month!! If I used body washes only...they'd literally only last me two weeks. Alternating...really makes things stretch! In the bath soap realm I am currently using a set by Lasco that has four different types of soaps. These include Antibacterial, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and another floral one. I will haul these items in the week to come!

On the medium end...if you're a fan of The Body Shop's Vanilla Chai body butter and set, you will absolutely love the Cashmere Fever Body set by Body Secrets...that I purchased for April. I bought this set at Christmas time when I wanted to test it, and found that generally I love vanilla as a baseline scent. In terms of scents that are too floral or overbearing...I tend not to go for those...but I find that Vanilla works wonders in terms of having just the right amount of sweet. I'm looking forward to using these in the new month...and just feeling like a queen...even if the only place I'm going for most to my laptop or the balcony.


Luxury Beauty On A Dime
Delicate Rose Body Splash

Product Source: Monarch Pharmacy - Kingston, Jamaica

If you're a millennial like me...before you even had your first proper bottle of had body splash. I don't even know where to begin...with this body splash story!! As a teenager...I had tonnes of these. All that car washing got me more CD's, more posters, more clothes, and more nail polish and body splashes. From early on...once men started appearing on my female radar...cute and smelling good had to be priority. Yours truly literally had a body splash in every bag. Because they're so's possible to stock up on a tonne of them...and have multiple purposes for your favorite scents.

While I personally love Victoria's Secret (Love Spell is my all time favorite!!)...sometimes they're not in my budget, and I started experimenting with Body Philosophy to get a similar effect for less. In terms of price to quality...this brand really is everything. I don't really notice a difference between them and Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works...for some scents...though I love the former to life!! What I do put Bath and Body Works on my gift list...and for the day to day...I utilize Body Philosophy. Either way...I still feel like a million bucks!! I have two suggestions for body splashes:

a) As a pick me up in your gym bag. There's always a gap...between when you leave the gym and when you arrive home. If you don't have time to shower between...and may want to do something like stop at the supermarket and pick up a few things...a quick spray of body splash will keep you covered. If you're in school and have PE...during the always helps to have these on hand to help you freshen up after a session of exercise.

b) As part of your work bag essentials: As a woman...there was a point where I started building kits of things. It all started when I walked into Tesco and discovered that you could get things like ibuprofen for just a few pence. I collected all my change...and would literally walk into Tesco once per week and pick up a stock and add to my collection. Before long...I had a medical kit that was stocked. Little things like this...are good for taking to work also. As a consultant, I am often client facing...and image is everything. In terms of grooming, I'd brush my teeth after lunch and reapply my gloss or lipstick. In those instances where I had meetings, I'd spray on some body splash and be good to go.

As an engineer...there were some days in the month where we had inventory. That activity involved climbing tanks and being out in the sun. After about midday, with inventory finished, we'd return to meetings. When I realized this flow...I actually would carry a change of clothes for post lunch when I had meetings. Once I'd changed...I would then spray on some body splash...just to ensure that I was fresh and clean for meetings after being out in the field.

In time you learn these little things!! That's the baseline update. When I have the haul completed...I'll update you. I'm currently planning to do a Spring 2020 get ready with me...and will give you a feel of all I'm up to in terms of body care and hair care!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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