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The Best Amazon Home Decor: Creating a Beautifully Organized Home You Love

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Creating a home you love is a labour of love. One of the things I've been taking the time to do, is enjoy my time at home. Home is truly where the heart is, and there are some touches that I've found that help to create an environment that is true to home. These include everything from waking up in the mornings and cutting flowers for the downstairs powder room, or making scrambled eggs and utilizing my own spinach from the garden to make it. For most of my blog articles, I've been sharing the things that I've been loving in my own home, but I thought now would be a good idea for me to share with you some items that I thought you'd enjoy in the creation of your own sanctuary. Some of the items that I have been utilizing are custom, and I realize that not everyone is a crafter. I browse the shops on a regular basis as you may know, and I've been spotting some interesting items that I thought I'd share with you in this home ware essentials guide.

Floral Bedding

With the current summer season upon us, there's just something about the light and the flowering plants and the chirping birds that makes you want to take the outdoors inside with you. I find that seasonally changing the bedding to suit the season helps to create that inner feeling of summer even if you're currently quarantined at home. Depending on your internal decor, you may want to invest in some floral bedding. With differing designs that match your decor, whether your home is more sophisticated or even farmhouse boutique chic, there are options that you can look into that match your home's aesthetic. If you feel like, you can find a colour infused baseline that you like. Instead of white for instance, you can invest in some sheets that are deep blue, with flowers on them, or even a really nice yellow to be reflective of the summer season. It's your world, you get to play with it. Just take the time to actually seek inspiration and you will find. Linked in the image above is a beautiful white floral sheet set from Amazon.

Office Chair

I love changing things around in my home. During the past week, I worked on my beauty space and started creating some space to house my more high end pieces. I actually took the time to craft a DIY giant Chanel bottle, to work with my perfume collection, and out of that activity, I just felt the need to start working on my bathroom. My colour scheme is actually pink and blue, and I've been incorporating elements of marble in the space in order to create some more elements of sophistication and also to add some contrast to the space.

If you have a vanity, one of the things that you can do is take the time to actually create with the utilization of furniture, zones in your home that are designated for a particular purpose. I placed my higher end pieces on my vanity, and what will go well in such a space is a beautiful vanity chair. A nice pop of colour always works on a space with a neutral palette, much like the one above.

Bedside Lamps

One of the things that really makes a space is the level of lighting that the space itself actually has. As people, we are influenced by the weather. Think about how you feel during the winter, and you'll realize how much warmth and sunshine actually mean to you. For the indoor space, light is actually a very important element to incorporate. Lighting helps to set the mood, and can either create a romantic effect when dimmed, or create a bright space for activities such as dinner or an office space.

In the home for the Summer, I've really been enjoying the look of crystal chandeliers. What these do is allow the maximum light to be transferred across a room once the light is turned on. That being the case, paying attention to you light fixtures is key to ensuring that you are in the best possible light. Lamps will supplement, where the natural light cannot.

Faux Plants

Faux plants are my go to, for those instances where you either cannot sustain a garden, or it would be too expensive for you to order fresh flowers for the entire expanse of your space. One of the best things that you can do is actually to start the process of researching your favorite plants, and calculating what it would cost for you to have a bouquet of those flowers delivered to your home every two weeks. Across a year, that figure actually does add up. With the utilization of faux plants, you can actually take the time to create the effect of an indoor garden, at a fraction of the cost.

One of the best ways to build your collection is to start off small with plants like succulents, and then grow to bigger plants like faux magnolias or even faux palms. Where you can, invest in sturdy live plants for your home in order to generate some oxygen flow, but for spaces the guest bedrooms, basements or places that are not frequently visited, you'll be able to create a look of glamour without having to constantly refresh the flowers in the room. Faux plants are definitely the way to go.

Mirrored Tray

A tray is an elegant way to create some pizzazz and demarcation in a space. One of the things that I absolutely love, is the mirrored tray. Not only does it add a touch of elegance, but it also enables you to identify on your countertop or even on your vanity, what items you want to have on display. Essentially, with certain spaces, there's only so much that we can keep on display without getting overwhelmed. I learned that when I started collecting my rum bottles. Eventually you reach a point where there's an overflow.

Purging is a good way to limit yourself from having too many items. With a tray like the one above, one of the things that I've been enjoying is the fact that I'm limited to that space. When I want to change things around, I literally have to take the time to move what's on the tray, place it in an alternate storage area like a closet or bureau, and create a new arrangement in the tray.

As an organizational tool, trays have worked well for me. The previous blog post shows you how I organized a minimal vanity space, in order to minimize an overflow of items. Clutter is not good for the mind, and ensuring that you have a space that is organized will be the way to go this season and beyond.


“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”

Home is where the heart is. Many memories of our lives are spent at home, and one of the things that makes home as special as it is, are the many meals that we have in our homes. One of the things that I absolutely love, is the fact that on many an occasion, we have had parties in the house, and they centered around good food. Even if you're making a cup of coffee, it's always a great idea to ensure that you're having it in a mug that you love. You really want to surround yourself with beautiful things. That way, you'll enjoy the space where you are, and you'll be enjoying even the little things in life.

A beautiful life, is truly the one that you create, and the things that make that possible are the items that you have in your home. For me, there's nothing better than serving good food on a nice platter. It elevates everything that you place on it. Here are a few items that can help to elevate your kitchen game.


Good food comes from good preparation. One of the things that always inspires me to cook, is during the phases where I've laid out all the food that I'm going to prepare, and take the time to actually do things like dice onions, chop tomatoes, prepare chicken strips etc. That preparatory phase of cooking is one that many people tend to dread, and that's partly because the preparatory tools may not be at their peak. You won't feel inspired to cook, if you don't like your tools. A dull knife makes it very hard for you to prepare your food in adequate time. Most persons like to jump into the process and hear the sizzle of food in a pan, but if you're not able to pass the first stage, you won't enjoy the actual cooking.

I have found a good knife set, and sharpener, to be a great asset to the cooking process. There's nothing better than a fresh sharp knife to give you the cuts that you need either before or after you have prepared your meal. One of the things that I love to do for instance, is to cut chicken breasts into strips after I've finished cooking them. It gives them a nice restaurant quality feel, and improves your overall presentation.


Presentation is always key. If you've ever seen any of my Instagram posts, you'll notice that I love to serve my food in palatable ways. There's no reason why the day to day...can't be exotic and plates are actually one of the best ways to do this. Even if you're frying a set of fries in your air fryer, if you place it in a nice bowl instead of a plastic container, you'll still feel the vibes elevation. Even the ketchup will pop on the plate!

I've spent my time studying different ways that you can elevate your life, and one way is to actually seasonally change your plate sets. On Amazon, the plate sets are so affordable, that if you took the time to actually build your collection by buying a new set every season, in a few years you'll have a really nice collection. You won't feel like you're uninspired, because there will always be something to change around in your collection.


Drinking glasses are always an elegant way to change the mood of your table. While the clear glass staples will work on any occasion, what's really nice is the ability to actually be able to add some pizzazz to your table by working with exotic pieces like the one pictured above. Colourful glasses always elevate a space for me. They add an element of whimsy to your tablescape. I always want to have something that is drawing my attention on a table, and between the glasses and the floral arrangement, I find that the pops of colour always elevate the tablescape and give your eyes something to focus on.

Working with your colour scheme you can always identify what works best for you and your home. Add a splash of colour where you can. If you want the risk free way to add some colour to your life...The Dollar Tree always has nice options. Amazon, from my experiences has the high end feel, without the boutique prices. I've been eyeing the above for my own collection.


There's a lot to be said about chopping boards. One thing that I absolutely love about them, is the fact that they are so versatile. I have some chopping boards that are reserved for things like wine and cheese, and also some boards only for meat, only for vegetables, etc. There are some special chopping boards, that are so beautiful, they actually work best as decor. Whichever way you look at it, they are kitchen essentials.

One of the best gifts that I received when I moved into my apartment was the chopping board. It was one of those things that I was honestly too afraid to use because I didn't want to ruin it. Over time though, you adjust and simply allow yourself to embrace the board with its new imperfections. The character that is created once you use your chopping absolutely exquisite.

If you made it this far, I hope that you enjoyed this home essentials guide! I'll definitely do more items like this in the months to come. I purchased most of the items in my apartment, including things like bedding and other essentials from If you're interested in any of the items, they are linked for you, so feel free to start exploring! I realize that you all seem to enjoy my homeware items, so I'm taking the time to share them with you.

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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