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The Coffee Shop Entrepreneur

Welcome back to the blog!!

I hope that the new day finds you well. If you want go get it!!! Yours truly has started living the dream of becoming a YouTuber. Instagram content creator, and blogger all while job and PhD hunting. Listening to various stories, it's always interesting to hear how everyone went through some version of starting their channel/business, then stopping when things like work/life took over, then a few months later... feeling that desire to start again after either deleting their channel/closing their business, or deleting previous videos that they may have made in the past that they're not entirely proud of. Lol. In my case...all of the above happened to me, but somehow after about two years of my experience I've decided to commit to both my job and business, and go all the way where I can each week! I still delete my videos if I feel they're not in tune with my style, but I don't stop myself from creating! The key to all things is to just practice, as you do feel your style evolve and you eventually find your flow. If you don't do anything, you never know your full capacity!!

Yours truly took the time to head out in the field today and do my "research" for the upcoming Christmas season. I will post the Woolworth's shopping video after today's adventures. I wanted the blog to be up in good time!! I've started discovering things like:

a) Store Managers change occasionally. If you talked to one last week, got permission to film on a particular day and time... and came back to the store to actually film as scheduled...a different manager might be there and not be aware of your previous discussion and cost you an additional half an hour of waiting because they have to "re-confirm" that you have permission to do what you already spent a week organizing with the previous manager.

b) You WILL run out of camera battery at some point...even though you're sure you charged your battery and saw an indication that you had 83 minutes left on the recording time. I actually took the time to charge my camera for what felt like an hour and a half at the Pegasus hotel, and when I started filming my "Come Shop With Me" video...when all of a sudden while filming...the camera battery ran out on me. Not even five minutes passed...and I see one light flashing and telling me there's no battery left. Lol. If I didn't have my phone...I'd have had a half a video. Let's see what manifests this week after all that. My first ratchet "Come Shop With Me". I will perfect with time. The one person you mustn't yourself.

Other than that, I've started taking all aspects of the general hustle seriously. Every now and then I will update you about things that I'm doing in terms of behind the scenes organization. In the image above, I'd collected a series of school brochures from last October's EducationUSA Conference and am applying as I can. If an application or aspect of free...I do it and work my way up to deal with the other critical aspects. With the internal pressures within myself to settle down, ideally I'm expecting to be working before all of this happens, but life will have it's way and I'll just trust and apply. So yes...the job hunt continues. Pray for me!! All I want for Christmas is an Engineering/Management Consulting job, my furnished apartment and a DSLR camera!!" Thankfully, I have people looking out for me on all spheres so I have leads. I wouldn't mind if it all happened sooner than later!!

As with all aspects of life, you'll go through a process where you'll have leads that are totally for you...and you feel yourself progressing though slowly, while on other instances you'll feel the people who are in disbelief re what you're doing and totally ignore you, and the others who lead you on and make you feel like you have an arrangement when you don't. With time, you can identify what's for you, and focus on what's important in your objective. As I live, I've started learning what works versus what doesn't work in all aspects of life.


In today's business talk, I wanted to expand on the concept of the coffee shop entrepreneur, how I heard the term about five years ago...and how I fully find myself living the experience every Monday over the past two weeks that I've been back in the house. For the past three weeks, I've been finding myself waiting for various events at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, and finding myself in their lobby. If you ever have a craving, they have a cafe open 24/7 so you can always top up on things like Cheesecake and Coffee there. I'm always here for it!! See above for one of my favorite creations!!

As a start as an entrepreneur, I still social media purge. Why I do this, is because I'd heard that there are individuals who go through a phenomena called social media depression. This occurs when individuals are indundated with the happenings of other people and their lives ( after immersing themselves in social media), and all of a sudden start feeling like they're not doing anything with your own lives, so start feeling disappointed in their own existence. It's easy to feel this way for instance...when you just started working and all of a sudden see a YouTuber purchase a mansion. For people who don't understand process, it can be overwhelming to see, and can shock the mind. It's even worse when it's a YouTuber that they saw start from their parents bedroom and all of a sudden they're blowing up in life. Lolololol. The only difference between you and that individual... was that they knew something you didn't and progressed in life. Understanding how people build their empires is key, so that you can know what actions to take to get there. The only gap between you and your action.

For this reason, I don't post on social media on the weekends and only post three times per week. I don't want to become inundated, nor do I want to overwhelm my subbies! The weekend time allows me to recharge myself, practice gratitude, generate new ideas and simply act on them once Monday comes around. I don't check my Instagram/Blog or YouTube till the Monday morning when I'm ready to post my content...that I've spent Saturday creating and having ready for my subscribers. I have my own upload schedule, and just work off that flow...instead of worrying too much about what other people are doing. It helps to keep me confident in my flow.

The WiFi Obsession

I find that once I'm out in the world, I only go to places that have two things: a) wifi and charging ports. On my work days when I'm out in the field, I find that I have to ensure that all my critical items are charged. You saw what happened above with my vlogging After learning that lesson, I'm trusting that I won't repeat that mistake. When I'm settled, I'll have back up batteries!!! You live and you learn.

One of the places that I find myself as a "coffee shop entrepreneur" is the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. As a large entity, it is pretty much open to the general public, due to the fact that there are cafe's and restaurants that anyone can access. With 24/7 access and security, I can go in there and work in between the times that I'm preparing to shoot my content. Before I filmed today's video, I had about one and a half hours of free time available to me to organize myself for the process. I have a magazine that I've been drawing inspiration on for my Christmas cooking recipes, so I literally sat there in the lobby and read the magazine and identified what recipes I'd modify for my future projects and planned my next steps. Entrepreneurs are one step ahead of the game!

Owning a business is one of the most bittersweet and and rewarding things I've ever had to do. I find that when I present myself as both a professional and a blogger...that people don't think I'm crazy. If I appear somewhere (in least) and say I'm an aspiring lifestyle social media influencer...I get strange looks:) You just have to know yourself...and live life as your authentic truth.

Eventually you get there. I will never claim to be perfect...and it's interesting to see how social conditioning teaches you to align to life in a particular way. I'm a little out of the box, so know that in the long run...I'll fulfill my mission, because I'm not living a cookie cutter life.

Look out for the Woolworth's shopping video later. Some of my subbies like the higher end stuff...and I've been fortunate to score a "Come Shop With Me" experience on my Instagram at an upscale boutique in Mall and Tropical Plaza. As any artist will tell you...certain decor speaks to you...and when I saw the above display...I literally walked into the store and told them..."I feel like everything in this store...could fit in my house. Can I film here?" And they said yes!!! Let's go next week Monday. We are on a roll!!



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