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The Dryland Tourist Returns : Ochi Mission!!

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Welcome back to the blog!!

Our 2020 mission is in keeping with the theme: Young, Sophisticated and Fun!!! You can be this any me!! Life is what you make it!! There are people in their eighties living it up...and touring the world and going on cruises and climbing the Great Wall of why can't you at 35? I'm just saying!! You're never too busy to have fun!! From Monday...I showed you all my current lin-ger-iiie...and also highlighted the fact...that I've been inspired by the Savage X campaign to be the healthiest version of myself. I'm here working out...and am on a roll to be bikini ready by March. You all know I like to explore...( I can't really stay's just something that naturally comes with youth) and I've decided that I'm heading out to Ocho Rios in March for a little day trip. I might as well practice for when I have my bigger vacations later in my evolution. What you do on the small do on the larger scale!!

Here at ForeverLuxury...we (me, myself and I...until I have a team) believe in treating yourself. Even if you take a day off from work...and do a pamper day in your counts towards your self love. There's a point at which staycations can become a little mundane...particularly if you work from a little adventure in a fresh new scene...will give your life a new perspective. You may have things to worry about such as your mortgage payments or your student I like to warm up my vacation strategy with my baseline trips. These trips...literally cost less than $50 for the day...and leave feeling like a brand new (wo)man or couple!!

I'm currently in Kingston, Jamaica and just about two hours the lovely Ocho Rios, Jamaica. There are several ways to reach the city of the eight rivers.

Budget: If you want to save your can simply head to DownTown Kingston's Bus park and take one of the coasters to Ochi. This won't cost you more than $5.00 per leg per adult. You'll arrive at the hub, and from there, you can take a route taxi (or's not that big a location) and arrive at your stated destination. I'll highlight a few Ochi attractions below. The route taxis won't cost you more than $1.00 per leg...and you can use the balance of your money to do things like go to Dunn's River or eat at the Jerk Centre. Word to the wise...find out when the last bus back to Kingston leaves...and arrive about one hour ahead of that...just so you won't be worrying about how you'll get back home:)

Style: If you're in Kingston/Montego Bay you can actually take the Knutsford Express. The Knutsford Express is a chic way to travel, and I absolutely love them. From Kingston, simply arrive at their New Kingston hub according to their schedule (they have early morning trips city to city) and you'll be in Ochi by or before 8 am.

Self: Renting a car either via services like Avis or Island Car Rental. Large enterprises like Avis...have pick up points at both with a little GPS, once you land and check'll be escorted to the offices where you can collect your car keys. Activate the GPS...and you'll be good to go!!


Ocho Rios is what I call the smaller version of Montego Bay (Mobay). much bigger and there's more hype I believe....and Ochi does compare...but it's really in my opinion much more condensed. You can pretty much walk anywhere in Ochi, where as in Mobay, because it's so'll either need a car or a route taxi to take you around.

From the image above, you can see that Ocho Rios is practically one plane and the hills behind it. It is a bay, and the city has designed it to match the terrain. If you walk along the bay, you'll find that there's actually a built in walking tour, that will guide you from location to location. At one extreme of Ocho Rios, you'll find Dunn's River. In the image above, Dunn's River will be closer to the extreme right of the image, where you see that red roof which is actually an industrial site. As you walk on the path, you'll pass a park. This park has ruins, and is a site that Christopher Columbus is deemed to have landed when he made his "discovery" of the island. The Tainos...technically were here before him...but they never documented their arrival.

Continuing along the'll find the theme park Mystic Mountain. If you love waterparks mixed with rollercoasters, mixed with the zipliner'll more than likely like Mystic Mountain.

Further down are hotels , beaches and the pier where the cruise ships enter. You may opt to use either the hotel of a beach, or one of the public beaches on the stretch. You can't really miss either. As you walk/drive on the stretch, there will be clear signs that will guide you to the beach (there's a beach across from the KFC). As a gentle reminder...Ochi is small so there's only one KFC and the public beach (Ocho Rios Bay Beach) is practically...across the road from that KFC, while Bob Marley beach is a good drive away.


Ochi has a hip strip which really feels more like a small mall. If you want a condensed experience, you can visit Island Village. There are restaurants, shops and bars in this location. You'll also be close to Italian restaurants like Evitas (which should be across the "road"), and an Indian restaurant. If you love to shop duty'll be able to get great deals on jewellry, rum cakes, t-shirts and more in this location. There are also clubs in this location...for those who like to "Turn Up!!"

We are at this wonderful point in our journey...and I'm gearing my mind up for more grand adventures in life!!! I'm so happy and excited!! My quarterly incentive will be this trip and I am happily focusing on the path ahead!! I love you for reading!!! What are your 2020 Q1 holiday plans?


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