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The Journey Unfolds: Home For The Week!!

Peace and Blessings!

I hope the new day finds you well!! Welcome back to the blog!! Yours truly was away for about two weeks in the month of September. My mind wasn't at peace, so I was taking the time to ensure that I was making time to induce that well needed attribute that's critical to all existence: Peace of Mind. For this reason, I wasn't active on my social media for about two weeks in the month of September. October is my emancipation month, so I'm back to normal.

For those who know my journey, I've been on a sabbatical for the past 18 months or so, and it's time for me to resume normalcy as a Chemical Engineer and Management Consultant. I started a venture at business school that didn't quite go as I planned, so I took some time off to plan my next steps. I have a plan, I'm just working towards it. The first place I restored in for the year of 2018...was that familiar place...called home. After the year was up however, I challenged myself to become autonomous and moved into my flat.

There's a price to all freedoms however, and I paid the price to be "free" for the past nine months. I took the time to move to May Pen to my flat, after doing my due diligence. I got the place I was living at via an agent, and all was well in the legal sense. The home is as I anticipated and well kept, and I was safe. But as we've all seen on TV and experienced in real life...all that glitters is not gold! My landlady however, for those who may recall, was more like a drill sergeant than the seemingly relaxed person I interviewed with. Everything I did from what I ate, to how many times a week I cleaned, were under constant scrutiny. Additionally while she was in the house, my activities were restricted to particular times of the week. I couldn't clean on a Sunday for instance. At the point at which I couldn't manage being restricted any more...I decided it was time...for CHANGE. I fulfilled what I needed to in the space, and I am ready for expansion and change. Your being...always knows when it's time to change. Listen to yourself!! You'll feel that internal uncomfortable nudge within...that tells you that it's time for you to expand and grow. I wasn't meant to be there forever, so I'm just accepting that it's time to return to my gifts and talents.

I am home for the week, before I take the next steps. In terms of my life's flow, I know what to do automatically once I'm at I'll take you along the journey with me!

First of all...I need to unpack. The state of my room as I rose this as outlined to the left. I won't be here for more than an week, and will leave the primary items here when I embark on the next phase of my journey. I'll reveal that in the new week.

I'm leaving the bulk of my possessions in the house. My packed for a reason:) I'm just allowing myself to fulfill that next phase of staying busy.

In the mean time however, we are going to do all the things that keep us motivated while we wait for life to unfold.

I'd mentioned on my Instagram that I'd purchased a new pair of sneakers. I bought these for the month. It wasn't any grand expenditure, but essentially, I knew that I'd wanted to be active for the month, so I'll be working out for the month...on a daily basis, as of October 1. For the Monday of this week, I won't be working out per say...because we're going to be CLEANING as I'll show on my channel. My schedule for the house will be as follows:

1) Clean and Organize My Room: 2 Hours

2) Clean and Organize The Balcony: 2 Hours ( I will do my video on this)

3) Mowing the Lawn: 3 Hours

I'm hoping that it doesn't rain, because the September month is a rainy one. Once the afternoon comes, it is often the rainiest time of the day, and that's the point at which yours truly is most active. All being well, we'll get our lives in order!! In terms of my exercise regime, I did purchase a new pair of sneakers. I didn't go all out expensive, because I'm not expecting to keep them for more than the month that I'm here.

I asked for a little help from my former helper Faye, and asked her where I could get some inexpensive sneakers for the interim. She advised me to shop at Young's Pharmacy in May Pen. I got the sneakers above for about $ They were giving me the Yeezy vibes (they even have the black and white pair...that I felt tempted to get) and I thought they they'd motivate me to exercise while I'm getting my life together for phase number three of my 2019. For those who know, I am a professional dancer. I actually stopped dancing about seven years ago, when I started working as a professional engineer in a 24 hour alumina refinery.

Life tells you when it's time to change. Life as an engineer was a physically taxing endeavor, so after spending days climbing tanks, I found it hard to drive into Kingston and take a full on dance class for a good hour in evening. One evening I was so tired, I was doing some jette's across the studio, and ended up getting a toe injury. There's a point at which fatigue leads to disorientation, so at that point, I decided to stop dancing and focus on work. After being used to dancing for a good ten hours per day, I replaced my extracurricular activities with scheduled exercises, that involved working out either at the gym, or walking long distances at my neighborhood field.

I believe in longevity and exercise being a lever for that ( as well as eating right), so from my perspective, I would take the actions that enabled me to find that balance in life. I will show you guys my at home work outs this week. These tend to be the easiest as I currently am in the hills. If you've ever lived in a gated community like I have, they usually have community centers with fields, so that's where I work out instead of a gym. I find that after a day of dealing with various clients, it's more relaxing to do things like walk. If I'm in a gym, I go at around 5 am in the morning, when less persons are present. I get to clear my mind, and simply work on my body.

Have a great day!! I am going to make some breakfast...and get to cleaning!! I'm glad to be back and active...and most importantly...I'm glad to be free!!

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