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The Micro-Win: How to Underachieve and Still Get What You Want

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Welcome back to the blog!

If you're here from my YouTube channel, pardon the gap in publishing of my videos in the past week. I'll publish on both Saturday and Sunday of this week in order to catch up. As I mentioned earlier, I had a visit from a dear friend of mine who lives in Bristol, UK and took time out to relax with her on a day trip. We literally escaped to the beach and to some relaxing parts of Kingston. I'll have snippets of that this coming weekend. She was kind enough to bring me my fridge and cupboard were stocked with :

a) Chocolate - Toblerone and Cadbury's

b) Shortbread

c) Wine Gums by Haribo - these are EVERYTHING!!!

For those who know me...I lived in England for two years...and so it was like having a little piece of England with me for this current week. I've been using the presents I received as motivation for each day's activities. I divided all the chocolate and wine gums into rations for the week. When I reach home from work...after I've placed my bag and books in my place...I head to the fridge and have exactly one Toblerone, one milk egg, and four wine gums. I use these items as my celebratory items for achieving the day's objectives. This activity is an application of the principle of celebrating a micro-win. Every day...I set tasks and upon accomplishing them...and since each day is an increment of a week...the win is the accomplishment of that minor task. As simple as it sounds...if you win each eventually win the week, the month and the year.

As a millennial, I won't claim to be a sage...but there's a point at which you discover that you have to create your own joy and motivate yourself. Every now and then, I discuss the concept of staying motivated as you are embarking on your life's journey. At the final stages of the semester, I can feel the fatigue in myself, and I also felt it in my students this week. Next week is our final week. As a have to learn to motivate your every now and then...I give my students a pep talk.

What I've been doing personally, is ensuring that I make incremental progress. Because I have work, I can't fully focus on school just I've been allowing myself to underachieve. This means that I've been sending off one application to graduate school per month. I've been writing approximately six blog articles a week, and I've been publishing one YouTube video every Sunday for the past ten weeks. These are manageable targets for me...while the bulk of time is being consumed by teaching. Once I'm free...I can go a full one hundred percent on school, and my social media outlets. You can insert your own personal life activities in a similar format. You have your day your side projects...and then when the side projects or your business can sustain release your day job. Many a successful, self made millionaire has done this.

Additionally, in the past few weeks, I've started optimizing my marking times. Essentially, I discovered that the labs in the latter half of the semester are finishing within two hours out of four. The students are then writing up, or leaving early for the remaining two hours of the session. I've started using the two hours wisely and marking their papers, so that they don't pile up on me. As I do this, I find that the weekends are freed up for me to do things like focus on my clients. I'm more focused, and not having to worry about an overlap of the two activities.

These are my thoughts on the micro-win and underachievement. As the weeks progress, we'll delve into more details. Stay organized! Stay focused! Stay motivated!


**Dr T**

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