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The Beautifully Organized Mini-Vacation: Port Royal Jamaica

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

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Gloria's Beach Port Royal Jamaica

Welcome back to the blog!!

Yours Truly decided to take a mini-vacation. I think I'd outlined the other day, that with the slight lifting of the social distancing policy, that there's a gradual resuming of what was our normal. Ever one to focus on the future because it keeps me happy and motivated, I spent the past few months ruminating on where I'd go once I was "free". Life won't go from zero to a hundred instantly, but it can go from zero to twenty. Here's what twenty looks like on my books. A sage said to me..."Don't tell people what you are going to do. Just do it...and then tell people what you did." So I did exactly that. On a beautiful Wednesday morning this week, I got up...and took the forty minute drive to Port Royal. I wanted peace and quiet, and in my entire millennial existence, whenever I want peace I go to one of two places: the mountains or the sea.

The peace that each brings is different, one is a more pure silence because you're so elevated, where as the other is a peaceful yet lively lull. If you listen to ocean waves long get peace because there's a rhythmic flow to the ocean waves. White noise...often includes the sounds of the sea so I refer back to this space for my own sanity. Additionally, I grew up near the sea, so comforting sounds of childhood are associated with this space. They say that when you want to reset find something that you loved from your childhood. If you're confined, that can include the music you listened to at a happy point in your life, the perfume you wore during a special occasion, the clothing etc. For me, the sea is a sound of childhood, so I took my time...and tip toed out of Kingston four about four hours. I went to a small town on the Kingston Harbour waterfront called Port Royal.

My childhood home is a twenty minute drive from this scenic location. Taking the Sir Florizel Glaspole highway, you pass the airport, and drive till you reach the town of Port Royal. Located on a tombolo, which is pretty much an extend accumulation of sand, the area forms a part of the Kingston Harbour. There's literally only one way in, and one way out of this little exotic scene. don't feel trapped there, you feel...FREE!!

Luxury Travel On A Dime
Me At Gloria's Beach


Once I arrived in the area, I headed straight for the beach. There's a little nook near the sea where Gloria's Restaurant is. A stone's throw away is Gloria's Beach. This is what I've called it because to be honest, it's just an open property that any one can enter. There are many places like this on the island.

If you want lunch and to chill, you can just drive and find these treasures.

Beside the beach is a bar that opens in the nights, but during the day, you can recline there totally undisturbed. The deck chairs above...are from that beautiful scene. Very rustic and peaceful. All you need is an ice cold Red Stripe...and you're the happiest person you'll know.

If you want a calm mind, I suggest spending a minimum of one hour on the beach. What this does, is enable you to take in the natural surroundings around you, and pretty much allow you to ensure that you are in tune with the surroundings. If you're in a peaceful place, you naturally become peaceful. Any stresses you have, are absorbed by the fact that they aren't present to trigger you. There'll be no email to respond to, and you'll learn to become one with the environment. That's exactly what I did. Mellow out. Some problems of the world are bigger than at best, I am learning to master the Universe that is me.


Luxury Travel On A Dime
Grand Port Royal Marina - Port Royal Jamaica

After an hour of becoming one with the Earth, it was time to start exploring. I got dressed (put on a dress and flip flops that I bought right before I left Kingston) and started walking around the town. Across the road, is the first inkling of civilization. The Grand Port Royal Marina and Spa. This is one of my favorite restaurants and chill spots in Kingston Harbour. It's literally away from everything and once you're there, its just you the yachts, the restaurant and the bartender. If you're there at night with your's very rosemantic. All of the lights!! (Yes...I can I cannot count, the number of times that we've been here to be honest. Birthdays, graduations...just because it's Friday and we want to chill, just because it's Sunday and we don't want to cook Sunday dinner etc. I do believe that my grand mojito pic from last year came from here.

You literally can just walk in, speak to reception, and they let you into the restaurant area. There is a hotel on the property as well. As a Harbour, along the stretch there is the yacht club where persons sail in and dock. If you want to stay in your yacht, you can. If you want to enjoy a really nice room and it's amenities, the hotel is right there for you to book and stay in. When we were much younger, there'd be some yacht owners who actually would let us tour their yachts. I loved the experience and just the presence of water. Floating nearby, would a jelly fish. If you stared into the water long'd see a sting ray swim by. It's absolutely serene. This round...with the COVID-19, the hotel is currently closed so the parking lot was as far as I could go. It was still worth the visit. In a few months...I can go back to my mojito life.

Luxury Travel On A Dime
Fort Charles, Jamaica

Taking a fifteen minute stroll into the town, if I saw fifteen people that day, I saw a lot. Most people were at home. Port Royal as a city is renowned for its rich history. The Pirates of the Caribbean series did incorporate elements of this history in it. All the tales of pirates and their treasure hunts, do have their place in this beautiful town. While the main livelihood of individuals who live here is either in tourism or in the Coast Guard, there's a University on this site where students study marine life and shipping and logistics.

Strolling past all this, I made my way up to Fort Charles. Fort Charles, is a tourist attraction. On the site, is the pirate museum, as well as other treasures like the Giddy House. This beautiful structure is tilted a good 45-60 degrees into the Earth, so walking around it can affect your bearings, hence the name. Once we finished the tour, there'd be ice cream men nearby to allow us to indulge in their delicacies. My persuasive skills were developed during this

Luxury Travel On A Dime
Fort Charles, Port Royal, Jamaica

Once the walk reached the two hour mark, I decided it was time to return to reality. I returned home with a sense of peace and freedom. After almost three months of enjoying the scenery in my backyard and in the neighborhood, it was nice to be somewhere...DIFFERENT. Even if it was for three or four hours...I managed to remind my brain that there's still plenty to be done and scene.

As someone who studies her own mind and knows that she lives for an adventurous life...this was the best that I could do in Phase One of restoration. And under the was just right. I think I mentioned the other day, that after a certain point in my evolution, I discovered that happiness is real. Perfection...doesn't exist...but happiness does. Happiness is a seed that you plant inside your heart...and nurture every day. If you don' somehow will lose it.

Stay Happy!! Stay Well!!


I didn't do a grand splash. This scene is literally a half an hour to forty minute drive from my "yard". That being the case...with the COVID laws being slightly relaxed, what are the ways that you are gradually allowing yourself to open up again and see the world? Adventures keep your mind and spirit open and happy. If you stay home too'll numb your mind and forget that the world is full of beautiful things to see and do!! Even if you explore the park two blocks down the road...your brain cells will thank you. Anything new and engaging...will keep you happy and fulfilled!

I love you for reading!!


Dr T

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