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The Next Steps: Settling Into a New Work Flow

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With exactly two months to go until the next transition, yours truly is living in a multi-dimensional mode if you. I am cool, I am calm, I am collected. I just wanted to proudly announce that the first "yes" came last week Friday... for school in August. I'm praying for at least two more "yeses" in that I have more options re my future. The one is good...but there are some finer kinks that I need to iron out. The dream...I find...doesn't just happen. There's a lot of give from both sides. I am still negotiating, so I'm not as excited as I was when I first started my MBA and was all frantic to leave my job. I'm taking this all...with a grain of salt and just ensuring that I'm careful...and that what I actually start...I can finish. I am thinking through the budgeting process now, and navigating how I can allow myself to achieve all of the objectives that I've set for myself.

With the other options that I'm waiting to hear feedback from (I'm mid-way through some processes...yours truly sent about twenty applications if you the US, UK , and Canada) so I'm simply allowing myself to get all the information...before I make a final decision. No rash decisions this round...Dr T. For those who recall my story, I left my engineering job out of frustration, and didn't think through a few my "gap " year was to recover from those actions. When my acceptance to my MBA program was almost like I couldn't wait to leave and rashly thought through things...and on some other aspects of life...I pretty much acted on blind faith.

This time around...I'm ensuring that the plans are in place before I go. I'm more seasoned now...excited yes...but still calm and waiting for 75% of the plan to align. The entire flow will never be as you dream...but it will all be worth it in the end if you never give up...and keep trying. It's takes takes patience...but with actually eventually see the me...and trust all the motivational people who tell you to push through the pain...and do things when you don't want to. It's simply you overcoming resistance...and proving to yourself that what you really what you want. The free...the a whole other story. Just a quick update since I promised I'd keep you all posted.


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Additionally, with respect to achieving my dreams...yours truly now officially works full time from home. I'm now clocking in at around 45 hours per week as a freelancer on I do intend to create a video on how I do this. I was working over the didn't have time to upload on YouTube yesterday. I have been on the Upwork platform since 2012, but with things like full time engineering jobs where I was a manager...I fell off in terms of my activity flow. When I left my job however...I did manage to achieve the partial work status of up to twenty hours when I was a student. Thanks to the online medium...students no longer have to do things like work at McDonalds. You can actually empire from your room...which is what I'm doing now.

As the summer is currently in swing...I didn't want to start a full time job when I knew that I had set the intention to leave for school, so I decided that I'd focus on additional projects on Upwork in order to achieve this objective. Interestingly...some of my best clients have come to me...and I am grateful for them.

I currently have majority academic clients...who I help with research ( I am a scientist and engineer) and so the majority of my work is in medical research and in design based projects for various entities. I am consulting...but as an independent. This is a small scale version of my dream.

There are many ways to earn money in the online world. The primary means are freelancing and affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where I'll ultimately like to be...because I'll be able to earn money while I sleep...but in the true nature of my life...I tend to have to start small and then make the leap to the bigger ventures.

With freelancing...instead of working for someone at an establishment such as an simply work from your home office. The flow is more flexible...and the stress of having to get up...and go to eliminated because everything is pretty much self contained in your own home bubble.

Just as with every major platform on social of the things that you do on every freelancing site is create your profile, set your earning rates, and then possibly take some academic tests to prove your competency. At this're pretty clear to start apply for opportunities, or allowing opportunities to come to you as clients also have the ability to search for you. There are many sites that you can use such as I find Upwork to be the best in terms of their organization and professional operations. I get paid...every Tuesday night and the funds are sent to either my bank account or to my Payoneer card which I can use at any ATM or point of sale site.

At the cross roads that I'm at right now...I can continue along this flow and just grow...and eventually allow myself to expand my other businesses and continue with school. It's an interesting existence to say the least...but I'll expand some more as life unfolds.

To the hustle! Ten years from now...I'm sure I won't recognize myself!


**Dr T**

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