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The Organized Life: The Gamification of Life

Welcome back to the blog!!

Here on my channels, we are all about making life fun. Interestingly, as you start a journey, you never quite know where you'll end up. The key is to start.


A few weeks ago, I shared with you all my creative inspiration. As someone who spends time at Emancipation Park, I keep track of all the trees that are in bloom. The calabash tree is one that is currently bearing fruit, and I decided to pick one fruit, remove the pulp and take the time to actually dry the plant. The result was the above. My natural jewellry box, money holder...anything I want it to be. It was a blank canvas.

Next in my stream of thought, came the idea to start placing my loose change in the calabash. In terms of my cash flow it started off as the below:

Coins: JMD $110.00. I took to the time to gather all the loose change that I could find around the house, and it amounted to this total. Somehow, my mind kept telling me I should grow the "fund" and I started the process of doing this.

I added $50.00 change, also in coins to the pool that week, and I feel like there was some sort of thrill that came with seeing the pool increase.

I went to Woolworth's and spent some money there, and the resultant change, I placed in my little money pot.

After a while, I started feeling like coins weren't enough...and I placed a $50.00 bill in the pool. My mind loved the thrill, and I started adding $100 bills to the fund.

Now mind you, I do have an electronic bank account, but I wanted a more fun way in 2020 to get myself to save. By being able to see my money physically, I started creating a game in my mind that is now trickling over into other aspects of my financial life. I'm getting more excited as I have new clients now, and also feel more inspired to save as I earn from those endeavors.

Gamification is an educational principle that has existed in various spheres, and it is a way that the mind actually tunes itself to principles. I stared applying the principles to myself, and find that I'm enjoying the process of becoming a better investor. If you're a parent, you can try this with your children. I can't tell you how many cars I washed to buy an NSync CD back in the day. I learned to run a car wash business, write invoices and receipts and earn my own money at the age of 14 thanks to the Backstreet Boys, N Sync, 3LW...etc! If you've fallen off track, and want to inspire yourself to invest again (we do get jaded in life), it's definitely a fun hack that's been working for me. I make myself accountable to my Instagram subbies through this project, which makes it less tempting for me to spend it. Tandy's Money getting bigger. As the song says..."Richer, and Richer and Richer!!"


As you all know, I collect metal and glass items for the sake of recycling and for the sake of thrifting. There are certain things...that you really don't have to spend that much money on in terms of home decor. The original inspiration is the bottle below:

My eye has a way of finding pieces like this! As a chemist, I do work with glass tools and I did learn that certain things could be salvaged by our in-house glass blower. That experience somehow seems to have stuck with me, and I now find myself in a state where I can spot valuable items for practically free. Rum bottles in my eyes, are one of those things that are dual purpose. When Christmas or the birthdays come, by all your stock of Amaretto or even your favorite non-alcoholic wine. Once you are finished don't have to throw them away (to a certain extent...I'm not a hoarder) but if you have a bar area, you can definitely do one of two things that will enable you to jazz up your space on a budget. All you really need is some good glue, glitter or jewels. The picture below is my inspiration for the jewelled idea that is brewing in my mind.


As a YouTuber, I draw inspiration from other YouTubers. I took the time to actually watch a few tutorials on ideas that I could implement in the upcoming project.

1) Glitter the Bottle: This task requires glue like Mod Podge, which you would then apply to the bottle in a thin layer, and then add your glitter in about two layers. In the image above, the glitter would go where the crystals are. If you have a wedding coming up, and want creative pieces to add to your table, you can glitter your bottles.

2) Bejewell the Bottle: The inspirations for this made bejewelling the bottles a DIY I'd like to try this month. Heading into Woolworth's this week, I will calculate my art budget (I still have plans to go to Ochi so thinking priorities), I will then take the time to get the glue (strong like E6000), and then the jewels. They seem to have them at a good price. With a project like this, what works best is to put on some good music or a movie, have a nice glass of champagne or your favorite soda, and simply glue and jewel. The level of detail that goes into this...does take some time, but it feels like a therapeutic process that will be worth it in the end. A part of me always loves mosaics, and I'm thinking that this is a small space that I can mosaic, before I start working on larger tapestries.

For this week, these two ideas are keeping me busy and still allowing me to have fun at the same time! My spring calendar is ready, and I'm good to go with regards to ensuring that all of my videos, blog articles and Instagram posts are organized!! You can have it all...if you organize your life!!

I love you for reading!!


**Dr T**

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