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The Pamper Day Continued!

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Welcome back to the blog divas and divos!!,

Yours truly actually had to look up the male version of diva in order to write that first sentence. Lol. Welcome to our happy place! I do believe...that sprinkled in my readership is the male population. I write from a female perspective...but aim to cater for men as well. I'll soon expand to factor you all in:) Either are a star. Welcome...this is where you are supposed to be!!! I hope you had yourselves a great Wednesday. My Wednesday is super long as you know, so I tend not to blog on that day. Wednesdays...for those who are a national holiday on the blog...until the semester clears in two weeks...and I have a little more time to be more organized and focused on my social media activities.

As you guys know...the ForeverLuxury movement is all about the luxurious life. Waking up each day...ready to tackle our destinies. As Tamar would say..."Ain't nobody got live a mediocre life!" You want to make sure that each as you would have DESIGNED it. Right now...I'm running on adrenaline. I'm sleeping...but am not resting. As soon as I wake up...there are things to be done! I don't really stop because there's constant activity around me.

The semester ends for yours about two weeks!!! As you all brain is two months ahead of my when I noticed that one of my students had a picture of herself in a bikini as her screensaver...I had to ask her where she got it. Lol. Once the semester ends...the vacation styling will begin!! She needs her rest...and can't wait for the fun part to begin. I did indicate that the first four months would be the hardest of the year.

Today's theme is about the fact that as we carry out our daily lives...sometimes our energy is drained. I'm aiming to re-organize my pamper stock. I say this every week...but there are lots of factors influencing behind the scenes. Just bear with me people! About three weeks ago...I was telling you about the fact that I've been mixing high end and low end pamper items along my body care journey. As the semester ends...I'll be able to get a little medium end pamper stuff, and continue the forward climb to the life that I'm used to. What I really intend to get is predominantly the following:

1) Body Cream (Bath and Body Works) - For those Kingstonians...I live at Monarch pharmacy. The Sovereign one redesigned the layout last year...and their body offerings are massively increased. I'll walk the aisles...and pick ONE of the Bath and Body Works lotions. MAC is next I'll see what they have for the summer ahead. I usually use Wild Madagascar Vanilla...and the other day I was gifted Lavender and Sandalwood. This lotion will be specifically for my pamper day, when my skin needs that extra nourishment.

2) For my daily routine...I use Suave's Cocoa Butter and Shea Body Wash. Since I've been living on my own...body washes were initially on the pricier side due to the fact that I had to do things like cover my moving costs. Interestingly...the bar soaps haven't done too much damage. This week, I purchased Refresh with Coconut Oil...and it seems okay. My skin is on the drier I tend to prefer body washes, so I'm going back to my normal.

3) Yours truly showers twice a day...based on the fact that I'm so busy in the days in the labs. I get pretty hot because I walk up and down the labs across the entire day, working with science students. The first shower is to wake me up, and prime me to start the day. The latter shower is for winding down. What I've decided to to use the Body Secrets line to cover those basic skincare needs in the nights. Body Secrets have a Vanilla Body Butter which I love...and it's literally $2.00. It's an excellent substitute for the interim. I'll also carry some with me when I go on vacation. Since it's inexpensive, but still good on'll be perfect to match the theme of sophisticated, yet affordable.

Progress is being made. Tomorrow...we're going back to TFC:) I actually took the time this morning to go to the tomorrow night...we're back in the kitchen. I made a nice omelette this morning...and discovered an affordable hard dough bread at the supermarket. Me why I was a little later than normal with the blog article.

What's on the menu for Friday, is seasoned fries (my Nando's and Island Grill home made and coupled with that...will be Chicken Nuggets...and we're washing it down with Strawberry Tang!!! Once upon a time, I lived in the frozen food section of Tesco and for the current interim...I live in the frozen food section of Michael Ming.

As soon as I reach home...the house is empty if you recall from last week. I remove my items from the freezer in the morning...and place them in the fridge to defrost. Will expand more...but I'm organized for the weekend. I'm practically preparing to be grounded till about Tuesday, when the week resumes.

Take care of yourselves till then! On my days off...I run my I'll talk about that once the semester concludes.


**Dr T**

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