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The Personal Overhaul: How to Feel Renewed and Refreshed To Tackle Your Life

Updated: Jul 11, 2019


Yours truly, the positivity queen, was in somewhat of a slump yesterday. While I was in that frame of mind...the instant thought was..."How do I snap out of this?" When I was at the refinery, every July, we would overhaul the major plant equipment. This meant that we would operate the plant on go-slow, and then take the major equipment out of service for maintenance. After the three week service period, the plant would be back to its full capacity and operating as good as new.

I honestly believe that at some point, we all need that in our own lives. The point at which we allow ourselves to literally just be...and restore to our full capacity and potential. The daily activity. Yesterday I was watching a YouTube video about always allowing ourselves to have a little "Me Time". Even if you're in a relationship, you and your partner's energy will occasionally differ based on that fact that you encounter different experiences as men and women, so you need to allow yourself to just have a minute to just be every now and then. I am a fervent believer in the man and woman "caves". The concept of simply allowing yourself to restore so that you have the energy to tackle your day...and key to a happier existence.

The following are the steps that I have been taking to ensure that I'm living my best life.

Meditation: With a calmer mind, the day just flows better. As people, we often think that our reality is what we can physically see and experience, but the reality is we are energetic. Many times across the day, we are bombarded by the energy of other people without even realizing it. When you enter a space, the person that you interact with may not be as happy as you are, and their energy can rub off on you, if you're not mentally strong enough to hold your core positivity. People can drain your energy if you're not aware of it. When you are home later that day, you may be wondering why you feel so tired. Additionally, if you work in a negative, competitive environment, you may feel a draining of your energy instead of a liberation if your not careful. You either have the choice to leave the environment, or learn to thicken your mental attitude in order to resist being changed by the environment. You have to be aware of yourself in order to determine what's best for you. From my experiences, the change of environment is what has worked for me. I work best in an environment where I can free flow, and grow and expand. Always seek that which betters you.

Physical Exercise: There is a lot to be said about exercise. We actually trap energy in our bodies. With the fact that most of us spend significant amounts of time on our computers, there is tension that builds up in our physical beings. From that vantage point, it will be key for us to ensure that we are releasing this tension. Whether you take twenty minutes to simply do cardio in a day, it is always helpful to "Sweat It Out". You'll not only release endorphins, but keep your body primed for all that you need to have a good time in your daily life.

Diet: With my energetic shifts, I also realized that the root cause was my diet. I found, and you will to...that the better I eat, the happier I am. This is because your body is designed to enjoy natural foods. While I'm not a hundred percent vegan, I find that a balance of eating healthy, and treating myself to an occasional chocolate or biscuits here and there is exactly what I need in order to ensure that I'm living my best life. Here is a smoothie recipe that you can try for yourself.

Life is too long for you to be miserable. Take the time to enjoy the experience!!!

Have a great day!!!


**Dr T**

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