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The Re-Definition of the Geek and Youth

Hi Guys,

As the new work week approaches...we all know that life isn't 100% perfect...but we simply make the decisions to make it work if the scenario will take you to the next level. My students read my I'll gently introduce the concept of "critics" in as gentle a manner as possible. To be real...we all have "haters" so I'm learning to be wary of these characters in my young life. They come I thought it a good idea to provide subtle hints since I know that my students read my blog. As Monday approaches...I know that we brace ourselves for such characters. Lol. To be discreet...I won't divulge their identity...but I currently have one in particular that makes me give thanks that our sessions together have been reduced for this semester.

For some strange reason...I've encountered two persons of the same type of personality in both my work and academic life. Life repeats in cycles...and strangely enough...I'm encountering a pattern. This is my karmic lesson. Who I encounter is the character circa 45 years young with prep school to high school age children...that tries to pour hot water on any one under 35. I'm in the under 35 category...and there is such a thing as generational discrimination...and it makes an interesting topic to analyze from a psychological perspective. While at home you can engineer your space to avoid it, you can't avoid it at the lesson I'm imparting here has to do with being confident in yourself regardless of who you're around. When I enter my work space...what the character declare to the audience (meetings or class)..."I've been doing this for 15 years...what does this youngster really know?" Admittedly, I've never done anything other than live for 15 years...but that doesn't mean that I'm incompetent just because I'm young.

I am a millennial, and I find that a lot of Gen X's seem to simultaneously love us and hate us. Love us because they are the ones who birthed us...and hate us because the opportunities open to our generation are way more vast than they experienced in their lives. As a generation...they are quite set in their ways...and don't realize that they too are going to live longer lives...and by the simple process of brain plasticity...can adapt to the times instead of feeling threatened by those on the rise. Additionally, if you traverse to the generation above that...they too attempt to live their lives through our own. I'm sure we've all had the elder who approached us and said..."When I was your age...I already was married...AND had children." If you hear this's easy to get into distress as a young person...especially when all you want to do is graduate. Lol. While family is want to time it right so that your children can have a better life than you did...and they can have more of your attention. There's plenty of the 100 be patient. Over 2018... I have retreated to my lair and calculated...what my achievements will be per unit time. MBA's are budding any one reading this that feels pressured...can calm down and relax. My aunt...had her twins at 38 and they are healthy AND smart.

In previous generations...the life span was significantly lower than it is now. So there was always added pressure to pass on the genes. Now that we're no longer being chased by bears or lions...we can do more with our lives. We can travel, explore and simply develop ourselves in more ways than ever before. Healthcare advances give us these just embrace what it's like to be young...and allow yourself to unfold instead of feeling that certain things have to happen in a set time. Yes...I personally have windows...I don't exactly see myself having children at 50...but I find that the less pressure I put on certain things the more they will appear in my world. The resistance is what makes something less likely to occur.

Allow your genius to develop first and everything else will unfold with it.

Happy Work/Study week! Make progress...and think clearly!


**Dr T**

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